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A Cold Betrayal

My name is Chelsea and this is my story.

Day 1

My husband and I live on a huge plot of land–almost 1,000 acres, I still haven’t explored the whole thing but it’s all forested area about 20 miles north of Bemidji, Minnesota–in a large three story, nine bedroom, three bath house nestled in a four acre clearing in the center of the woods. My husband wanted to live out here, he says he prefers the outdoors and the solitude. Not that I’m complaining; I love going on walks and skinny dipping in our very own private spring fed lake. My husband, Evan, wasn’t always wealthy, but since college he’s become a successful business man. We met at The University of Minnesota where we fell madly in love. We got married a year after he graduated when he got lucky on some business deals (he never really tells me the details). After I graduated we moved up here after scoping out some land and having a house built to our specifications. Things were going so well for Evan that we quickly realized there was absolutely no need for me to work and we decided that my job would be taking care of our new property. This suited me perfectly since my degree was in environmental science anyway. I loved this perfect life; I still got to experiment, but I had that warm, loving husband that would never judge me as well. From the moment I married him it felt like family, and that love still burns hot today on our first wedding anniversary.

Anyways, I was on my way home from my monthly shopping trip; it was only 5:00 AM and I was already halfway home. You see, since he makes a lot of money he gives me a $5,000 a month allowance. So every month I take a week long trip down to Minneapolis and go shopping, clubbing, and hang out at the spa. I have a ton of friends from my college days and we like to get loose and wild together; usually I spend the first couple days alone or maybe with one friend just shopping, then of course I hit the gym to keep my tight athletic figure, and of course to stay between 120-125 pounds. My typical day when I go starts with me shopping from nine until noon, exercise till two, spa till six, then meet up with friends and go to various bars and pubs downtown till whenever; finally, I bring a good man or woman back to my hotel room for some fun time. I never tell my husband about that part. Not that he would be super pissed, I mean I don’t know if he would be upset or not, besides I know for a fact that when I’m gone he’s sticking his dick in all sorts of trash. I’ve found used condoms, bras, videos, emails and text messages, dildos that aren’t mine, lipstick on his clothes that aren’t in a color I wear, and whenever I get back the house smells strongly of sex. Not that I care, in fact it turns me on; I don’t know why, but the moment I get home the only thing I want is his gigantic dick deep in my moist pussy.

I was so horny, I slept with almost all girls this trip (except for the first night) and not even one had a strap-on. I was reminiscing about when we had just gotten engaged and we were lying naked on his bed. I remember that night vividly, my 19 year old body was glistening with the sweat, reflecting the pale moonlight off my bronzed skin from the passionate love we had just made. My shaved pussy was dripping with his semen, while his limp penis was resting on my left butt cheek as he embraced me from behind. His gigantic intimidating hands were busy, his left hand lightly brushing my shoulder length chestnut brown hair, and his right groping my size 34 C cup breast and lightly playing with my rather ordinary but painfully erect nipple.

He kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “Can I ask you something? And I want a completely honest answer.”

I turned around to face him and as I gazed into his deep brown eyes, they stared back taking in my features. He looked up and down my good looking, soft, perfectly symmetrical face, from my cute little nose to my smooth soft pink lips. He lightly brushed his thumb under my chin then looked me in my deep green eyes. I was helplessly in love and my body quivered at his very touch. I was afraid of the question he wanted to ask, I was afraid he was going to ask for a threesome because he knows that I’m bisexual. But I’m not… at least I wasn’t the type to do that sort of thing. My reflex was to guess the possible questions he could ask and prepare my possible answers. I stuttered. I think he knew I was a little scared.

“O-o-o-of course my dear, you can ask me anything.”
His chiseled face grinned slightly, “What is your deepest, darkest, wildest fantasy?” I was surprised at the question. I knew he could never fulfill it, and I didn’t really want him to, but he seemed eager to know.
So with a deep breath I told him, “I don’t expect to ever get this, and I don’t really want it but…as you know I am crazy about sex.”
“Of course you are,” he said softly.
“I understand that this desire comes from my very horniest moments when I can’t get a release.”
“Go on.”
“I have always wondered what it would be like to be raped.”
He looked surprised but that wasn’t the end of it so I continued, “Not like regular rape, but like gang raped by dozens, maybe hundreds of guys, being forced to do things that I would never do on my own.”
“What things?” he interrupted.
“Like you know… double penetration, bukkake, swallowing that bukkake, licking guys butts, sucking their dicks, and then having them do things to me my mind can’t even think of. I don’t really want this but when I’m really, really, really horny, and before I met you, I would go out dressed really slutty hoping for something like that. I don’t even know why, and I don’t WANT it, but it’s an urge, one that I haven’t had since I met you.”
I started stroking his cock when I started the last sentence, “Now tell me, future husband of mine, what’s yours?”
“I highly doubt you’re sincere when you say you haven’t had this fantasy since you met me.”

Holy shit he saw right through me. I couldn’t think.

“Well it’s not like I would want it.”
“Of course it is,” he interrupted. “Don’t worry, it wouldn’t bother me. If you want we can go to the ghetto right now and…”
“NO!!!” I interrupted. “First of all, that’s not rape if I willingly offer myself to them!”

I really didn’t want him to think this of me, I should have lied. But then again, he would have seen through that too. He could always tell.

“Why did you even ask me…thmmhf, mmf, mmf?” I couldn’t finish the question before Evan covered my mouth with his hand.
Evan forced himself on me, “Shut the fuck up, bitch, you’re mine right now.”

Then without a moment of pause he penetrated my pussy without foreplay. He was extremely rough, keeping one hand on my mouth and the other on my neck. He fucked me as hard and fast as he could, choking me until I nearly passed out, then letting me get air and regain composure before doing it again. This lasted for 45 minutes until he finally came hard inside me. I knew he was doing this because of my fantasy so I didn’t take offense to it and actually really, really liked it. Even though I wasn’t horny when he forced himself on me there was something primitive in being treated this way. When he finished I gave him a big, wet, tongue-filled kiss and wrapped my legs around him so all his semen would drip onto his leg.

