Getting Hired Back


“I’m sorry Beth” Bill Fraser, the Chairman of the Articling board said quietly, staring at the tall blonde girl in front of him. “but this is the second time you’ve screwed up a major memorandum. I’m gonna



“Kathy’s not at home,” Mr. Kent said quietly, his eyes roving over the slim body of his daughter’s friend. 17 year old Marie had always tempted him sorely, with her long slim legs, short skirts and penchant for wearing t

Naughty Neighbor

I am a lonely hot and horny housewife. I go on the inter net and fantise about spankings. While I am doing this, I will walk around my house and rub my tits and wet pussy with my blinds up. I guess I do this for my one neighbor, hoping he will see

The Date

My name is Sarah and I am 24 years old. I have auburn hair that is long,
down my back and wavy…I generally wear it loose and flowing….my skin is
that of a redheads….apricot in colour with only a few freckles across my
I stand


As the scene begins, you are knocking on the door of Mr. Charles Pennworth, a partner of your father’s firm. You and he have never really hit it off, as Mr. Pennworth has seen qualities of yours that are less than desirable for someone in power ove

Bawdy Boarding House

I live in, and run, a boarding house in London. Queen Victoria is still on the throne of England. I am the sole proprietor, having never wanted to take a wife and settle down to family life. There are only five rooms in the small boarding house, but