Slut School for Girls

Whips crack and chains rattle as the new sluts get processed and introducted to their new life. They arrive early in the morning and are quickly stripped naked. No clothing is to be  worn by sluts. They are checked for disease and recieve a number. They will have to earn their name here. as they […]

Ass Master's All Black Gang Bang

Somebody was asking me what my neighbor’s name is. And I was like, “Why would you even care what that whore of a pig’s name is?” Hell, I get to do whatever I want to him from pissing in his asshole to fucking his pee hole with a cotton swab.

Ass Master

My slutty neighbor’s wife thinks he’s totally straight. Of course, she’s a stupid blonde. He leaves the blinds open so I can watch when he’s fucking her. Hey, she’s a trophy and I’d return the favor, so try not to judge.

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Dana gets fucked

What happened to Dana—a S&M and Incest story:rnrnBroden and Babs waited in the kitchen for Dana to arrive home. Dana’s father Broden had decided to finally give into his lust; he was going to fuck his 18 year old daughter Dana and her older s

Virginity sold

Maria liked to show off. She had large and bouncy breast, long and strong legs, big eyes, full lips… She was every man’s dream and she knew it. At the age of 18 she was still a virgin. Ah, she fooled around. She gave guys blow jobs. She let