“I give you permission to surprise me with that anytime you like!” I whispered in his ear. “Now what’s your fantasy?”
He smiled and said, “Well it’s not nearly as good as yours but I’ve always wanted to put my dick in someone’s ass. Not just any ass though, the ass of an extremely hot girl, like you.”

He ran his hand from my hips all the way up to my shoulder. I didn’t reply to him, I just gave him another big wet kiss as he put his hand between my legs and began rubbing around my pussy. I could feel his dick getting harder each moment. It never ceased to amaze me how enormous it was. And how he could always get hard at a moment’s notice. I always remembered his wish, I didn’t know just then if I was going to give him what he wanted or not, but being the adventurous type I thought maybe one day I would let him try–but his penis is so big the thought of that going into my anus scared me a little. I told my best friend Christa (who was one of the crew I met him through) about his request.

“Vanessa, you need to try an enema before you do that. If you hate that then anal is not for you, but if you like it then do an enema a day at least. At first you may want to do five in a row, simply because you need to get all that shit out of your colon or it will be messy. Also, clean your butt hole with baby wipes and don’t stop until they come clean. Same with the enema, don’t stop doing it until the water comes out clean. And check yourself in the mirror.”

I started about three months ago and I really enjoyed the enema. I can’t explain it but it turned me on in a way I didn’t even know was possible. I’ve actually been ready for anal for about two months, but wanted to save it for our wedding anniversary. The thought of it was making me hornier and hornier the whole ride home, to the point where I actually unzipped and fingered myself in the car. By the time I actually got home there was a noticeable wet spot on my pants. I pulled up the gravel driveway and parked; it was 7:00 AM in mid-May and it was beautiful out, nights were still a little chilly but that’s ok. I rushed inside and threw my purse on the kitchen counter and took my shopping bags to the master bedroom, then ran to the master bathroom to go give myself a shower, shave, and a couple enemas until the water didn’t even smell. Then I slipped into some naughty black lace panties that I painted in red on the back, ‘please be gentle’ with a target drawn right over where my butt hole is. The last girl I brought to my hotel helped me position it just right. I also had a black, lace strapless bra that I put on. I then threw on a white tie up shirt that I tied super tight just below my bust, then I threw on some daisy dukes that were so tight they squeezed my pussy lips and really showed the nice round shape of my ass. I truly was physically fit, I had perfectly toned but not too muscular abs and shapely ass and a perfect hourglass figure. All this in 5 feet 4 inches; my preparation took about 45 minutes. I left our bedroom barefoot and ready for my husband to come home from his business trip; he was supposed to be home in an hour. When I entered the dining room I gasped when I saw a naked guy sitting on my couch and two huge black dudes standing at my front door fully nude; their penises were massive. My heart started racing and I got nauseous as the man on the couch stood up. I ran for my purse and searched it.

“Looking for this?” A menacing voice behind me said.

I turned around to see one was holding my can of pepper spray, cell phone, and keys. He threw them in the garbage and tied up the bag. One of the black men grabbed it and took it outside. I started for the back door but when I turned around there were at least 200 naked guys between me and the back door. I looked back at the guy who was on my couch who now had even more naked dudes around him; they were coming in the front door, from the basement, and the upstairs, from the study, from the pantry, from every room in the house. They had been here this whole time, but how? There were no cars and no signs of a break in.

“Your husband owes me a little money so you’re going to pay his debt.” His voice was cold and serious. My heart sank deep in my chest and I noticed my breathing was becoming more difficult as fear took over.
“Fuck you!” I shouted at him. He grinned. Then I felt a sharp pain in my kidney like I had been punched.
“I don’t think you fucking understood, you worthless little skank!”  A deep angry sounding voice shouted.

Then the guy who yelled grabbed my hair and pulled me toward him, turning me around violently. He was a monster, standing seven feet tall at least, shoulders twice as broad as my husband’s; all muscle, almost pitch black. His still limp dick hung down to just below his knees and was twice the width of my wrist! He was holding a buck knife in his right hand.

“We own you now, slave!”

Was this the guy that hit my kidney? Damn! He lifted me up by my hair, the pain was excruciating.

He forced mucus from his throat to his mouth and spit a wad of it in my face and said, “Lick it up bitch!”
“Go to hell,” I barked back.

He then set down the buck knife, wiped it off with his hand, then forced that nasty shit into my mouth and would not take his hand out until I swallowed it. I almost vomited but his hand blocked it from coming up. Then he punched me in the tit.

“You see, your husband made an agreement with me that I can do to you whatever the hell I want. This will pay his past debts and future debts.”
“You’re a lying piece of shit,” I yelled back.
“Show some fucking respect, you whore!”

The big black guy, who I came to refer to as Buck because of his knife, then used his knife to cut off my shirt; it was thrown into the fire place. I looked on in horror as my brand new shirt went up in flames.

“I told him that I would likely kill you when I’m done. He said he doesn’t care,” the couch man said.
“He wouldn’t,” I cried. “You’re just a sad fag who can’t get any pussy without raping it!”

Buck then lifted me up by my Daisy Dukes and I could feel the zipper putting immense pressure on my clit. Then Buck used his knife to cut between my thighs, making my dukes into a jean skirt. Then he ripped them apart and I fell to the ground with a thud. He then kicked me very hard in the crotch.

“So what’s going to happen,” The couch man continued, “is that you’re going to be my gift to the world. My free whore. The rule is simple, anyone who shows up to this house gets to fuck you any way they like at any time. But first it’s your orientation; this will probably last till July so don’t expect to do anything.”
“Evan will kill you!” I screamed.

