One Night In Heaven

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I looked at the time, it was only 3pm, my boyfriend wasn’t due home for another 2 hours so I decided to have a shower. I couldn’t miss the chance as I started to rub my pussy with the warm water running down me, it felt so good I couldn’t help but moan. As I kept on rubbing I brought myself to climax, with the feeling of it my knees grew weaker as I had trouble standing with how goof it was.
I got out the shower feeling so refreshed and good; I just couldn’t wait for my boyfriend to get home. I changed into his favorite outfit, which was nothing but to excite him I put on one of his work shirts and unbuttoned it half way down and a pair of black sheer panties.
I placed rose petals on the floor leading from the front door right to the bedroom and lit rose smelling candles in the bedroom and dimmed the lights, playing music in the background. Knowing he would be home any minute I put a can of whipped cream on the dinning table with a little note attached to it and went and waited in the bedroom on the bed where I blindfolded myself and handcuffed my hands behind my back eagerly awaiting his arrival. Excitement rushed through me as I head his car pull up and the front door open.
I heard his footsteps get closer and closer to the bedroom door and suddenly the door opened. He stopped which seemed like forever, he finally started walking towards the bed. I couldn’t wait for what was about to happen. I felt his hand slowly run up my leg, up my thigh and across my stomach lifting the shirt up a little. He climbed on the bed and was sitting on top of me. His hands running up my front, unbuttoning the shirt exposing my breast.
He started nibbling and sucking on them which drove me wild. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter with every moment. He leaned down kissing my neck and sucking on my ear with his hands wondering my body. He pressed down against me in which I could feel his hardness against me.
He moved up more and suddenly shoved his hard cock in my watering mouth. I moved it in deeper as I was trying not to gag on it. Getting used to it, he started to fuck my mouth until he came down the back of my throat, making me swallow every bit of it. By now I could feel my juice soaking through my panties. Lying there waiting for what was coming next I got a surprise when I felt the coldness of the white cream being spayed all up my body. He started to lick it off working his way from my face, to my breast sucking on the briefly then working his way from down. He pulled my panties down slowly teasing me which I could not take.
I then buried his head into my dripping wet pussy; I couldn’t help but moan loudly. Finger fucking me with three fingers deep in me while he was sucking on my clit which sent shivers right up me. I loved every minute of it until he suddenly stopped. He turned me over and shoved he rock hard cock deep inside my wet pussy. I screamed for him to go faster but with that he slowed right down. He sped up again. Harder and deeper he fucked my tight pussy, with every thrust I was close to cumming.
He kept thrusting in my as hard as he could and with that I squirted everywhere but that didn’t stop him, he shoved his cock deep in me again, fucking me harder. I started screaming with pleasure as I felt my self about to cum again and with that I came again and so did he. I was hurting but still wanting more; he could sense that so he shoved his cock in me again going twice as hard.
He worked his way up to cumming again. My pussy dripping with mine as his cum but I wasn’t satisfied yet, I still wanted more. He put his dripping cock in my mouth and made me suck it clean. As I did that he stuck four fingers in my pussy, where he finger fucked me until I came once again……………………………………………………………

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