We were both acutely aware of the fact that we should not be here, but it felt so right. We were finally going to have one of those hot & steamy fuck sessions that we talked about on the phone. We meet in Coney Island and head down to the shoreline. I take in the sea air that relaxes me and you put your arms around me because of the shiver that goes through me. We walk along until there is a patch of space where there is no one visibly around us in close range. We sit in the sand and start kissing and running our hands up and down each other’s bodies. I am so worked up all ready. I open your pants to release your cock that I so desperately want to suck and feel deep in my wet pussy. Your sock hits my tits when I release it and I stroke it lightly. I lick it up and down, lapping at the tip for any pre cum that may have surfaced.

I have a skirt on for easier access. You put it up a bit and slide your fingers between my legs to open that slit. I love that sensation and moan to let you know. You unbutton my blouse and lift my breasts to your mouth. First one, then the other before completely holding me in your arms and kissing me. I whisper that I want to go on the Wonder Wheel to finish this. It was always a dream of mine and we were both here. The ride was still going so we paid the tickets and went on the swinging cars. We were going to make some movements on our own and at this hour, not many people will see, though some may. The second our car starts its ascent into the air, I go for your pants and get down on my knees to suck your cock. On the way down, you watched as I spread my legs wide open and you dove right into licking and sucking my clit. We continued to change places a few times until we came to a complete halt at the top. It was then that I danced around the pole in the middle of the car, raising my leg so you can see my inviting pussy. I bent over in front of you so you could see my ass that you spanked lightly.

When you couldn’t take anymore, you stood up and sank your cock deep inside my pussy. The car rocked back and forth furiously. It was so amazing. I screamed and moaned for more. I then sat you down with me facing away from you and rode you up and down. I then pulled you out of my pussy and starting to suck your cock ferociously. I wanted you to come before we got to the bottom of this ride. I sucked and licked that cock until it started to expand. When you said you were ready to cum, I stopped sucking and stroked instead so you could come all over my face.

We got out of the car to a roar of applause from the group of people who formed to see what all the yelling was about. You took your tshirt off and wiped my face clean while walking through the crowd as you got pats on the back from the guys who were jealous and phone numbers of the girls.

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