Just then someone grabbed the back of my bra. I couldn’t see them but they had their foot on my back trying to force it to rip. Buck walked up and put his buck knife between my tits and cut my brand new bra and I fell hard to the floor. I missed the knife but stumbled forward and fell over as couch guy kicked me in the tit right before I landed.

“Look,” Buck said behind me, “this bitch is ready for anal! I get to deflower her stink hole, then we’ll do her ass two at a time!”
“The more you resist or mouth off, the worse this will be for you. You no longer have an identity; you are a slave, you’re not even my slave, you’re just a slave to everyone. You exist to pleasure whoever chooses you. If by the time your orientation is done and you aren’t following the rules…,” his words tapered off and he showed me a picture of my three sisters, “I will have a thousand men run a train on all three of these skanky whores’ smelly asses before I field dress them alive.”
“Lying sack of shit!” I yelled.
“Really?” He grinned.
Pointing to my oldest sister who is 5 years older than me, “This is Ashley, she lives in Fargo at 103 45th Street apartment 204, not married and no kids. Never calls, no one would notice she’s gone for three months.”
Then he pointed to my second oldest sister who is three years older than me, “Maria, lives in Duluth, she’s married; has 1 daughter, two years old, and is not faithful to her husband. She lives at 508 19th Avenue West.”
Then he pointed to my youngest sister whom I love dearly; she is two years younger than me, “This one is your favorite. We will make her suffer the most. This is Elaine. She’s a student living in a little studio apartment just off campus of the University of Minnesota. She’d be very easy to get; she’s a little promiscuous and likes to go to Hennepin Avenue alone at night looking for wild sex. Oh, we have researched you, Chelsea. You had better cooperate or I will have horrors inflicted upon your sisters. One by one, and you will watch. Got it, you fucking anal skank? I’ll start with the oldest, then work my way down, making each ones’ suffering progressively worse. So if you piss me off, there will be hell to pay, you bitch!”

I stared at him in shock. He wasn’t joking, he would really hurt my sisters. I was terrified, but at the same time I was getting extremely horny. I didn’t want to, but there was no denying that this is everything I fantasized about and I was already pretty wet when I got home. But I still didn’t want this, these people were dangerous and now they were threatening my family. But still I couldn’t let them break me; I’d get my sisters out of the country if I had to.

“I’ll fucking bite your dick off you asshole!” I screamed.
“I’m going to keep this picture,” the man said. “When I’m ready to act I will rip off your sissy’s picture. At that point it will not be possible to satisfy my rage. So let’s make one thing very clear: if you don’t survive this, neither will anyone you know!” He was grinning ear to ear, and the look in his eyes was nothing short of pure sadism.
“If you touch any of my sisters I’ll hang you by your intestines, faggot!” I screamed back. The man just laughed.

Suddenly I was lifted by my panties in a painful wedgie, then predictably the knife cut my panties and to the ground I fell. But the talk was over. I was immediately restrained; they tied my hands together, then my elbows, behind my back. This forced my all natural breasts to stick out even more. They wrapped chain link around my tits so tight that they turned purple almost instantly. Then they beat my tits with a baseball bat for nearly ten minutes. The pain probably would have made me pass out but they were constantly hosing me down with cold water, not giving a shit what they destroyed in the house.

“If you say that one more time, I’ll knock your goddamn teeth out, you whore! If you think I’m kidding then try me, and if you do bite anyone’s dick I’ll have my friend here shove the blade of that knife up your ass and fuck you with it while we rape and murder your skanky ass family! Then I’ll let every man here fuck your ass ’til they cum! Then I’ll stitch you up and let you heal just to do it again and again and again until I get bored and kill you by fucking both your pussy and ass with a baseball bat with nails sticking out if it!”

I was sweating and a little dizzy from the fear I felt at that moment. I could tell in his voice that he meant every word of it. My only choice was to survive or face even worse torture. But at the same time, deep down I wanted this, I couldn’t help it, the feeling was getting stronger. The thought of all these men having their way with me, forcing me, stretching me, talking down to me, beating me, I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute to the point it was starting to drip. But at the same time I was filled with despair, I couldn’t understand it. I knew why I was afraid but couldn’t tell why I was turned on! Why, when they made their threats, did my body quake with raw desire and sincerely hope that they would follow through? Honestly, I wanted to get fucked violently by all these guys. But at the same time I didn’t know what this would mean for me and my husband. I still loved him but I was extremely pissed at him for throwing me to the wolves just to save his own ass. And that’s why I started to give in; I wanted him to watch this, I wanted him to hear me moan like a whore and beg for more. But I am obstinate, if someone disrespects me I get pissed and talk back, that’s what made this worse.

“Fucking do it then! Stop making empty threats and get your dick in my ass, you fag! Butt loving, shit eating, dick sucking FA…” My sentence was interrupted when Buck slapped me, and then punched my right tit so hard I fell over.

He jumped on top of me, his massive half-hard cock rested across my belly while he repeatedly punched me in the tits for what seemed like forever. My tits were already so purple from the chain wrapped around them that when I looked down I couldn’t tell if they had bruised or not. He sat there over me for a second and started playing with his knife. He ran the blade sideways across my body, across my breasts. He barely touched them with the tip but that was enough for a single droplet of blood to come out. I was terrified.

Then he stood up and said, “Let’s give this whore what she’s really craving.”

Suddenly someone grabbed my hair, lifted me to my knees and forced me to suck his massive dick. He shoved it so deep in my mouth that I could feel it slide far down my throat. I would have gagged on it but it filled me up so much I couldn’t even breathe. This is where it began. I felt a cold sensation on my anus and someone rubbed it all around, sticking their finger in deep.

Then a whisper in my ear from a familiar female voice, “Remember to relax your muscles, remember all the advice I gave you.” I looked up to see Christa. I was shocked. She was glistening with body oil, her soft red hair complimenting her lightly freckled face.
I stared into her blue eyes, “Happy anniversary,” she said.
She could tell I was confused, “Remember I introduced you to your husband, we are part of the same business. My advice is don’t fucking mouth off, they will follow through on every threat if you don’t obey. You’re a slave now, there is no escape, and you will enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it, I will personally cut your nipples off.” Her voice was cold and sharp. She definitely meant it.

