Two Women and One Man


Butterflies are doing cartwheels in my stomach as I wait for this awful humiliation to be done with. From my position, I can see the carpet, the legs of the chair my wife is sitting on, and four feet. Four female feet. I’ve been spanked by my wife before, never with an audience, and horrible as it is to be over my wife’s knee, the experience worsened a thousand fold with someone else watching.

My wife Sabrina and our next door neighbor Anne were sitting in the kitchen when I came home much later than usual because my brother-in-law and I had decided to meet at a strip joint. I forgot Anne had been invited to dinner.

Freudian forgetting, I suspect. Hell, what else would you expect when the girl you were crazy in love with for three years at university and wanted to marry only she ran off with an older man just after graduation ends up ten years later as your next door neighbor and your wife’s friend?

When I was in love with Anne I was young and aggressive and though she, a real beauty almost as tall as I, was aggressive following her 6′ 6″ head-of-bank-security ex-marine father, my youthful confidence kept her down. Somewhere along the line I’d gotten not pussy whipped, but dominated by my wife who loved to spank and found her perfect victim in me.

Spanks me each Friday to keep me in line, plus when I do anything especially wrong. Spanking can be fun but you don’t want it all the time – believe me! I just didn’t have any real choice these days. I loved my wife, and she had this power over me.

I knew I was in for it when I saw the look on her face, but I figured my excursion south would be delayed. We’d always kept our spanking relationship a secret; this was about to change.

“Where the hell have you been?” she demanded. I confessed only to being out at a bar with her younger brother, which in retrospect was damn silly thing to admit since she virtually brought him up as if she’d been his mother and could get anything out of him. Plus, for some reason, she still got angry when he went into bars, as if he was still underage for godsake! Women are nuts, what can I tell you?

“Come here,” she said coolly.

f”Why?” Now, it was an even bigger mistake to sass her with that crisp snotty Why? Made her instantly madder’n hell.

“GET over here. NOW!” Her face was ice. I shuffled over to her, feeling a little nauseous. When I got to where she was sitting she reached for my belt and began to undo it. I backed away, startled.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I intend to teach you a lesson.”

“Not in front of Anne!”

“We were worried sick. Two hours late and not even a phone call? I’m going to make sure this never happens again. Now get over here, and don’t make this any worse than it’s going to be.”

I shouldn’t have stepped forward. What is it with me, I have greatest difficulty not obeying women like I’m still a 5 yearold with my mummy! I see myself doing it, yet can only stop myself with immense effort, and then if they persist they always get me in the end. I stepped forward. As I stepped forward she grabbed my belt and jerked me closer and undid the belt, popped the top button, and briskly unzipped my fly. A tug and they were at my ankles. I heard Anne’s intake of breath but was afraid to look around. I knew the drill from here. Over her lap; from there she adjusts my body so that she has the perfect angle.

So here I am, bum high, vulnerable, helpless, waiting for the worst of it.

Throughout Anne has been strangely quiet. Straining to see her without moving too much and annoying Sabrina I see a weird smile on her face, fascinated by the show, thinking Lord knows what. Since that time 10yrs ago she just disappeared from my life, refused answer my phone calls and letters, and I finally heard after suffering so I wanted to die that she’d married the head of the office where she’d just gotten her first post-graduation job, I’d never forgiven to her and rarely spoke to her, never met her eyes.

I stare back at the carpet and wait. Waiting for that first crack is always the worst. The spanking starts without a word. I am grateful for the cover of my boxer shorts, although they provide no protection against pain for Sabrina is very skilled at delivering a spanking and thorough too. Believe me, her hand hurts quite as much as a paddle, and it doesn’t take her long to set me to squirming.

Feeling the way I do toward Anne I hate the show I’m giving but I can’t help it. I wish I could avoid that thundering hand, but down it falls, again and again. I’m not sure how many blows have been delivered before Sabrina stops, but I can feel the heat in my ass. This has not been one of my harder spankings, but the fact that I had an audience has made it worse.

