Slut School for Girls

Whips crack and chains rattle as the new sluts get processed and introducted to their new life. They arrive early in the morning and are quickly stripped naked. No clothing is to be  worn by sluts. They are checked for disease and recieve a number. They will have to earn their name here. as they […]

Kimberly gets broken in

“Sit down, Kimberly” my boss, Peter, an attorney, ordered. I was in his office, nervous about why he had called me in. Peter represented wealthy criminals. His practice brought in lots of money. He walked up behind me and opened a ledger in front

A Wet Wild Pussy Night

I saw her at the local resale shop. She was magnificent.Blonde hair,green eyes, tits as big as melons, simply divine.I imagined how I could tie her up on my cross in my dungeon. Her arms and legs spread wide in a beautiful, sensual, X. Then, once sh