I couldn’t believe this, it’s like my whole life was a lie, but none of that seemed to matter, all that mattered now was the enormous dick thrusting hard and fast into my mouth. I decided to make the most of it and began swirling my tongue around his dick. I could feel the protruding veins around his shaft, this guy was rock hard. I began sucking on it and licking it. Normally I would cup the balls too but with my hands tied behind my back that was out. My eyes bulged with amazement when I saw Buck’s dick. I realized it was huge when I first encountered him but now it was fully erect and ready for action. This massive member went up way past his belly button; it was almost even with his nipples, stopping just above them. It was at least the girth of both of my wrists combined. The head of his penis was the size of a tennis ball, his shaft long and the veins stuck out for at least a quarter of an inch. His balls were almost the size of baseballs. The man was so massive that his giant cock actually seemed like it belonged on his extremely chiseled body. Buck stood at least eight feet tall, had broad shoulders, and was all muscle. His forearms were wider than my head and made of pure muscle. Just the sight of his ripped abs made me wet. In any other situation I would attempt to bring this man back to my hotel room. A specimen this fine would easily make a permanent contact, but now was not that time and he did not seem to like me…plus he scared the shit out of me.

“I fucking hate white bitches with attitude,” he growled at me. “I’m gonna cum so far up your ass you’ll taste it in your mouth.”

Holy shit! The idea of that monster in my ass almost made me faint. It was like a dream come true, I was so wet and horny I didn’t even care if this was rape anymore, I just wanted to get fucked. I knew that it would probably hurt like hell–having my first anal be that behemoth of a dick–but the idea of being forced so far past my comfort zone drove me mad with lust for his chocolate cock of doom. Buck walked to my backside and slapped his cock between my butt cheeks. That thing was solid as steel. It felt like he could chisel a hole in the wall with it. There was nothing soft or weak about it, even the tip was hard as a rock.

He ran his dick through my butt cheeks admiring the view, “Your ass is so round and perfect. Damn, even your anus is clean; I could eat off that thing. Looks like you’ve been planning to do anal all along. I’m told, though, that you haven’t gone through with it yet. Well, after this you’ll be begging for your big daddy with his trusty knife.”

I felt his massive head press against my ass. I did the best I could to relax my muscles while sucking off the guy in my mouth. The pressure on my anus got more and more intense until my butt hole started to open. Then I felt the massive hard head of his dick pop in, after that he just slowly pushed his dick all the way in until his balls touched my pussy. I could feel each vein of his shaft pushing against the walls of my rectum, and I could feel his whole massive head go past my rectum into my sigmoid colon along with a good length of his shaft. He paused for a second before he started to thrust. I enjoyed that moment; he was hitting nerves I didn’t even know I had. I felt the dick quiver in my mouth when I tried to moan around it. That must have felt good for him. Suddenly Buck pulled his dick out to where his head was just about to exit my anus, then he thrust in all the way as hard as he could. The force of his pelvis slamming against my ass made me choke on the dick in my mouth. I almost passed out. Nobody cared; Christa just held my head in place until my face turned deep purple. Buck began thrusting into me hard, not bothering to go slow to get my ass ready for the pounding. He just did it because he knew this would be uncomfortable. Every thrust made me choke on the dick I was sucking but I didn’t care anymore, I began moaning like a dirty little whore. This sent the guy in my mouth into a frenzy, and his whole body started convulsing. He grabbed my head and pressed my face against his sweaty pelvis as he neared orgasm. I almost passed out from the lack of oxygen. I was actually in the middle of fainting when I was snapped back to full consciousness when he shot his load deep down my throat. I struggled to swallow every sweet tasty drop as it came out; it was not easy. After the guy in my mouth pulled out, Buck lifted me off the ground while still pounding my ass. He was so strong; it felt like his dick alone could have lifted me without any trouble at all. I was now sitting upright on Buck’s massive dick when another giant black dude with a huge cock walked up and started fucking my pussy. His dick was at least as big as Buck’s, but to my surprise my pussy was so wet he had no trouble sliding in. It was like my pussy was inviting him. After all, my cunt was always willing to accept cock. I could feel his veins rubbing my pussy walls. I loved how he sometimes bumped into Bucks penis; I didn’t realize the wall between my rectum and pussy was so thin. They began lifting me up until only their penis heads remained in me and then they would both slam me down on their massive cocks as hard as they could. I was in heaven; my wildest fantasy was coming true. I had never been with anyone with a bigger dick than Evan’s and now here I was getting fucked in both the ass and cunt at the same time by two dicks that were both triple Evan’s size.

My thoughts were soon interrupted, “You weren’t kidding Mark, you are being relentless!” I heard Evan’s voice in the background. WHAT THE FUCK!! I thought. It was true, Evan sold me out.
“Little slut deserves it; all she does is spend fucking money. Besides, I only married her to offer her up as a slave when I found someone I knew would give her what she deserves and would pay me for it. It’s even better that you did this on our anniversary. Can I get a better look at her? I want to see the shock on this worthless cunt’s face.”
“Of course,” Mark replied.

Before long my husband stood in my view, stroking his dick and smoking a cigarette. And what’s even worse is that Chloe and Rebecca were both hanging on him, nibbling his ears and shit; all three of them were totally naked. Then Jennifer walked around them, got on her knees, and started sucking his dick. With Jennifer there now, it was the entire group of ‘friends’ that introduced me to him.

“Our plan is working,” Christa reported to Evan. “There is no escape for her. I’m glad we tricked this one to let you take her on that first date; it’s so refreshing to see a stuck up little cunt finally get what’s coming to her.”

