A Tale of Two Brats

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Bryan sighed heavily as his girlfriend and sister continued to quibble. He reminded himself that this outing had been his idea and that Britney had tried to warn him that it would never work. She and Lauren just didn’t get along, and being trapped in the car for 2-1/2 hours each way to the amusement park had led to the current situation in which neither one of them could say anything without a snide comment from the other. He had warned Britney to behave herself several times and he had politely asked Lauren to leave his sister alone, but neither had paid much attention.

“Bryan, please. I have to go to the bathroom,” Lauren said for the fourth time in the last ten minutes. “Will you stop this goddamned car?”

Bryan’s jaw clenched in agitation but he put on his blinker and moved into the right hand lane to take the upcoming rest area ramp.

“Can’t you wait, you fucking baby,” Britney sneered from the backseat. “We’re only a half hour from home.”

“No, I can’t,” Lauren returned snottily. “And you’re one to talk about being a baby.”

“You’re such a bitch, Lauren,” Britney spat.

“Okay, both of you shut your mouths,” Bryan ordered as he pulled into a parking space. “Lauren, get your butt up there and get back here and don’t waste any time.” Lauren sighed and shot Bryan a dirty look, then got out of the car, slamming the door for good effect before huffing up the walkway to the restrooms.

“God, Bryan, I told you…”

“Shut up, Brit. I have had it with you and your mouth today.”

“Me? What about your precious girlfriend?”

Bryan turned in his seat and glared at his little sister. “I am not talking about her right now, and especially not with you. I asked you to behave yourself today and you couldn’t do it.”

“Yeah, well, she didn’t make it very easy,” Britney responded, crossing her arms and pouting.

“Don’t give me that pout,” Bryan said. “You’re 19 years old and should be able to carry on a simple conversation even if you don’t like the other person.”

“Well, if Lauren could talk about anything but her fucking self, I might be able to,” Britney shouted. “You shouldn’t have tried to force us to be together anyway, asshole.”

“Okay, that’s it,” Bryan said, his voice dangerously calm and his gaze steady on Britney’s flushed face. “Lauren is right about one thing – you have acted like a complete baby all day and so I’m going to treat you like one. When we get home, you are going over my knee and then you are going straight to bed with your blistered ass.”

He watched with satisfaction as Britney’s face paled and her brown eyes widened. “Bryan, come on,” she said, her tone all of a sudden more like normal. “She started it!”

“I don’t care. I asked YOU to behave and try to get along and you promised me you would. You haven’t tried one little bit and you’ve been a bitch to Lauren and to me.”

“Bryan, please don’t spank me, not with Lauren there!”

Bryan glanced out the window and saw his girlfriend making her way back to the car. “She’s coming back and I would suggest you keep your mouth shut the rest of the way home if you don’t want to get it right here.”

“Bryan, please,” Britney pleaded, a tear rolling down her cheek as panic set her stomach aflutter.

“Discussion over,” Bryan stated, his eyes sticking to Brit’s like glue even as the door opened and Lauren threw herself back in the passenger seat.

Lauren watched Bryan staring at his sister in the back seat and noted the expression on his face, then glanced back over her shoulder at Britney. The girl looked scared to death and there were even tears on her cheeks. Lauren smiled despite the tension in the car. “Oh, poor baby, did you get in trouble with big brother,” she teased.

Bryan glanced in the rearview mirror and watched as a red flush crept up Britney’s face. He could see her battling her tongue and just knew she was going to lose. And sure enough, she did. “Oooo,” she growled, her hand flying up and smacking the back of Lauren’s dirty blond head hard. “God, I hate you!” Lauren looked surprised, then glared at Bryan. “Well, are you just going to sit there?”

A long moment of deliberation passed, Bryan’s eyes flicking between the blue eyes of his girlfriend and the brown eyes of his sister. He unbuckled his seatbelt and opened his door, slamming it shut before he walked around the back of the car. He took his belt off as he went, then opened Britney’s door and reached in, taking her arm and literally dragging her kicking and screaming from the vehicle.