“Anne, would you hand me that plastic spatula from the stove?”

I started. Jesus, don’t say this was just the beginning.

“Gladly.” The first words I heard Anne speak that afternoon. I try to struggle and protest and Sabrina twists my ear like a little boy till I shut up and lay quiet again. Handing the spatula to Sabrina, Anne doesn’t return to her chair, she stands over me.

“He looks so cute over your lap, Sabrina. And he takes his spanking so well. Makes me wish I’d gotten started with him when we were at university.”

That made me seethe. Okay, so I let Sabrina be a bit of the boss here, I’m still the man. There was no way ever I would ever have let Anne spank me. It’s bad enough she’s watching now, but they just better not goad me too far, that’s all! And the bitch is gloating!

“He doesn’t take it so well on his bare bottom, I just decided spare him that today with you here.”

“Oh, don’t spare him on my account.” A pair of hands hook into the waistband of my boxers. Anne is pulling them briskly down. The cool air washes over my bare ass as my reddened skin is exposed. I howl a protest but Sabrina grabs hold of my testicles, which she only does when she’s really mad and ready to squeeze and make me hurt sick to my stomach.

“I told you Anne has been put out by your behavior today, and so she must be satisfied that your punishment is adequate. She has a right. Not only that. She’s told me how you used to behave when you were at university together. Don’t think that macho shit bullying is forgotten. Now take your spanking like a man.”

The crack of the spatula against my now unprotected rear end stops any further argy-bargy. The sting is sharp. Sabrina is merciless and before long I am begging for mercy, yelping like a child to his mummy. No part of my bottom is ignored. The sounds of plastic meeting bare skin fills the room.

My ordeal is not over yet. Ritually, when my spanking is over, I must apologize and ask forgiveness, which I do. “I am very sorry, Sabrina. Thank you for putting me in line.” AsI bend to grab my pants I receive another command.

“You’re not done yet. Apologize to Anne.”

I can’t. My feelings on this run too deep. I simply cannot. I am not going to suffer this ultimate indignity, no matter what. The problem is, I have an enormous erection. Sabrina’s spankings usually turn me on but this time, before the former love of my life – no exaggeration – whom I feel deep anger against, who married another man making me hate her, it makes no sense.

I shake my head. Sabrina is incredulous. She hasn’t seen me try rebel like this for two or three years, since she really got me well and truly spanked into shape.

“Are you disobeying me?”

I say nothing. Stand head down, pants about my ankles, naked red bottom towards Anne, my cock sticking out front. Sabrina stares at it. I can see she’s puzzled. Wondering what’s in my mind. Looks from my face to Anne’s. I continue staring at the floor, refusing meet either woman’s eyes.

“Well, I….” Sabrina is baffled. A new turnabout for her.

“May I handle this?” Anne’s voice. Soft, very firm. An awful shiver goes down my back. It reminds me of the one time she got really, really angry with me at uni and got close to dominating me, but I managed resist, and restored the balance of our relationship with man on top.

Sabrina shrugged. “If you want to try. I don’t know what’s gotten into him….”

“Come here” Anne tells me. Very softly. Tones in her voice which take me back 10 years. Tones close to affection, which make my heart turn over, mingled now with the experience of a woman who has given birth to and governed children, run her own home. “Come over here” she repeated as to a child of her own with authority and love.

Helpless, something inside me turns my body as it were against my will and I shuffle across the kitchen, pants and boxers at my ankles, penis piercing the air, to where Anne sits. My eyes raise slightly from the floor to her face. It’s goddamn beautiful. Her long brown hair cascading over her shoulders, tall straight trim frame with fine breasts, her long legs, those cute knees I always picture and smile even when hating her most. “Are you going to apologize to me?” she said softly.

“No” I said firmly, shaking my head, standing there fists clenched against my naked thighs like a little boy.

“You don’t look sorry to me.” She reached up and gave my cock a little stroke. “May I, Sabrina?”

Though getting into unplanned depths Sabrina nods, murmurs “Sure.”