I couldn’t believe it, this was all a conspiracy, from the day I met Chloe and Jennifer they have been plotting to do this to me.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” Butch barked.

Then he began strangling me. The strangulation went on until Rebecca’s surprisingly well kept snatch was dangling in my face as she did the banana split with guys holding her up by her legs.

“Start eating me out, you sleazy little bitch,” She screamed. I obeyed.

All the while my brutal pounding was still happening. I could feel my muscles tighten around the dicks to the point they had to work harder to keep fucking me as hard as they were. Their veins were noticeable even deep inside my anus and vagina; I could feel my pussy stretched to its limit and my asshole felt like it was being torn. But the feeling of these two massive dicks deep inside was causing my body to shake with pleasure. I could feel it build up; I couldn’t help it with the pressure of the massive cock in my ass combined with the monster cock stretching out my pussy–I was ready to orgasm over and over. But this wasn’t a regular orgasm, it was a new orgasm. Clear sticky liquid sprayed out of me like a fountain, it felt like I was pissing. It flew in all directions as it bounced off the man’s pelvis that had his cock in my pussy.

“This little cunt is really enjoying this,” the man pounding my pussy said.
“Of course she does, this is what she was born to do,” Butch replied.

They both started thrusting more to make my orgasm more intense. It felt so good to have two massive dicks in my ass and pussy. I almost forgot the treachery that got me into this. Almost. With my body going into convulsions I had little control over what my mouth did to Rebecca’s pussy. I gazed up at her DD breasts and perfectly sculpted body as my tongue blindly lashed at her perfectly shaved cunt. Her blonde hair was waving around wildly as she enjoyed the sensation. She would tilt her head forward to get a good look at me and her hair would rest on her tits. She was constantly spitting in my face and rubbing her own nipples as I ate her pussy.

This went on for nearly ten minutes until suddenly she grabbed the back of my head and demanded, “Open up wide you cum guzzling slut and drink up!” Then I felt a hot liquid fill my mouth that was salty to the taste. It didn’t take me long to figure out that she was pissing directly into my mouth.
“Swallow every last drop, you stupid whore!” She screamed. I tried but some overflowed from my mouth and hit the ground.

Almost as if they were communicating telepathically, Buck and the other big black dude both stopped fucking me and pulled out. I could feel my holes adjust to the sudden lack of dick; it felt almost as if they wanted to be filled again, like they were empty. Rebecca was set down and I was dropped. My head hit the floor and since my hands were tied I had no way to stop the fall. When I looked up Rebecca, Jennifer, Chloe, and Christa all stood over me, each with a different weapon in hand. Rebecca had a metal baseball bat, Chloe had a whip, Jennifer was holding a sledgehammer, and Christa was holding an electric baton. I began to sweat out of fear when I saw this. Buck grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees, and then the pain began. Before I was even balanced on my knees Jennifer swung her sledgehammer as hard as she could into my already sensitive right boob. With the force of the sledgehammer and the chain wrapped around it cutting off circulation, I was sure that it would start bleeding. To my amazement, it didn’t. Buck held my hair to prevent me from falling over as Jennifer continued her assault, hitting my breasts as hard as she could. The pain was excruciating and I thought my tits were just going to pop open. I was gripped with fear that she would miss and break my ribs but she never did, she just continued pummeling my breasts until she got tired. Then without giving me a break, Rebecca began a tomahawk swing with her baseball bat on my tits, pounding them from both the top and bottom and occasionally on the front. But when she got tired she took the thick end of the bat and without even taking a second to line it up or get my ass used to the oncoming invasion she just shoved it up my ass and held it there. I could feel the tears roll down my face at the immense pain I had endured. Buck stood me up and two other dudes grabbed my legs and spread them, then a rope was attached to the ceiling and they tied the rope to the other rope that tied my elbows together so it held me up. Then a rope was tied to each ankle and tied off in opposite directions so my legs were spread wide open.

I feared what came next as I knew I had zero power to stop it. The relentless whipping of my body began. They did something to the whip to make it not leave any serious damage but it still hurt like hell. Chloe seemed to focus on my vagina. I could see her black lips form a smile that was rare with this Goth queen. Her black hair swayed as she reeled back and delivered painful lash after painful lash. All this with a baseball bat staying stationary in my ass.

When she was done with the whip she got on her knees and punched my pussy repeatedly saying, “You stupid whore, always fucking up other people’s lives with your flirty sluttiness! Now you get what you deserve!”

I couldn’t believe it; out of all these girls I thought Chloe understood me. When Chloe finished it was time for Christa, the pissed off ginger holding her electric baton to give me a speech before she touched me.

“What a filthy slut you are. I bet you’ve always dreamed of this day, hoping it would come. Well guess what, skank? IT’S FUCKING HERE!” I could feel the spit fly out of her mouth as she got within inches of my face, “We’re gonna fuck you up so bad a football will just fall in and out of your ass while I freely dribble a basketball in your skanky little snatch! And you will be physically addicted to jizz, just like your shit hole dad is addicted to cocaine!” She kicked me in the cunt when she said that.

Not much I could do about it at that point, and besides she was right, this was a lifelong fantasy for me, and I hated to admit it but this treatment was getting me off.

So I decided to stir the pot by actually telling her the truth, “I have fucked every boyfriend you ever had, even the one’s you had after I married Evan! And you know what they told me? They said that you were boring as fuck, that you just laid there and expected them to do all the work, that if they could have they would all ditch you for me, even if they had to share me with other men…AT THE SAME TIME! You’re a fucking pathetic whore, I’ve always thought that and the only reason I befriended you was because I felt sorry for you! Ginger’s have no soul, they have no emotion, and they can’t satisfy their men…or their women, so I do it for them and I swallow every fucking drop! It’s soooo satisfying to give a man what his pathetic red-haired tramp never could!”

Christa’s eyes burned with hatred, I could see she was visibly shaken by what I said, and I knew that my punishment would be severe, which was my intent.

