The Besst Day of My Life: Part 2

Ok so I was just left there. I dosed of and woke up at around three in the morning. I ended up getting free from the tape. I went to go get my cloths but I right then remembered that they took them. And by they I mean Katie, Taryn, Rebecca, Laura, an

It's a Dirty Hairpulling Fight

This kind of fighting was new to me. I love to see two gorgeous sexy women going at it in the wildest hairpulling fight with lots of slapping. And I really love it when both girls are evenly matched and one is a blue eyed blonde and the other is a br

Wife Gangbangs at a Swinger's Club

I was out of town on a business trip that was scheduled thru Sat. We wrapped up early on Friday and I decided to catch an early flight home and surprise my wife Barbie. Barbie is 5’4″ and blonde and is in her early 40’s, but looks 10 years youn

girl gets married with a differance

My best friend Mark and his girlfriend tracy got married last week and i was there best man.I have known tracy for years as we went school togeather and have known mark for around six years.A few days before the wedding i had a tex from tracy to come

The Best Day of My Life: Part 1

It was the BEST DAY of my life. I had the best homeroom class ever. My teacher was Ms. Noguira, but her real name was Cara. She had about a double D breast. every guy in my class always druled over her. The only people that didn’t were the girls. The

first time bdsm

i became interested in the alternative lifestyle after visiting many fetish sites..i was very interested in the bdsm scene, and ideas of possible scenarios filled my head..i have lived as a transexual most of my adult life and had declined possibles

The Surprise

The Surprise

My wife Marie and I are very adventurous when it comes to our sexuality and we are not above trying things that most people would likely find disgusting or deviant like. Now I need you to understand a few things before I continue.

Halloween trick and treat

Fifteen months ago Gina treated me to some of the best damned sex I ever had. Unfortunately Gina had a severe attack of morality and no matter how hard I pressed the topic of getting it on one more time, she refused. In fact she went from letting m

Wild Hairpulling Blonde Billy vs. Rowdy Ricky

This kind of fighting was new to me. I always wanted to get into a close body to body dirty fight with lots of humiliation like hairpulling and cockpulling,ass slapping,anything to humiliate and and cause pain to my opponent. But I wasn’t interested

Wife plays again

I woke up at 9:15, I was completely nude, Dave was still sleeping. I was tender and swollen down below. I quietly slid to the edge of the bed and sat up. I saw my clothes on the floor. I became horrified of what I had done. I wanted to get out of thi


I was 20, in the Navy and on leave during Christmas and New Year’s and met a nice girl. She has just turned 18 and was gorgeous. I began traveling on weekends to see her. She lived in the next town, and drive over and see my gi

First Time

So I thought a lot about the incoming first time. It`s a must. I never had sex. But I`ve got some fantasies I can share.
The first time I want to have sex:
Candles needed, lots of candles spread around the room. I would get out of the room any

The day I screwed the technical support

Though life is great, and autumn is at its most beautiful. Some people get grumpy of the rain, while people like me suck in the last rays of sunshine and the sight of golden leaves in the trees. The autumn magic would almost be complete, with life wo

One night with a true freek

It was a warm stormy night. I was staying at a hotel on a business trip. I was in the hotel bar when a beautiful lady came in and sat next to me. Hi my name is Trish the lady said. Hi I am Steve may I buy you a drink? She accepted and we struck up so


I strolled up the driveway following my parents, realizing that the next three hours of my life would be a waste. My baby cousin Rohan was having his first birthday, I wondered what the point was. The kid surely wouldn’t re

Ruth Reyes,and My Secret Wrestling Match

This was it. Rowdy Ricky vs. Blonde Billy. We looked at eachother,staring eachother down as we stood apart and we each had our bottle of baby oil and started to pour it and rub it all over our naked lean slim powerful bodies. Our smooth as silk bod



A few weeks went by as Sim have been on her honeymoon with her husband. She had not thought about me a lot other than a lot of guilty feelings. She got back from her honey moon and it was time to come back to work. She



I am Karmel. This is one of my real story which happened between me & my collogue Simran. We both work as airport fixed base operators.
Look at that tight ass.” I said as a cute girl walked by.
“Karmel you are such a perv

It took 2 years but it happened again with sis

two summers ago, my 19 year old sister and I, age 20 at the time, wound up having sex twice at the country home our family owns. Though it was the best sex probably either of us ever had, we convinced oursleves we were going down a bad path by havin