it was a night at work where I did a karaeoke show. As you know these shows are fun and you can find some nice girl or set of girls to have fun with. It was 1 night at work when my gf decided to show up and hang out and she brought her friend also to


My wrists are restrained high above my head and I shiver as a chill hits my bare skin, but I know that I will soon be very warm. I feel you behind me as you press your body against mine and your clothing brushed my bare skin. You slip a blind fold


Riding the Bus Diver



I have always prided myself on being a very resourceful person, but like most people now days I cannot live without my wheels. So when my car broke down about two weeks ago I was not a hap

Another day at work

Another day a work

Today was like any other day just waking up like the Monday before, getting up getting ready to go to work going to about to take a shower when some one was at my door knocking ” how’s there? I asked” no one answered s


Fantasies of a young man
Part #2
After that night of the pool hall my cousin took her friend home and we went to my house and hang out for a little while. We started to watch a good movie, after a while it start to get cold in my house so we go

1 year anniversary

Niki and Josh had been going out a year now, they loved eachother deeply and loved to play about. The night of their anniversary, Josh had prepared a little surprise for Niki.

It had been a very long day; he had been playing rugby in the rain