Christa walked over to me, electric baton in hand, touched it to the end of the electric baseball bat, and whispered in my ear, “Rich whore, you don’t know what kind of girl I am. I fucked some nasty people in order to get food, cars, jobs, vacations, schooling, money, and much more. I’ve been gangbanged by the performers of every concert I’ve been to, even by the straight women. I fucked my way through mosh pits, bull fights, sports games, races, and political protests. My sex has gotten me out of arrests, subpoena’s, jury duty, taxes, and found not guilty by a jury of my peers. I’ve used sex to manipulate people to fulfill hit contracts, rob banks, kill cops, get me cocaine, perform assassinations on prominent figures, and bankrupt rich assholes. So guess what? All of those men you fucked were put up to it, they pretended to like you more to get your confidence up and to increase our hatred of you. They made it obvious what a smug little skank you are, and now you will pay in ways you can’t even hope to imagine. When I am done with you you’re going to obey everything I say; if I say ‘slave eat your own shit,’ you will do it. If I say ‘slave put a bullet in your head,’ you will do it. If I say ‘slave stick this buck knife up your own pussy,’ you will do it. This entire summer you will spend your time getting raped in the most extreme ways imaginable.”

Then she turned on her baton full blast and the electric current hit me deep in my ass. It felt like a fire was burning inside my rectum but it hit my g spot and I came repeatedly and noticeably.

“See bitch, you were born for this.” Christa whispered.

While the electricity was pulsating through my body, someone threw cold water on me and the intensity got even worse. I think I nearly died because my whole body began to shake and my hair stood straight up. Then Christa shoved the baton up my pussy while it was still on. Once again it literally felt like my vagina became a furnace. I remember I screamed at the top of my lungs constantly for the duration of this torture, some from pain and some from pleasure. It’s hard to describe what I was going through emotionally at this point. I was extremely turned on by all this but at the same time I was gripped with crippling fear. But one thing was steady, I wanted more. I knew it would bring extreme discomfort but I was horny as fuck. I was an animal waiting for the next brutal action by my masters. When Christa had finished, she slapped me in the face with her D sized tits then placed two pound nipple clamps on my nipples and a one pound nipple clamp on my clitoris.

“These aren’t coming off until morning, you skanky little whore.”

The clamps were so powerful that it felt like they would squeeze my nipples and clit right off, and the weights made it that much more agonizing. Then Rebecca grabbed the bat in my ass, swirled it around a couple times, pulled it out violently, and hit me in the tits with it. She also hit me in the pussy with it before putting it away.

“Next time you talk back you will be begging for us to be that easy on you, filthy fucking tramp whore.” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to find out what could possibly be worse than that.

After the girls were done with my punishment they let me down from the rope holding me up and untied the rope from my ankles. Buck and the guy who fucked my pussy both stuck their insanely massive dicks up my ass AT THE SAME TIME! Then two other guys just as big, shoved their dicks up my pussy! I was fucking stretched; I could feel my ass and pussy ready to rip apart. I was sure this ordeal would kill me. Then yet another guy stuck his cock in my mouth. They didn’t seem to care if they tore me open, they just started fucking me. My body tensed up at first and the pain was so unbearable that I started to tear up.

“Just fucking relax, you stupid whore,” Chloe yelled at me as she pulled on my nipple rings.

I did the best I could but it hurt too much, I was in so much pain I thought I was going to need stitches after this. But these men did not care, they just kept fucking me violently. They didn’t refresh the lubricant, they didn’t make sure my pussy was wet, they just shoved in and went to work. Every time I was raised up and slammed back down on these 4 massive cocks the pain almost made me pass out. I felt the balls of all 4 men slapping my ass and pussy lips when they forced me down. I could feel my insides expanding more and more with every thrust. I felt the two dicks in my ass fill my rectum and push well into my colon. I remember in anatomy that the colon was bent right above the anus and these men with their gigantic cocks were so massive that when they reached my colon they simply forced it to straighten out; I could feel it move to accommodate for the invasion. I felt the two cocks in my pussy nearly ripping my poor labia, going out to where their massive heads were in my cunt, but when they thrust down I felt the frightening force of these two behemoths slam into my cervix so hard I thought for a while they had ruptured it and were fucking me directly in my uterus. All this while having a massive cock shoved so far down my throat I couldn’t breathe. I had zero control over what happened. After what seemed like eternity though my body got accustomed to this extreme fucking and I began to enjoy it. I felt the cocks in my pussy slide in and out easier as my Bartholin glands started spewing natural lubricant. I could not believe how good it felt to be so stretched out. The massive girth must have been at least six inches across in each hole. My ass and pussy were forced to endure but they never did tear, I took it all and was ashamed at how quickly I become thankful for it. I could not believe the stamina these men had as they quadruple fucked me for nearly two hours. I went through dozens of orgasms spraying my sticky female ejaculate all over the place. And nothing I did seemed to do anything for them; they were just sex fiends trying to fuck me to death. But they finally came; I could feel their bodies shaking.

The guy whose dick I was sucking grabbed my head and held it in place so the head of his dick was just on the inside of my lips so he could shoot his load directly on my tongue, “Hold it there until everyone else cums,” he demanded. I obeyed.

One of the guys fucking my cunt ejaculated, I could feel his hot mess blast into my cervix as his dick was pressed hard against it. Then one of the dicks in my ass released his semen and I felt it spray out of him like a fire hose. I moaned at the sensation as my colon was filled.

Then the other guy came in my pussy and finally I heard Buck say to me, “This is just the prologue bitch; you’re ours until your youth is gone, slave!”

Then he released the biggest load of semen I have ever encountered. I could feel it fill my ass and then start to seep out around his dick; the sensation made my eyes roll to the back of my head as my mouth gaped open in ecstasy. I could taste the bitter sweet cum in my mouth and felt it swish around as my body shook from one final explosive orgasm. I was surprised at my reaction; I wasn’t scared of the thought of living like this. Instead, I was turned on! I swallowed the massive load in my mouth and knowing that begging might make them stop penetrating me I decided to get cocky.

