Jennifer’s Night Out

Mistress FemDom Erotica

With one last tug, I finish tying the knot in the rope which binds your hands behind your back. I then pull the black velvet hood over your head and tighten the drawstring around your neck. As the material is thick, no light comes in, leaving you tot

The Portnoys Have A Visitor

Angus farted. The instant relief that this provided enabled him to focus more clearly on the task at hand. It was a magnificent blast of gas, one that was loud and long. The room was still reverberating from it as the pungent odor filled the space a

A Very Strict English Boyhood


Part one

The village of Felthorpe is today much the same as it was in my youth, over looking the village green stands the Old Bull public house as it has done for a century, where the corrugated iron Baptist chap

Lessons In Obediance

It was 430p on an endless afternoon of customer complaints. I was starting to believe that I would never get to go home to relax. I thought I would scream as the phone started ringing again. ” Hello?” I answered. ” Go rent a room at the Ma

Suzanne, The Model Schoolgirl

Striding towards the school gate, immaculately presented as always. Your hair is beautifully prepared. Your skirt neat, your shirt, brilliant white, spotless and pressed this morning. Suzanne is a model student. She works hard, is blessed with hig

The Gift

Chapter One

The message from you on my answering machine said to meet you at the Four Seasons at 10 p.m. I check my watch as the cab inches through traffic and realize if the driver can’t make the last five blocks in the next two minutes I’m goin

tricia's burn

tricia’s mouth opened, soft and inviting, with full lips made for kissing it seemed. Instantly she tasted the pepper coating the thick slab of leather was thick enough that the soft roof of her mouth also burned. Even her cheeks, whichshe tried to

Highway Incident

I am a 24 years old woman from Pakistan. I was when I was 17 years old I traveled to Karachi from Islamabad to see my newly wed brother and sister-in-law in my school vacations. I enjoyed a lot in Karachi with my brother and his wife Afshan. When the


I was in an apartment building when two BIG BLACK
WOMEN forcefully took me into their apartment. I
am white and became somewhat timid when they both
started verbally abusing me and feeling me up and
down. These women were probably 250 lbs and str

Tricia's Dance

tricia flexed her fingers, and blew a whisp of hair from her forehead. she shifted from foot to foot, rolling her shoulders, trying to work out the kinks in her outstretched arms. The leather bands were wrapped loosely around her wrists, not tight

Training Day III The Final Chapter

Mistress helped Cherie to her feet. Cherie was week and her ankles buckled. She almost couldn’t stand after the hours and hours of beatings and fuckings. She forced herself so as not to shame Madame. She would be a good little girl and make her o

Nine Times Out of Ten

Nine Times out of Ten

tricia lay back on the bed, her Master winding a black leather strip around her ankles, wrapping it around seven times, no more no less. He pulled it taut, the leather biting into her skin; she winced, keeping quiet,


We are total strangers other than a few exchanged emails. You emailed and asked if I can get away for the entire night (24 hours). You tell me to show up at your house wearing a t-shirt and high heels and to bring only my toys and my personal toiletr


The limo eased it’s way through the traffic, keeping its three passengers oblivious to the outside world. Sitting between Steffi and Edward Colter, Dani made whimpering sounds and mumbling pleas not to make her go. A sharp reprimand by Edward only


As the master rode off with his play sack to oversee the vineyards I allowed myself a brief moment to check my list of chores for the day. With a sigh I head up to the master’s chambers to see if those lazy bucks who’s job is the cleaning of the ma

Catalina – chapter one


I was finally on leave and a permanent stationing on earth. I have spend more than a year since the war piecing back together our forces in the Trans-lunar area had been harder than the Archon had told me it was going to be. Let me introd

Cronic masturbator gets caught and punished

Stripped ,Stroked, and Spanked, By Zack Smyth
SYNOPSIS: While I was growing up, I used to haunt the riding stables and ogle girls in their tall boots and firm fitting riding pants as they moved their hips with the motion of their horse, Then I’d

A walk in the park, leather style

A walk in the park, leather style

The night was cool but not cold enough for needing a shirt under my black leather jacket. I was watching the men walking slowly through the wooded sections of the park silently from the shade of one larger grove o

Bad Boys get Spanked and Wanked

Bad Boys Get Spanked and Wanked. by Zack Smyth

I went to a unisex boarding school and although they put salt peter in the milk to reduce out sperm production, it didn’t seem to have much effect on our strong bodies with hormones raging like ne