“Bryan, don’t you dare,” the young woman screamed, attracting the attention of a couple walking towards the restrooms. He held fast, bending the wriggling girl over the trunk of the car and slashing down onto her bottom hard. The doubled-up belt made a resounding splat against the plump but toned buttocks and Britney cried out, tears already flowing from pure humiliation.

He brought the belt down five times, slow and hard, enough to draw plenty of tears and yelps. Then he leaned down close to her ear and hissed, “I warned you, didn’t I?” Britney nodded in between sobs. “Are you ready to do what I said?” Again came the nod. He hauled her up and roughly helped her into the backseat, where she slumped down and covered her face with her hands. “Behave,” Bryan ordered before the door shut. He stalked back around to his door and opened it just in time to see Lauren’s snickering face. “Don’t you say a word to her, Lauren, and I mean it,” he growled. Lauren looked away, pretending to look frightened, but a small smile lit up her face as she listened to the embarrassed tears from behind her.

The rest of the ride passed in a blissful silence once the sniffles ceased in the backseat. Bryan kept glancing in the mirror, watching his sister sulking, and questioned whether he should have humiliated her so. After all, Britney hadn’t been the only one acting out that day, and he had to admit that her misbehavior had been for the most part provoked by Lauren’s snide remarks. Maybe it was time for Lauren to get a little taste of Brit’s medicine…

They reached the apartment and the three filed up the stairs in a stony silence. Though it was only 7:30, Bryan immediately instructed Britney to go to her room and get ready for bed. She scowled at him and sighed, then noted the smirk on Lauren’s face. She stared her down, wishing she would say something, and she was not disappointed.


“Babies have to go to bed early when they’re naughty,” Lauren sneered. Britney held her gaze and then glanced at Bryan, who had turned red in agitation. Turning on her heel, she stalked down the hall and into her bedroom, shutting the door quietly behind her. If she could only prove to her brother that she could control her temper, maybe he wouldn’t punish her and further humiliate her in front of his miserable girlfriend.

She changed out of her clothes and slipped down the hall to take a quick shower and wash the amusement park grime off her body, then opened the door to go back to her room. She could hear Bryan’s and Lauren’s voices coming from the living room, loud and agitated, and couldn’t help but smile. Her big brother was defending her after all. She went back to her room and crawled into bed, opening her novel and quickly losing herself in the story. There was a knock on the door twenty minutes later and Britney called to come in. Bryan entered and shut the door behind him. He came to the side of the bed and sat down. “Come on. Let’s get this over, Brit.”

Britney’s expression changed from one of sleepy contentment to amazement. “What, you’re still going to spank me?” She couldn’t believe it. “Bryan, come on.”

“I promised you a spanking when we got home and I don’t break promises, Britney Jean. Now get yourself over my lap.”

Britney rolled her eyes and sighed at the point Bryan was so sure he was making with the whole promise thing. She threw the covers back and stood, pulled her bottoms down and threw herself over his lap. “Okay, then, you big meanie, show me how big and powerful you are,” she said as she lay there staring at the carpet.

Bryan sat there staring at the cotton covered cheeks waiting so patiently to be reddened and had to really fight to control his laughter. He knew that Britney didn’t deserve a hard or long spanking, but he was going to make a point about treating people better, no matter how badly they treated you. He gave her about a dozen fairly hard smacks and then let his hand rest on her butt. She had been silent and hadn’t moved an inch, proving that she was tough enough to take his punishment.

“You know, Brit, if you hadn’t hit her we probably wouldn’t be doing this right now.”

“Well, if she hadn’t been such a bitch I wouldn’t have hit her, now would I?” Bryan brought his hand down sharply five times, this time eliciting a little grunt and a couple ouchs.

“You really should watch your mouth when you’re in such a position, little sister,” Bryan admonished, though he was smiling.

“Bryan, stop playing around. If you’re going to spank me, spank me; if you’re not, then let me up. I obeyed you and your stupid early bedtime, and I’m sorry I didn’t behave myself better today, but honest to god that girl drives me crazy and I can’t help myself.”