“Fuck you assholes, you think you got me but I’m gonna do ten times worse to each of you as you are doing to me. Chloe, Christa, Jennifer, and Rebecca, I’m going to personally shove my hands up your ass and rip you apart after I fuck you each vigorously with a butcher knife. And as for your faggot boyfriends, not one of them will have a dick left after I’m done with them!”

Of course I was only bluffing, but I wanted to invoke their wrath so that I could get violently fucked by everyone here. They thought they were punishing me but in reality I was craving their rape and abuse. I couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for me after that. I didn’t have to wait very long to find out. Immediately after I finished my sentence I was struck hard with a baseball bat in the tits. Then Christa stuck a spoon up my pussy and Chloe put one up my ass and they scooped out all of the semen they could then forced me to drink it. Total, it was almost half an ounce worth, which is impressive for four guys. I swallowed every last gulp of it with great joy, I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying this abuse.

Christa grabbed a metal baseball bat and shoved it far up my ass. I moaned at first but what I didn’t know was that it was connected to an amplifier. Without any warning I got the shock of a lifetime as electricity began running through my body from this bat. The voltage was so intense that it felt immediately hot; I almost thought I was burning on the inside. While the voltage was going Christa put on some thick rubber gloves and grabbed the bat and went back and forth with it. The sensation crippled me so much that I could not hope to do anything but moan in both pain and ecstasy. She continued to fuck me with it increasing and decreasing in speed for what seemed like forever until suddenly, without warning, she quickly pulled the bat out of my ass and then swung it at my tits. The pain was tremendous and it knocked the wind right out of me. Because of the extreme pleasure, my anus was contracting as if begging for more. The burning sensation left deep in my rectum tricked my brain into liking the excruciating pain on my tits as the bat not only connected with my nipples that still had the two pound weights on them, but sent a blast of electricity screaming through my chest. I found myself hoping that she would continue beating my breasts this way and she did for quite a while. I counted up to twelve times she hit me before the sensations would not allow my brain to concentrate enough to count. I do know that she continued long after I couldn’t count anymore.

“Don’t give this pathetic whore a fucking break all day!” Christa demanded.
That was exactly what I wanted to hear so I gave her more reason to be pissed, “You’ll never break me, bitch! If you think this is bad wait till you see what I do with you, STUPID FUCKING CUM SWELLING CUNT!” I screamed at the top of my voice.

Everyone broke out in laughter.


That’s when it really started. I could not count how many men were there that day, but I’m told it was well over one thousand.

“You will swallow every last drop of ejaculate from now until the end of your pathetic little life,” Christa grinned.
Then she addressed the men, “Be rough with her, choke her, beat her, drag her, and fuck her until midnight. This skank will not go without at least one dick in each hole at all times, preferably two or three per hole.”

I could not tell how many guys fucked me that day. All I remember seeing after Christa announced how severely I was going to be raped is dicks; nothing but dicks of all possible shapes and sizes. Some were circumcised and some were not. Some were gigantic and some slightly above average; I did notice a real lack of small dicks. One guy grabbed my hair and shoved his dick deep down my throat. Another guy hit me with a bamboo staff on the back of the knees to force me to the ground; somehow I managed to keep the dick in my mouth. I felt a guy position himself under me and roughly force his giant cock deep into my pussy, another put his dick in my ass. They all began thrusting violently with little concern for my comfort. All the while Christa, Rebecca, Chloe, and Jennifer let Evan fuck them any way he wanted. They made sure to stay in my line of sight. I never ceased to be impressed with Evan’s sexual ability; he could maintain an erection for hours. He must have fucked each of them ten times and came in their ass and pussy at least half that many times. I was reminded of the time he fucked me for 24 hours straight; the only reason I didn’t dry up was because he kept lubing my pussy with more of his sperm.

This lasted for hours. Men just fucking me and releasing their ejaculate in me. They didn’t care that they were sticking their dicks in other dudes’ semen. They just kept fucking me and occasionally punching me while they were at it. My nipple clamps and clit clamp were painfully bouncing up and down the whole time. I remember feeling the thick semen around my feet. It was warm, almost like the floors were heated. Gradually the puddle got bigger and bigger, as I got fuller and fuller of semen. I could hardly contain it in my mouth; it would escape out of the sides as the men came in me over and over again. After a while, men who already had their turn with me before were given permission to bukkake me as often as they liked when they built up more fluids. They ejaculated in my hair, on my breasts, on my face, on my back, on my stomach, in my eyes, and anywhere else they could get without interfering with my gang rape. By the time it was done I was covered head to toe, not one inch of my body was dry. I looked like someone had covered me in glaze. I had semen pouring out of every hole, dripping out of my hair, down my cheeks, dripping off my boobs, and my ass and pussy were gaping. Gaping to the point that my husband stuck his dick in both holes and barely touched the sides of either, and I wasn’t even bent over in a position to make them more accessible, I was kneeling and my body was upright. I was ashamed at myself for how much I savored every single thrust and how I cherished the salty taste of cock in my mouth. I cannot count how many times I blasted hot pussy juice in screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm. They happened so frequently I honestly couldn’t tell if they were different orgasms or just one really long one. One after another of my husband’s friends fucked each hole. When one man ejaculated inside me or on me, another man took his place. Sometimes the man waiting got impatient and shoved his dick in my ass, pussy, or mouth at the same time as the man before him. Fuck, sometimes I had three dicks in one hole. The most I had in me at once was nine, three in each hole. I could not believe how much I enjoyed being stretched out, all these men cumming deep in me, in each hole just pumping more and more semen into my ass, vagina, and mouth. While I made an effort to swallow everything shot down my throat, I could feel the sperm dripping out of my ass and pussy, running down my legs, splattering with each thrust. I was in heaven. I cannot tell you how long this portion of my experience lasted. All I know is that by the end of it I was in a very large puddle of semen on the hardwood floor we had finished just a week ago. The puddle was so massive that when I knelt down, both of my legs were completely submerged in jizz. I remember wondering how that was possible; it should have trickled into other parts of the house.

