Jade Gets a Whipping



Jade was lying on the bed, engaged in a heavy fantasy. She was on her stomach, eyes closed and knees spread wide. She was dreaming about presenting her ass cheeks for some heavy discipline. Her back was arched so that her round ass was raised high into the air. She caressed her sex between her legs with both hands, slowly rocking back and forth on the pillow. Jade was wet and hot. This was the scene Mark stepped into when he entered the bedroom. He was home early, usually he worked until six. Jade was surprised, but it was too late to cover herself.

“Stay as you are, Jade,” he ordered.

She knew she was going to be punished. Mark had spanked her before, but it was more like foreplay. This time he would probably be more severe with her.

“Mark, I was thinking about you. You asked me to turn around and stick out my bottom for you…”

Mark quietly loosened his belt. It was a heavy leather belt, almost two inches wide. He touched her perfectly round bottom globes with the palm of his hand. He felt the wetness between her legs. He rolled up the belt so that about two feet of the leather were left dangling. Then he brought down his arm and the belt landed with a loud crack on her bare ass. First, the sound was worse than the pain, but after a second her bottom felt like it was on fire. Mark took his time and admired the thick red welt that was forming across her cheeks. Then he lashed the belt down on her ass again. The walls echoed with a ringing smack. Mark had waited for this opportunity for weeks.

He knew she liked to play the bad girl, but how far would she go? He would find out right now. He whipped her bare bottom slowly and methodically. Jade started to cry, tears were rolling down her cheeks. But the earsplitting smacks of the leather belt continued as her high raised, bare bottom was flogged until it was glowing red.

“Play with yourself, Jade. Do it right now,”

Mark told her. He watched her as she slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy. She was still wet and started to sway her welted ass while she was masturbating. She arched her back every time she stuck her fingers deep into her pussy, raising and spreading her ass even higher and wider.

“Faster, Jade, until you come, you pretty slut.”

He hit her with the belt across her ass every time it swayed to its uppermost height. Jade moaned and cried at the same time. Mark continued to punish her while she masturbated, standing behind her and lashing her ass and thighs from left to right and right to left until she finally came. Jade collapsed breathing heavily and crying at the same time. Her ass and her thighs were covered with dark, red welts. Mark got some gel from the bathroom and gently rubbed the gel across her punished backside. Jade was still sobbing, but she also felt deeply satisfied. The gel felt cool on her skin and Jade fell asleep. Mark took a shower, a cold one, and went out to have some dinner.

Jade didn’t wake up until morning. She felt her sore bottom. She got up and inspected her backside in the bedroom mirror. Her ass looked like a criss-cross of welts.

“Your bottom looks lovely this morning, Jade,” Mark said.

He just woke up and looked at his pretty girlfriend. Jade has long dark hair that falls in light waves down to her shoulders. She has pretty blue eyes that give her a mysterious look. Her breast are small, but round and firm. Jade’s waist is extremely narrow, and her bottom is well rounded and firm.

“You were such a bad girl last night, I had to punish you for that.”

Jade smiled at him. “I have to get ready to go to class,” she said. vbcrlfvbcrlfFor the next two weeks they just lived their normal life. Mark worked as an investment adviser, and Jade studied English literature at the university. They lived in a three bedroom house in the suburbs of Denver, with a small garden just like the average family would have. But Mark and Jade were not average. Mark had just found out about Jane’s desires, and he was more than willing to accommodate her. They didn’t use one of the bedrooms, so Mark used his spare time to convert the room into a playroom for him and Jade. He told Jade that he was going to renovate the room, so she wouldn’t suspect anything. It was going to be a surprise. He replaced the carpet with marble tiles and the wall paper with wood paneling. The wood panel would make the room almost soundproof. For furniture, he purchased a low leather padded bench. He modified the bench by adding wrist- and ankle cuffs to the frame. The last item he needed he purchased at a leather crafts shop. A whip that was about three feet long, with five half inch-wide leather straps attached to it.

It was finally Friday night, and Mark put his plan into motion. He took Jade out for dinner that night, she was in a playful mood.

“Are you going to spank me tonight, Mark?” she asked with a smile.

“You will see,” is all he answered.

Back at heir house Mark took of her dress and caressed her firm tits.

“Put this on” he told Jade and handed her a blindfold. He led her blindfolded into the playroom he had prepared.

“What’s your fantasy, Jade?”

“Do you want me to strip you, tie you up, and flog your bare ass?”

Jade didn’t answer, but turned around and kissed Mark. She took his hand and placed it on her bottom. That was all the encouragement Mark needed. He took off Jade’s blindfold and showed her the bench. He placed a round leather pillow on the middle of the bench.

“Lay down over the pillow, Jade.

She lay down on the bench, her ass directly on top of the pillow. She knew how to position herself. He tied her wrists to the wrist cuffs first, so that her arms were stretched in front of her. Then he tied her ankles to the base of the bench, so that her legs were spread by the width of the bench. Next he used a wide leather belt to tie Jade down at her waist. The belt that pinned her waist to the bench made her ass protrude high over the pillow. Mark ran his hand over Jade’s tightly raised ass cheeks.

