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role playing turned into real play

I met her on line one day while just messing around in a game room. We started talking in the room just normal stuff. Found out she was on another chat room like me so I started meeting her there from time to time. It started out with just normal chat about anything. One day I was so horny that I just couldn’t stand it no more. And we was talking I had no idea what she looked like or anything just that I liked to chat with her. I brought up the subject of role playing with her but she was not into it so we keep talking about this and that. I asked her what she had on. she told me she was wearing jeans and tee shirt. I asked her what she looked like she told me she was 5’2 around 110 with long blonde hair. I got hard right away with that. Since I love long hair on women. She also told me she was married. That was ok with me since I am married also. I told her that she was making me so hard. She was like yeah right so I turned on my cam. I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. Pointed the cam to my cock that was hard in my shorts when she accepted the cam invite. She said she couldn’t see anything with the shorts on. I started to pull the shorts off. She quickly said no she didn’t want to see it so I talked her into letting me just put the shirt over it so she could see it. She was ok with that. She watched me jerk off thru the shirt. Later on in our time together she started letting me take it out and show her and jerk off for her. One day she was watching me when she invited me to her cam so I clicked on it oh god she was hot. She just showed me her face while she watched me. As time when on we started messing around on cam together and doing some role playing about each other. Watching each other masturbate she was such a turn on . One day I found out where she lived as I was in that area one day I had my lap top with me sitting out in front of her house talking to her she had no idea that I was out there. Watching her on cam talking dirty to her watching her rubbing that hot little pussy of hers. I made her cum her fingers sticky with her sweet juices. Unknown to her I was right out side wishing I could see in. Still talking to her I walked up to the door knowing her husband was not home and knocked on the door she told me just a second someone was at her door. She opened the door up to see me standing there shocked as I walked in shutting the door behind me she asked me what I was doing there. With out saying a word I took her hand put it on my hard cock as I opened her robe up to see her hot little naked body. Leaning in as I started to suck on her nipple that was so hard. Her 32 b tits with thumb size nipples poking out. My hand went right to her already wet pussy as I walked her from the door to the living room still sucking her tit with her hand on my hard cock she was still trying to ask me what I was doing there. I pushed her to her knees as she took out my hard cock and started sucking it like she had always told me she wanted to do. I pulled her robe off her leaving her totally naked. Felling her hot little mouth on my hard cock as she sucked me hard. I pulled her up and took her to the kitchen table like I told her one time that I would do to her . I sat her on the table and I opened her legs wide leaning in as I started to flick my tongue over her already wet clit. Feeling her hands in my hair as she moaned out oh fuck yes I have always dreamed of you doing this to me. I started to suck on her pussy lips pulling them into my mouth. Pushing her legs apart so I could get into her pussy more with my mouth. Her hands pushing my head into her more. As she hips started to roll on my face. She started moaning and then begging me to fuck her like I told her I would if we was ever together. I keep licking on her pussy tasting her sweet pussy juices. Sucking harder on her pussy lips feeling her hips lift up as I keep sucking her hips moving to my mouth. Hearing her moan out as she cums her sweet juices to my mouth. I leaned up she looked at me as I pointed my hard cock to her pussy lips as I put the head of my cock into me she looked at me. You know I have never been with anyone besides my husband she told me. As I pushed slowly into her wet pussy lips as she arched back letting out a oh god yes that feels so good. I pushed all the way into her pussy as I start to fuck her. Pushing all the way in and out as I worked my cock slowly. Then picking up pace on her pussy. She laid back lifting her hips up as I keep pounding her pussy. Feeling my cock swell up inside her she quickly told me not to cum inside her. As I pulled out knowing I was going to cum quickly by now she quickly leaned up got off the table and started sucking my cock again. Holding her head on my cock as I shot cum down her throat. She swolled me all up. Then sitting down I told her I was in the area and wanted to see if she was for real or not.

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