Little did I know at the time, they remodeled my home so that every linoleum and wood floor served as a mini pool if filled with enough liquids. I must have been fucked by at least 2,000 men. I was exhausted but still I craved more. I felt the jizz dripping down my legs practically gushing out of my pussy and ass. I could see the pale moonlight shining through the windows. It was definitely past 10:00 PM, but honestly I had no idea how late it was. Someone grabbed me on the back of the head and whispered in my ear.

“Drink it up, skank. Until you cannot drink anymore, then we will store what your slutty little stomach cannot fit and use it on you later.”

Christa walked over to me, her feet wading through the semen that smelled like a mixture of my ass and pussy. She was holding an empty gallon jug.

“Remember the drinking games we used to play?” I nodded.
“This is going to be like that. We are going to roll three dice, whatever the sum of the dice are is how many jugs you must drink. If you cannot drink that many, the number of gallons you were unable to drink will be counted. That number will be how many inches your pussy and ass will be stretched in radius for the duration of the night while you sleep. If you start a partial gallon but can’t finish, it will count as a whole gallon. And to satisfy the bondage gods, you will have a full gallon of semen poured over your head for each gallon you failed to consume. Stupid skank.”

I couldn’t believe how cold she was, she really held me in contempt. Still to this day I fucking hate her and she abuses me whenever she gets a chance. Rebecca rolled the dice and I heard them splash when they sunk into the lake of semen. Chloe started fishing them out. It took her awhile but she found one.

“Six”, she stated. Great, I thought, now I have to drink at least 8 gallons, no way I can do that; I don’t even know if I can finish one.
“Six,” Chloe found the second one. Fuck, my heart started racing. 12 gallons? Well, I’m not sleeping comfortably tonight, I thought.
“Six,” Chloe found the last die. I had to drink 18 gallons or be stretched to a painful girth the rest of the night.

Christa filled the first gallon jug and then the other girls got to work getting the other 17 gallons ready.

“Open wide,” Chloe said, as she put the opening of the jug to my mouth and tipped it up.

I opened wide, she poured slow enough to give me time to swallow. I could taste both ass and pussy mixed with the semen. Honestly, it was delicious. I remember thinking I should pour this on my cereal and use it instead of milk. In fact, every time a recipe calls for milk, just make it jizz from now on. I swallowed the first gallon rather easily, but I could feel my stomach did not want to take anymore. But the taste was so good I had to try for more. Christa got the second one up to my mouth and I started chugging that one. I got almost all the way through it but then my stomach would not hold anymore; I choked and coughed a bunch up. I had that feeling you get after overeating, I could not move and had to wait to digest before attempting to take another sip. There was a quarter inch left in the second gallon. Christa filled it back up and poured it over my head. One after another I felt the warm ejaculate spread over my head and pour down my face and cover my whole body until all 18 were empty.

“17 inches,” Christa said with a smile.

Buck came and grabbed me by the hair and dragged me outside. He stopped about 30 feet out the front door and let me sit in the dirt, covered in sperm. I could see the stars and the full moon. It was surreal to me. I could feel the cold night breeze gently hitting my skin. The chill gave me goose bumps. It must have been 50 degrees at most. One by one, everyone surrounded me.

Then Rebecca said, “Let’s clean this skank up.”

They started pissing on me. They pissed all over me like the ultimate golden shower, until they had all gone and most of the semen was washed off, aside from some in my hair. Then Buck grabbed my hair again and dragged me to the lone oak tree in our clearing in the forest.

“Welcome to your bed, you stupid cunt,” Buck said to me.

I couldn’t tell in the dark who did what but I felt Buck’s knife scraping along my tits. Every now and then someone would pull on my nipple or clit clamp, causing both pain and pleasure. They shoved two dildos, both 17 inches wide, into me– one in my pussy and the other in my ass. Then they put a rope that was hanging from the tree through a link in the chain between my tits. They put the rope between my legs and tied a knot on the rope holding my elbows together. They tied the knot so that the rope could slide through it. Then they tossed the other end over the branch again. The purpose of all this became apparent really fast. They attached the loose end to a pulley to make it easier to move, and then they pulled it tight to my pelvis. Jennifer made sure my pussy lips went around the rope so it was pressing against my clit ring and split my ass pretty much in half. It was like a two inch thong that also split your pussy. Chloe attached more two pound weights to each of the clamps. The pain brought tears to my eyes. I tried to hide it but Buck noticed and slapped me so hard I swear I felt my brain rattle. Then they lifted me up with it. I felt the rope slide under me as they lifted me higher and higher. I knew I was getting rope burn from this but what could I do? I moaned in pain which got the response of a paintball gun to the right and left tit.

“We’ll wake you for breakfast,” Evan said to me.
“I almost forgot,” I heard the original man who was sitting naked on my couch this morning say, “I need to turn this on.”

The dildos in my ass and vagina started vibrating violently.

“Sleep well, skank.”

Then the lights went off and it was pitch black aside from the stars. I couldn’t even see the tree I was hanging from or how far I was from the ground. The cold air was unforgiving. I could feel the icy wind on every part of my body. I was worried that I would get hypothermia. I tried not to think about it as there wasn’t much I could do. All this with the constant buzz coming from deep inside my ass and pussy. They were making me orgasm which only added to my discomfort since moving meant that I put more pressure on my tits and the rope dug deeper and deeper into my pussy lips and ass crack. Part of my labia was pinched by the rope. I was in constant, excruciating pain. I was getting colder by the minute as the wind kept blowing with more and more intensity, but the pleasure was overwhelming. Eventually I fell asleep.


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