anne and carrol

Anne and Carrol were waiting in the office, both had there boots and gloves on, dumbo opened the door to walk in, Carrol jumped up and grabbed his ears, what do you think your doing she said and spat in his face 3 times, get out and take your cloths

Resturant Dream

I had this weird crazy sex dream last night. I went to dinner with this gorgeous looking woman. We when to some nice restaurant. She was wearing a beautiful dress that went down to her knees. She had brown eyes and silky brownish blonde hair. I h

Strange Dream Part I

I’m changing the names since I don’t remember them.

“Hey Kevin.” Johnny said. “Hey Johnny. What’s up?” Kevin asked. “Not much, got a date with Hillary tonight.” Kevin answered. “Oh, cool.” Johnny said winking. That night

Welcome to My Lair, Bitch

Brenda always prided herself on being a small town girl. Her family had a three bedroom house in Mississippi that sat on two acres of land. Her brother was two years older than her – her mother 45, her father 53. Brenda was 21, and just transfer

wife takes things too hole new lvl

a few months later….
my wife has a friend come over…
she is very attractive and i met her before… my wife said she is pretty eh but i tryed too lie.. i think it worked…

unfortunately for me it was sunday.. this day all my clothe

new experience for old lovers

Kathy and I are thirty eight and have become more sexually active since our encounter with Tim and Jill. We decided to go out for dinner by ourselves this particular evening. Both Kathy and I work out at the gym three times a week. I would say tha