university fun

so, i’m in first year university right now, almost done, and it’s been the best time of my life. i live on campus in an apartment style dorm room with three other girls. We share a kitchen, living room and bathroom but we each conveniently have our own rooms.
thurs/fri/sat nights are the big party nights on campus. so my boyfriend ryan walks me back up to my room from the but he has to work in toronto in the morning so he leaves. we have a liberal relationship. don’t get me wrong, i love him but he knows i’m 19 and want to live life. either he gets me as i am and lets me go out on my own or doesn’t get me at all, so he’s willing to compromise.
so, i change into blue flannel pants (come on, it’s university here) and a black tank top and head out to search the floors. i can here music from my room and gravitate to the room down the hall where it’s coming from. turns out it’s my friend dan’s room and it is PACKED. a couple of ppl are playing cards at the table, some are watching tv on the couch, some are cooking smthg in the kitchen and the rest are just dancing around the room whereever there’s a free place. and everyone is drinking. beer is the main choice but i’m more of an alcohol girl; i like it hard. i’m already a little more than tipsy from the bar but not quite drunk. so dan comes over, gives me a huge hug and hands me a rum and coke. clearly he’s sober but acting a little drunk.
” i know u man, ur not drunk so don’t fool with me”
“yeah i know, but im getting there” he says as we head out in the hall to talk. we sit down across from each other, he’s got his beer and i’ve got my bottle of vodka i rescued from its hiding place in his apt. so we drink and talk. he starts talking about his english essay that we just got back from out Teaching Assistants.
“i got killed on mine” he says with a shake of his head.
“yeah i know, my TA raped me on it!” i say and down another shot.
“not a bad position to be in with you” he whispers under his breath.
“clearly i heard you, you jackass” i say jokingly as i reach across and push his shoulder playfully. he puts his hands up guiltily and says “hey u can’t blame a guy for admiring.” then he looks at me with an intensity i’d never seen from him. “come dance with me” he says with a nod towards the apt. “i love the way you move” by outcast is blasting from the speakers and everyone’s dancing. i grab his hand and lead him in the room moving my hips to the beat. i turn and we start getting into it. my hands are in the air and his are on my hips. dan’s a good dancer and we start really going at it; ppl actually move so we have more room. he circles me and i dip back so my hair’s almost touching the ground. conveniently that pushes my hips into his groin. he groans and pulls me up quickly. the song changes to usher and ludacris “yeah” and he pulls me in and turns me so my back and ass are against his front.
“a little excited aren’t we” i turn my head and say slyly.
“what can i tell you, you’re hot and you move like a dancer…and the flannels just pushed me over the top” he laughs into my ear.

dan and i have been friends the whole year but the last few months have really gotten intense. he starts pushing me lightly and we kinda dance towards his room. he closes the door and locks it, closing out some of the sound of the party. we’re still kind of dancing it’s slowed down to almost a stop. he looks in my eyes, pushes my hair out of my face and leans down to kiss me. damn what a good kisser. he just slides his tongue in so subtly i’m already caressing it with mine before i realize what’s happening. dorm rooms are small so we’re already right beside the bed. i back him up slowly while running my hands through his hair and we fall/glide down onto the bed. i’m stratling him and we start getting serious. i can feel his cock hard on the inside of my thigh and i push down on it gently. he groans, takes my arms and rolls me over. he brings my hands above my head and holds them with one hand while the other one starts exploring under my pants (yes, still flannel haha).
“oh not as calm as you’d have me think eh?” he says as he fingers my already wet cunt. he let’s go of my hands and pulls my pants off. I’ve got my black lacy “boy cut” panties on, the ones that look like bathing suit shorts. he pulls my tank top off (no bra) and traces his mouth down my chest and stomach, stopping to tongue my belly-button ring. then pulls my panties off and just stops.
at this point i’m almost panting with anticipation. i go up on my elbows and look at him looking at me. then he just looks up at me and keeping eye contact, goes down to lap at my wet cunt. the boy’s got talent! he runs his tongue along the outer lips, slides his hands under my ass, lifts me up and pulls me into his mouth. he pushes his tongue quickly in and out and then starts sucking my clit. heaven.
i groan, grab his head and bring him up to taste myself on his lips. he takes one look in my passion-drugged eyes and strips faster than i’ve ever seen anyone. he rolls a condom on clumsily (which was cute because clearly he couldnt wait to get at me). and starts nibbling on my ear. i arch my back and push my pelvis into his.
he needed no other invitation. he slowly pushed in and i couldnt help gasping with how well he filled me. he stopped moving and looked down at me, “memorizing this moment” he said.
he started off slow but quickly got faster. he’d push in then pull almost all the way out. on his last withdrawl i clenched as hard as i could to keep him in. he growled at me from the back of his throat and pushed in hard. i raked my nails across his back and begged him to go faster. needing no other encouragment he really started getting going. it was wild. both of us were so hot for each other that we knew it wouldnt last long. he was braced above me on his elbows, and i moved my legs to clasp them around his back. he really started pistoning into me then. his head was pressed against the hollow of my neck/shoulder and my head was thrown back.
i started moaning and slid my hand between us to touch him as he went in and out. he grabbed my wrist and my other hand and held them above my head. he nipped my nipples, and with his other hand started rubbing my clit. i could feel myself starting to orgasm and heard somebody yell out.
it was me. i could feel myself pulsing around his hard cock as it went in and out quickly. as soon as he felt me he gave a couple of quick short thrust and then rammed into me a final time. i could feel my cunt muscles milking the cum from his cock.
it was awesome. he collapsed on top of me, both of us were breathing hard and we passed out/fell asleep like that, with him still inside me. i woke up first and rolled him off me. i slide down and pulled the condom off. then i started licking his cum off his cock. he started getting hard again in his sleep. i put all of him in my mouth and hummed. that woke him up. i looked up at him, pulled his semi-hard cock out of his mouth and smiled…

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