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Pixelated lines walk across the screen, then darkness.
The image returns as Courtney straightens the webcam.. aiming it in the direction of her bed across the room. Her breasts sway under the emerald camisole.. low cut yet revealing her bare stomach. Not muscular, not perfectly toned.. though she is by any account gorgeous. Either breast would be a mouthful , the pair of them make a perfect distraction to anyone trying to hold a conversation. It’s easy to imagine that anyone seeing her braless in this camisole and green and white panties would be intrigued by her nubile body.
She walks out of frame.. shoulder-length hair in a pony tail.
As the audio cuts in and out, the conversation goes unheard between Courtney and the young man she leads to her bed. Their interaction is playfully physical.. he doesn’t even try to keep his hands off of her.. as she giggles her body shifts closer to his.
Unexpectedly she gets up and walks off camera while the young man straightens himself, trying in vane to hide the penis throbbing between his legs.
He shifts around to brace his back along the headboard as something flies across in front of his face.
He picks up her green and white panties off of the comforter and she saunters back into view in the green camisole and black stockings. The cheeks of her ass are round and supple, imperfect yet firm. She has the type of ass that where you wanna bend her over just so you can sink your teeth in, hear that sexy little yelp as she bucks away.
She slowly moves closer to the young man.. clearly teasing him. Her hand moves in front of her, one can only imagine to accentuate her shaved little pussy. One would also imagine it gleaming from the light streaming in..
The young man reaches out for her, pulling at her wrist.. she resists only to fall onto the bed practically on top of him. He leans over gently grazing her neck with the edge of his tongue.
Courtney feels a spark of excitement bouncing through her body, sensations that perk her nipples to attention.. her flesh tingle and her pussy moisten..
She glances toward the camera which makes her all the more excited, placing the young man’s strong hand between her thighs, Courtney rotates her hips into his touch.
Surprised as he slaps her hairless tight little cunt, the slaps it again.
Partially garbled one can hear him say, “such a bad little girl!”
Panting, she nods. He moves away from her.. reaching for her panties and suggests,”let’s try something a little different”
He pulls two bungees from his back pocket then moves her directly in front of him.
He guides her left hand downward as he pulls her left leg up, doubling it.
The bungee is wrapped around her wrist and ankle then hooked onto itself.
Right wrist and right ankle are done in turn. The young man then reaches out to pull her up onto her feet into a squatting position as her ties her panties around her mouth.
Once effectively bound and gagged he moves onto his knees behind her. Courtney faces the camera as he kisses her neck, tugging firmly at her hair.. she lets out a whimper (garbled.. goddamn shitty electronics!) Before he lays on the bed, he slips his jeans and boxers down, revealing his long lean dick.. 9 inches of hard cock.
He eases her restrained body above him, lubing his pole before sliding into her moist lips..
Courtney’s eyes close as she whimpers.. her hips search for a way to ride this hard pole teasing her horny little gash.
The restraints prevent this.
Instead his dick creeps inside her, achingly slow only to have him pull out.
She feels his hands along the back of her thighs and then the head of his cock slap her slick cunt.
Rocking backward slightly, he steadies her only to slide from between her legs.
Pushing her face down on the bed he climbs back on as her surveys her lovely ass, now up in the air.


She tries to flatten out.

SMACK (other cheek)

Rotating from one cheek to the other he continues the spanking. Her sumptuous ass begins to glow red. She tries to squirm away, begging .. pleading with him all the while her pussy is just begging to get fucked.

Once he enters her again, she nearly squirts on his cock.
He begins to ride her hard and harder as she screams out, the gag muffling the words but not the passion in her voice.
The young man pounds himself deep inside her, his body slapping against hers.
When he pulls out, she lets out a tearful scream and gushes onto the bed.
He bends down to taste her, gently slapping her ass while his tongue explores her sex.

Blocks of green pixelation compromise the image.
It cuts to black.

Jostling the image back to life one can see Courtney, still bound.. only now she is balancing herself on the desk as the young man jams his meat inside her.

The expression on her face is total ecstasy, eyes rolling backward as she gets fulfilled in a new and exciting way. She knows that the next time they have sex she will beg him to tie her up.

In that moment she cums again, arms and legs trembling.. a thin trail of drool rolling down her chin.

When he inserts himself in her again, she tips forward into the computer

The image goes dark.

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