Donas stood looking over the darkened city. Watching the lights from his penthouse sanctuary. In front of him was a wall of windows with steel blinds. Behind him lay a room done in smooth, cold black marble and red crushed velvet furnishings. Moira h

The Shower and After

My Master was away from town. The apartment was empty, but as I wandered listlessly, I felt his presence all around me. Still, I missed him with my entire being.

As usual, he rang me late that night, and we discussed the events of the day. And

ScumPig ( part 2)

Scumpig ( part 2 )
At some point i actually fell asleep suprisingly even tho it was cold, i was naked and i was lying in a pig stye full of grime and slime.
i remember thinking how lucky i was that the receptionist did not allow me to lie amongst t

Jennifer’s Night Out

Wasteland Studio

With one last tug, I finish tying the knot in the rope which binds your hands behind your back. I then pull the black velvet hood over your head and tighten the drawstring around your neck. As the material is thick, no light comes in, leaving you tot