“Okay, Brit, if that’s the way you want it,” Bryan said, suppressing yet another chuckle. He raised his hand and brought it down hard on Britney’s left buttock, then on her right. He landed a fast dozen, split between the two mounds, and Britney wriggled around despite herself. Then he stopped. “Are you going to try and treat Lauren with a little more respect?” Britney sighed, but answered in the affirmative, her butt wiggling despite her best efforts to keep it still.

“Okay,” he said, patting her lightly, “we’re all done.” Britney was surprised, but wasted no time in rising from her brother’s lap and pulling up her pajama bottoms. Her hand snuck to her backside almost instinctively, even though the sting wasn’t all that bad – certainly nothing like what she knew he could have delivered. She looked at him as she wiped a stray tear from her cheek and sniffled.

“I know today wasn’t entirely your fault, kiddo,” Bryan said in response to her questioning gaze. “And I shouldn’t have hit you with my belt out in public,” he admitted. “Forgive me?”

Britney smiled weakly. “Yes, I forgive you, you idiot,” she said. He stood up and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry if I ruined your day, Bry, really,” Britney said as she snuggled into his protective arms.

“I know. I’m sorry if I ruined yours by forcing you to spend the day with Lauren. I just really wish you guys got along.” He planted a kiss on the top of his sister’s damp head. “Okay, get back in bed. You aren’t getting out of that part of your punishment, young lady,” he ordered with a teasing grin.

“That’s okay,” Britney replied as she climbed back into bed and let him pull the covers up over her. “I’ll be much more likely to stay out of trouble in here by myself. What time is she leaving tomorrow?”

Bryan smiled. “She’ll be gone before you even think about stirring, Brit. We’ll do something tomorrow afternoon, okay?”

“Okay.” Bryan leaned down to give her one last kiss, then left the room as Britney picked up her book and promptly got lost in the story once again.

Meanwhile, Lauren snuck back to the couch, a disappointed frown on her face. She had expected to hear the resounding sound of bare hand slapping bare flesh and the satisfying yelps and cries of distress from that little brat Bryan called his sister. Instead, it seemed that he had gone easy on her? She hadn’t heard one cry, not one. She quickly turned her attention back to the television guide she had picked up to find something for them to watch since Britney had been sent to bed early.

As Bryan approached, she said, “Honey, we could watch?”

“You’re not watching any TV tonight, Lauren,” Bryan said. Lauren looked up and noted the grim expression on her boyfriend’s face with growing apprehension.

“Oh, moving right to the hot stuff,” she tried, turning on a coy smile.

“Not really,” Bryan answered. He reached down and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her up from the couch and dragging her towards the bedroom.

“Bryan, stop. You’re hurting me,” Lauren whined. Bryan never slowed, continuing into the bedroom and tossing her towards the bed just before he shut the door. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing,” Lauren demanded.

“Britney wasn’t the only one who couldn’t behave herself today,” Bryan began, glowering at his girlfriend as she sat on the bed rubbing her wrist and scowling at him. “I warned you at least five times to lay off her and you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.”

“Well, she’s such a brat,” Lauren defended herself.

“Yeah, maybe, but she’s my sister and I expect you to treat her with some respect. She tried to be nice to you and you refused. You were to blame for this not working out today!”

“Fine, Bryan, take her side,” Lauren huffed, rising from the bed and heading for the door. “I’m going home.”

“Oh no, you’re not,” Bryan stated, reaching out to snag her arm on her way past him. “You’re going over my knee and take the same punishment that Britney got.”

“What? You have got to be kidding me. I haven’t been spanked in ages,” Lauren blustered, looking angry then laughing nervously as Bryan held fast and just stared at her. “Bryan, take your hand off me,” she demanded.

Instead, Bryan dragged her the two steps to the bed. “You have behaved like a spoiled little brat all day and now you will be punished as one.” He sat down and dragged the stunned girl over his knees, positioning her nearly perfect round bottom over his right knee. His hand wasted no time in falling in sharp, stinging slaps all over the twisting and turning buttocks.