Grabbing my hips with both hands Anne she turns me around to inspect my backside. Hands roam over my aching skin, and occasionally reaches through my legs to touch my balls. She is driving me nuts, and my cock is throbbing. Amazing, Sabrina letting her tease me this way, jealousy not breaking this up.

“I don’t think he’s sorry, Sabrina, I don’t think he’s sorry at all. Just look at him.” Anne puts her open palm under my jutting cock as if displaying a piece of evidence in a trial.

I don’t look up at Sabrina. I feel a traitor, now under another woman’s power. Yet this woman came first, is deeper in my heart and soul than I realize, and there is absolutely nothing I can do.

Sabrina seems to realize this and accepts it.

“Maybe you’re right, Anne. Take him over your lap, see what you can teach him.”

“No, please” I groan. There’s a battle within me. Ultimately, I am Sabrina’s now and cannot betray her.

“Bend over Anne’s lap” she tells me quietly, so I go.

Anne adjusts my position as Sabrina does. I wiggle to find a comfortable position for my swollen member. I am not sure if Anne has ever done this before, but she doesn’t take long to warm up and as I’m still stinging from Sabrina I’m soon howling, right hand stretching backwards to protect my aching ass, legs slicing through the air. Grasping my hand Anne twists and holds it up behind my back coached by Sabrina, rendering me helpless.

I’m afraid I will cry soon, and I’m struggling to compose myself. My spanking has gone on for a long time now, much longer than usual. I’m not sure how much more I can withstand. I hear the phone ring. While Sabrina goes to answer it Anne doesn’t stop her assault.

Sabrina puts down the phone and comes and stands over me. “That was my brother. What bar did you say you were at?”


“A strip joint. While Anne and I were waiting for you and worrying about you. You bastard, you were in a strip joint watching nude girls. Get on your feet.”

I scramble to my feet.


“He’d rather see girls removing their clothes than be having dinner with us” Sabrina snaps, utterly furious. “Here, remove his clothes, Anne” she cries, beginning to tear at my shirt, just as, that one day Anne had gotten furious at me in the girl’s hall of residence, had stripped me one day 10 years ago. “Let him be the only naked person in the room!” They had me naked in moments like 2 nannies with a naughty boy, leaving me standing in only sock and shoes. I never felt more ridiculous.

A wooden spoon from to counter is in Sabrina’s hand. A flick of her wrist slaps my hard-on. I groan in agony. “Anne, for every slap with this spoon give him five with the spatula on the backside. Five of your hardest.”

I am given my orders. I stand while Sabrina applies a stroke of the spoon, then bend over and touch my knees for the spatula. As much as I hate the spatula, however, I dread that spoon, attacking my poor little guy. The hardest thing is actually watching the spoon slap me. At least I can’t see the spatula. Again, it is not long before I am at their mercy, begging and pleading for an end to the punishment. My ass is wiggling from left to right now, my body dancing in place as I try to avoid any more of their vengeance. A sob breaks out, tears fall. They continue a minute or two ignoring my crying and begging then at last my pleas are answered, they stop and I collapse to a heap on the floor.

After some time, I feel two cool hands rubbing the heat into my bottom. I close my eyes, and enjoy a lotion that cools the burn from my bottom and wriggle now with pleasure. I look over my shoulder and meet Anne’s eyes and am back those years ago at university when sex was fresh and new and a discovery every day for the two of us. Leaning over me she kisses me full on the mouth, pulls me over onto my back and her hands, slick from the lotion, reach to the front of me and with firm confident strokes take full control of my body and soul. No, not full. I feel my wife’s hands too, caressing my buttocks like a mother holding her baby, cupping my balls. I must have longed for this for years, the two women I have loved taking me over. My orgasm explodes without restraint, semen pumping, spurting in great joy and release, pleasure, pain, desire long suppressed, beyond belief, ecstasy beyond consciousness.

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    i loved your story ,my wife started spanking me several years after we were married but unlike in your case mine was involuntary it was by physical force

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