11 weeks apart

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I’ve been on this plane for 6 hours now, and I’m counting the minutes until I get off. I’ve been gone 11 weeks. 76 days without you. 1,824 hours since you fucked me last. Jesus Christ, I’m getting wet on the plane just thinking about what I’m going to do to you, and what I’m praying you’ll do to me.

I’ll step off the plane, grab my bag, and find you waiting for me. As you kiss me hello, I’ll slide my tongue in your mouth, and bite your lip, as I overtly rub my hand up and down your left thigh. I’ll feel you spring to life and give me a pained expression, hating that I’m making you hard. Wishing you could throw me over a chair in the waiting area, pull my skirt up over my ass and fuck me in front of the entire bagage claim. God I wish you would. My panties are soaked just thinking about you bending me over and sliding your beautiful cock inside me.

You’ll grab me by one hand, my suitcase with the other, and drag us both to the car, whispering that I have no idea what I’m in for. But I know. I know every dirty thought in your head, but I give you those big innocent eyes, and I can see you growing harder in the parking lot. I can’t take it. I need to kiss that beautiful dick of yours.

I play nice, but only for a moment, as you start the car and pull out of the lot. Then I slip my hand to your thing again, and rub a bit to make sure you still want me. I can feel that you do. Your cock is straining against your jeans, and I slide your zipper down. “It must hurt to have that huge cock trapped in those jeans… I’ll just have to let it out, as an act of mercy…”

Before you can think my head is in your lap, my lips are on your waiting cock. “Why can’t YOU wait the 10 minutes until we get home?” you ask, and I giggle, and slide you all the way down into my throat, tightening my lips around the base of your shaft. You know as well as I do that waiting is impossible. You may have jacked off while I was gone, but masturbation was no comfort to me all the sweltering hot desert summer. Sure, I tried touching myself a few times, like that time you got dirty on the phone, but it just wasn’t good enough. It just left me hornier, wanting your sweet cock all the more.

I continue to suck your cock during the short drive, enough to get you moaning, but not enough to make you cum yet. If I’ve had to wait 11 weeks, you’re going to wait until I get what I’m after, that cock inside my dripping wet pussy. I soaked through my panties on the plane, and slid them off, tossing them in my purse. I love feeling the soft silk of my skirt against my bare bottom, adn I begin thinking about the other things that feel nice against my bottom.

You drag my into the appartment you’ve just moved us into, barely stuffing your dick back in your pants. The place is a mess, but it’s ours, and I’m going to fuck you over every square inch of it. There are boxes stacked everywhere, our kitchen table, and one of our matresses on the floor. I drop to my knees just inside the door, and am pulling your throbbing cock back into my mouth, running my tongue up and down, probing the edge of the crown, my fingers massaging your balls. You untie the back of my halter top, dropping the straps to reveal my DD tits, nipples already hard and deep pink, like pencil erasers. You groan as I pinch one and suck just a bit harder. You know if I keep going, you’ll cum, and we’re not ready for this to be over so soon.

You pull me up, only to bend me back over the table, pulling my skirt up to reveal my lucious ass, which you can’t help but smack before caressing it. Before tonight is through, I think I’m going to be begging you to fuck me there, but I dont’ tell you that yet. First I want to feel you inside my waiting pussy.

You lean over me, right hand on my boob, pinching that nipple harder, flicking it gently, massaging my tit. Your left is sliding down my back, over my ass, down lower still, till I nearly scream as your finger tips brush across the outside of my pussy. You lean closer to me, breathing in my ear as you slide a single finger up into my dripping pussy. “Please, please let me have you.” I didn’t mean to, but I’m already begging for your. I just can’t hold out with you. The second I see you nake, I need your cock, and this time I have had it in two and a half months.

Now it’s your turn to tease. You slide a second finger up. “What is it you want, Jennie?”

“You! I want you! Please, I want you inside me so bad!” I can feel your cock pressing up against my ass, and I nearly cum just at the thought of what pleasures I know you’ll bring me to.

“Hmm… I think you should cum once first, so that you can be patient while I fuck you nice and slow…” And your fingers are there again, searching, probing, flicking across my clit, holding me down on the table, spread open for you like a present. I try to hold off, but you’re moaning softly in my ear, and your finger tips are on my clit and I’m cumming hard. I feel the wracking orgasm 4 or 5 times before I loose count, and then suddenly, I feel you ram that gorgeous cock up inside me. No teasing with just the head, no, it’s all up there now, and god I feel full. It’s been so long I’m as tight now as I was the first time you fucked me. Even you pause to enjoy the tightness of my cunt squeezing your rock hard cock. But only for a moment.

The next thing I know, you’re fucking me hard and fast, one hand squeezing my tits, the other holding fast to my curvy hips, the better to thrust into me. You whisper that you’ve missed me, you’ve missed fucking me, you’ve missed my dirty mind, and my wet wet pussy all summer. “Do you still love me?” I manage to get out, a word between each raging thrust. You breathe in my ear, moaning in satisfaction at being inside me, and whisper, “I love you Jennie,” and I come again knowing you mean it.

“Then come inside me. Fill me up.” My voice waivers, fearing you might deny me the joy of your orgasm, might not shot all that warm cum way up inside me. “Pleeeeeease!” I scream while cuming again under your expert fingers. You’re moaning louder than I’ve ever heard you before, and I know you’re close. I can’t believe you haven’t finished already, but then again you have more stamina and self control than any other man I know. Both hands grasp my hips and you give two last raging thrusts before giving me what I needed. I’m so happy, I’m cumming again, my pussy milking every last drop out of you.

You fall sweating to the floor, and pull me gently to you. You lay my head on your shoulder, and even though you’re hot, pull me close, not wanting to let go of me now that I’ve come home. For now I’m sated, and I curl up on your arm, watching you fall into a shallow sleep. Your hark hair curling around your damp forehead. I am content enough to sleep myself…

***So, I’m a first time poster, but an avid reader. If any of you liked this and want me to write some more, email me to let me know. ladyofshalott7@hotmail.com. I’d really like some responses.***

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