“Bryan, stop,” Lauren protested, wondering how Britney had ever held her tongue while he had been spanking her just a few minutes ago. “Stop it, you’ve made your point!”

He did stop, but only long enough to stand her up and whip her shorts down quicker than she could take a deep breath. She gasped as she felt her shorts slide down her legs, then uttered a wail of dismay as her panties quickly followed suit. No sooner did she put her hands in front of herself to cover up then she had to hold them out to support herself as she came face to face with the carpet once again. “You have been a very naughty girl, Lauren, and naughty girls get their bottoms spanked.” Bryan raised his hand and brought in down hard, watching his hand print sink into the pink flesh of Lauren’s bottom and then turn red. Again he slapped down hard, this time making Lauren cry out. Satisfied that he was making his point, he settled into a rapid and hard series of slaps, covering both buttocks with impressive speed and precision. Before long, Lauren’s wriggling butt was a deep shade of red and his girlfriend was bawling like a baby. She began to yelp and shout as each spank landed, creating a terrible ruckus.

Bryan stopped, letting his hand rest on the very warm cheeks twitching over his lap. “Are you ready to start behaving like an adult?”

“Yes,” Lauren sobbed, her words muffled by the tears and moans coming from her lips.

“Stand up,” Bryan ordered. Lauren slowly pushed herself up and stood, rubbing her sore, hot cheeks with both hands and sobbing unashamedly. She was staring at the floor and didn’t notice that Bryan had taken his belt off. “Lie down on the bed, sweetheart,” Bryan said, his tone softer as he watched his girlfriend so obviously in pain.

She looked up at him and saw the lethal looking leather instrument in his hand. She had heard that thing land on Britney’s butt and wanted no part of it on her already blazing rear end. “No, Bryan, please,” she begged, fresh tears leaking out of her eyes and streaming down her flushed cheeks. Bryan walked to her and took her arm, gently leading her to the bed and pushing her down. She sobbed disconsolately. “Please, I’m sorry,” she tried.

“Move your hands,” Bryan said slowly.

“Nooooo,” Lauren said, but after being asked one more time and getting a warning slap or two to her unprotected thighs, she did as she was told. The first stroke landed with a resounding thwap, bringing a muted scream from the tortured girl’s throat. “Oh, please, Bryan,” she begged. He raised it again and brought it down hard right across the center of Lauren’s scarlet bottom. “Owwwwwchhh!! Oh, god, please stop.”

“Are you going to stop acting like a brat?”

“Yes, I swear,” she promised. He raised the strap again and brought it down across her sit spot. She screeched and writhed, covering her bottom and sobbing wretchedly into the bedspread.

“Move your hands now!” Slowly she did so, her body shaking with sobs. She again screamed as the leather kissed her burning posterior. “Are you going to start treating my sister with a little more respect?”

“Yes, Bryan, please. Whatever you want, I’ll do it, just please don’t hit me anymore.”

Bryan brought the belt down one more time, then knelt near the bed, rubbing Lauren’s back and kissing her hair softly. “It’s okay now, sweetie,” he whispered.

“You just cry it out and I’ll be back soon.” He left the room and went to get a drink before settling in front of the television. He hoped that he hadn’t ruined everything with Lauren with the last 15 minutes, but he truly felt that he had owed it to Britney to treat Lauren the same way he treated her. They were, after all, nearly the same age, and both of them had acted like little kids all day. He heard movement behind him and glanced over the back of the couch to see Britney staring at him. “You heard, huh?”

She nodded, then came to his side and sat down. “Bryan, you didn’t have to do that,” she said seriously.

“Yes, I did,” he said with a little sigh.

Britney smiled just the slightest bit and leaned forward to leave a kiss on Bryan’s cheek. “Thank you, bro,” she whispered. Bryan smiled as he watched her walk back to her bedroom, then clicked off the TV and headed for his own room to comfort his girlfriend.

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