He picked up the whip from a counter in the corner of the room. He had soaked the last foot of the whip in oil. He didn’t want to cut Jade’s skin, the oil would soften the leather straps. This way Mark knew he could flog Jade much longer. He went over to Jade and laid the oil-soaked whip straps over her raised bottom crowns. “Fifty lashes on your bare bottom, Jade. I want to hear you scream tonight.” He positioned himself sideways to Jade and picked up the whip that was lying on her raised ass. The oil left shiny spots on her bottom. Mark spread the oil all over her cheeks, so he had a shiny aim for the whip.

“You are going to get a bare ass whipping, Jade. Are you excited yet?”

“Please let my wrists loose, Mark. I want to play with myself, that way you have a good reason to punish me.” she said. “I know exactly what you want, Jade. You want to mix your fun with the whip, that way it won’t hurt you. But not tonight.” He caressed her thighs and slowly stroke her cunt with his hand. He inserted first one, then two fingers into her cunt, slowly rocking them back and forth. She got wet immediately.

“Punish me now, Mark,” she begged.

He grabbed her hair with his other hand, still moving his fingers in her cunt. “I want you to come now, Jade.”

He pulled out his hand and smeared her come between her thighs. Then he spanked her oiled ass with his flat hand. He inserted his fingers again. Jade came with a wild moan.

“Now you are more sober, aren’t you?”

“Please let me loose now, Mark,” she answered.

“Last time you had pleasure and pain, this time, its just going to be the agony of the whip.”

He took the whip and stepped two feet to the side of the bench. Standing to her left, he stepped back so that the tails of the whip lay just on Jade’s ass when he stretched out his arm. He raised his arm and swung the leather whip down with all his force. The whip swished through the air and landed with a wet splitting sound on her bar
ass. The pain was much more intense than what Jade was prepared for. It took her breath away and felt like fire on her bottom. Mark gave her ten lashes across the crowns of her raised buttocks, then he changed sides. The tails of the leather straps bruised her bottom much more than the middle of the straps did, so that her right bottom crown showed well raised thin welts, while the left bottom crown was hardly pink. He positioned himself on the right side this time. Jade asked for mercy, but he started to flog her ass again. Jade was screaming now, but nobody would hear her.

After ten lashes from the right side, Mark stepped in front of her. Tears were rolling out of her eyes, but he was just beginning. He gave her ten lashes while standing next to her head, so that the leather straps would bite into the soft under curves where her thighs meet her bottom cheeks. Jade screamed every time the wet leather straps landed on her ass. Her shiny bottom looked raw by now, covered with thin red welts. For the last twenty lashes, Mark positioned himself behind Jade. He lashed the whip across the broadest parts of her high raised ass as hard as he could. The smacking sound of the wet leather straps against bare skin mixed with Jade’s screams as Mark whipped, and whipped, and whipped. Jade received the full fifty lashes she was promised that night.

He hurried to untie Jade and tried to comfort her. She was obviously hurt more than he intended to. Jade was upset for a couple of days. She liked to be spanked while having sex, but the whipping she received seemed out of line. Or so she thought. She inspected the welts on her bottom curiously every time she got dressed for a few days, but after one week they had already faded. Mark was watching her as she looked at herself in this way one evening. He decided to be spontaneous. He grabbed Jade away from the mirror and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Over my knees Jade. Put your cute bottom right over my lap.”

“If you think you can scare me with a spanking, you are wrong,” she answered.

She lay down over his lap. Mark used his left arm to pin her down, so she wouldn’t try to escape. Then he started to spank her with his other hand. Jade had a magnificent bottom that invited such spankings. At the same time Mark was thrilled to have this grown woman over his knees and spanking her as if she were a little girl. He spanked her hard with his flat hand until her bottom turned red.

Jade did not cry this time. But she wanted something different. Very different. She had Mark let go of her and hurried to the closet. She came back with a small whip. It had a short handle and two woven tails made out of shiny black leather. She grabbed the top bar of the four poster bed so that her gorgeous tits were bulging out. He couldn’t have asked for a nicer aim. He lashed her lovely tits with the whip, first cautiously. Her nipples turned hard immediately. Encouraged, he started to whip Jade’s tits and stomach. Her tits bounced prettily after each lash. She was covered with sweat that mingled with her tears. Jade was wet between her thighs.

“Turn around,” he ordered. “You had enough fun.”

He went to the dresser and grabbed a thin riding switch.

“Twenty lashes with the riding switch will cool you off.”

He tied her to the bed, arms and legs stretched wide. Then he stuffed three pillows right under her thighs, so her ass stuck out prominently. He took the thin switch and flexed it. He swung hard, used his wrist, and the switch landed smacking on her ass. Jade screamed. He whipped without mercy, delighting in the thin red stripes that formed across her bottom cheeks. Smack! Whip-smack! Each lash made a prominent welt on her cheeks. Jade screamed and begged him to stop.

After she had twenty welts printed on her ass cheeks, Mark stopped. They made love for the rest of the night. Jade could not have been happier.

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