Sex chat

Hi everyone!

I’m Emilie. I just had to tell you about the chat that i had the other evening.

I went to the computer room at the University with my cousin. She was gonna meet me there after her course. I was sitting there alone and i w

Play with Pendulam

Play with Pendulam

Hi, I am HP (Hole & Pole Lover)aged about 25, having a nice wife to enjoy with. We read & enjoy erotic stories from many sources. Here I want to add my fantasy for wide range of readers and Fantasy lovers:-

She showed

ericas boyfriend

Erica is my best friend in the whole world. We hang out every weekend and chill together in school. When one of us sleeps over the others house, we talk for hours about the most private details in our lives. But recently, she started dating this guy

Brother in law

I spent days getting my battle plan ready. As soon as I heard that Genie was going to be out of town, I started getting prepared.

My first act was to call Genie. Have her give me permission for what I was going to do. Or at least a small part