Dominant Detective

Lord Langford was lazily performing his morning birchin’ Ritual at Langford Castle: Her Ladyship was delicately balanced on the back of a Sofa, her voluminous skirts upraised ‘n bunched up to present Her Ladyship’s extremely fetchin’ derriere & endless legs to her Lord ‘n Master’s gaze ‘n Birch.
His Lordship’s own behind was also being subjected to the attentions of a birch His Lordship was holding in his right upraised hand while his left hand rained strokes down on Her Ladyship’s shapely bottom!
William Langford while at Eton had developed the “English Habit” of fascination for the Rod both as Spanker as well as Spankee! His next door neighbor & titled heiress Miss Antonia Duplessis was not only his childhood sweetheart, confidante ‘n best friend, but also the first Female recipient of his stern ministrations. But while he looooved to birch ‘Tonia’s bouncy buttocks,  the Eton Class Monitor would simultaneously use the other hand to painfully pleasure his own backside!
Antonia, who looked up to her 3-year-older Beau worshipfully with adoring Puppy eyes, found this both fascinating, mysterious & Macho!
[The year is 1912: Motor Car, telephone, radio etc. have just been invented & available to the Upper Crust of which Lord & Lady Langford are of course card-carrying members. Cut to the Present scene in their Bedroom]
Crack! “Aah.”
Like lightning across the sky streaks of Pain and Pleasure shoot across each bottom’n thigh. Warmth brings color to buttocks & the consequent increased blood supply, involuntary muscle clenchin’ excite the Genital region of both His ‘n Her Ladyship!
A soft pre-orgasmic cry escaped Her Ladyship’s ladylike lips. His Lordship’s mighty organ was straining to erect itself beyond the constraints of his trousers’n underwear.
“Squeeze your Yoni ‘Tonia! Breath deeply! Hold your breath!”
His deep baritone voice rang out, giving swift commands to his well trained ‘n obedient Sub. (During his Indian Army stint, Lord William had found a Guru to whom he had submitted & learnt many Esoteric Yogic Sex secrets which of course had been very useful in training his adoring Sub!)
His Phallus, freed of cloth’n restraint, kissed her Vagina lips.

“Chant the Mystic Mantra, ‘Tonia,” was the next command which Her Ladyship dutifully complied with.
Years before Dr. Kegel published his findings in the Western Media this aristocratic couple were practicing his exercises but under an Yogic agenda. Both Lord’n Lady inhaled ‘n held their breath inside iron lungs as per Pranayama & squeezed the base of their Penis & Vagina respectively. Just the Penile Lip kissed/grazed the Labia Lip & stayed there by iron yogic self control & will power & by their respective Mool Bandh or Root Locked Yogic Mudra or Yogic Pose they achieved greater sexual bliss than mindless animalistic thrusting ‘n ejaculation!
Both were silently chantin’ “Jai Sri Lingam!” & “Jai Ma Yoni!” (Translated it means, “Victory Sir Penis” ‘n “Victory Mother Vagina”) under their breath.
Both exhaled … relaxed ….waited … & then repeated the cycle!
This went on for some cycles until their mutual need was fulfilled & the Langford Mighty Phallus had once again relaxed from the Hulk into DR. Bruce Banner.

His Lordship smartly slapped Her Ladyship’s reddened rump, “Get up Darling, I really needed that! Now to investigate the Mystery of the Shepford diamonds. I have received a telegram from the Insurance co. to look into the matter. The Capt. of the ‘Empress of France’ Steamer has radioed that the Shepfords are furious! How diamonds can be stolen from the locked Cabin of First Class Passengers of a reputed Steamship company is a first rate mystery!”
“OOh Sir, we are leaving after breakfast?” straightening up ‘n rubbing her smartin’, shapely booty, eyes shinin’ in anticipation of a First Class Mystery, the girlish beauty gave her Dom a most dazzlin’, winsome smile!
(His adorin’ Sub always called him Sir when they were in Private.)
“Yes, I’ll have James bring out the Rolls & we can drive down to Southampton where the ship docks a lil’ later in the afternoon today.”

Contd. in Ch. 2.

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