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Sandy’s smother fights from Africa part two.

Sandy and Debbie had just witnessed the endings of two erotic smother fights. Even though the two black women had struggled furiously to escape they couldn’t avoid being suffocated unconscious. A leather bag pulled over their heads ended their struggles within four minutes. A butterfly vibrator secured tightly in place completed their total humiliation.

Sissy, a tall village elder, had been watching Debbie and Sandy at the fights. Sandy was here to fight but she knew her mom Debbie wasn’t. Sissy had noticed Debbie staring wide eyed as the losing women fought wildly against the suffocating leather hood and loud buzzing butterfly vibrator. Debbie’s heavy breathing and her slightly trembling body was a clear give away. Sissy knew that Debbie had been turned on and had been thinking all day of a way to get Debbie into a fight. Now she had a plan, she would trick her into a fight and also make sure Debbie would lose.

That evening Sandy and Debbie heard a knock at the door. It was Sissy. They let her in.

‘Hi Sissy’

‘Hi Debbie, Hi Sandy’

Sandy and Sissy sat down on the sofa, Debbie was in her bikini standing a few feet away. Sissy looked at Debbie, even though she knew Debbie was forty she was still amazed at how good she looked. Debbie stood there, hands on hips, her feet fairly wide apart. Sissy was impressed, Debbie had long blond hair and was slim and muscular, her stomach was all abs and her arm and leg muscles were very well defined. Sissy looked at Debbie’s bikini and noticed it was pulling in deep between her bulging lips clearly outlining a large lump where her clit was. She also noticed Debbie’s hard muscular ass cheeks spreading slightly apart as she walked around the room.


Sissy spoke first.

‘I have a proposal. The village women want to see Debbie fight’.

Sandy answered. ‘But my mom doesn’t fight’.

Sissy went on. ‘No no, she will arm wrestle three times with her opponent. If her opponent loses she will have her hands tied and the leather hood put in place and the vibrator secured. She will be smothered out just as usual. We know that Debbie doesn’t fight, so, if she loses, her hands will be tied very loosely, the leather hood will be very loose, she will be able to push her self backwards so her hands can pull off the leather hood. Then it will be easy for her to untie her hands and pull the vibrator off.

Debbie said. ‘I don’t know, when would this happen’?

Sissy answered. ‘While Sandy is getting ready for her fight’.

Debbie looked at Sissy. ‘What about the vibrator’?

Sissy replied. ‘You are very strong, it will be easy to resist the vibrator for a little while, plus it will give the women something to watch while Sandy gets ready for her fight’.

Sandy and Debbie looked at each other. Sandy shrugged her shoulders.

Debbie said. ‘OK. I will do it’.

Sissy left the room, pleased with her plan, Debbie would definitely lose the arm wrestling match. Debbie would suffer the same fate as the other fighters and Sandy would be away in the changing hut getting ready for her fight. It would be easy to carry Debbie to her hotel room to recover. Sissy really wanted to see Debbie fighting against the vibrator as the leather hood smothered her unconscious.

The next morning Sandy and Debbie walked into the fighting hut. There were about twenty women there to watch. A table and two chairs were in the center and Debbie’s opponent was already sitting there. Debbie sat down and as the arm wrestling began Sandy left for the changing hut. Sissy stood back smiling, Debbie was on her own and trapped.

The arm wrestling match only lasted a few minutes and Debbie had lost. Debbie stood up as six women approached her, they were all smiling. Debbie was wearing a tiny white bikini, Sissy looked at her saying ‘yes yes I like that bikini’.


The table and two chairs were quickly taken away. Debbie looked down at the floor and noticed two stakes in the ground, they were about three feet apart. The six women pulled her to the ground and tied her hands wide apart to the two stakes, the butterfly vibrator was also secured in place. Debbie suddenly became very worried, she felt the vibrator suddenly burst into life, it was powerful, she groaned and shuddered, she didn’t expect that. Debbie felt her hands being tied to the two stakes, she looked back at both hands. They were tied tight. Debbie suddenly realized that she was trapped and cried out in protest. It was to late. Sissy watched Debbie kicking her legs wildly, arching high of the ground as the leather bag was pulled over her head and tied tight.

Debbie struggled wildly, her hands twisting and pulling in their ties, her head thrashing from side to side. Her struggling got wilder, twisting and turning furiously from side to side. Debbie arched upwards, she fell back to the ground her legs wide apart kicking alternately back and forth. Sissy saw a dark wet patch coming from Debbie’s pussy, she saw Debbie’s toes curling and stretching. Sissy knew the signs. The vibrator was relentless. Suddenly, Debbie’s body turned halfway to the side, her back in a perfect bow, she pushed her head right back. In one quick move Debbie pulled one of her legs halfway back, knees wide apart and began bucking her hips furiously into the air. Sissy and the other women cheered loudly, they knew Debbie was caught in a powerful raging orgasm. Sissy looked at the leather hood and saw it pull tight against Debbie’s face.

Sissy knew the end was close. Debbie rolled onto her back, she pulled her legs halfway back, knees and ankles wide apart. Her hips still bucking furiously up off the floor. Debbie’s head was pushed right back thrashing from side to side, her hands pulling wildly in their ties. Her wide open mouth outlined under the leather hood, she was now held in the deadly grip of the suffocating hood and completely at the mercy of the vibrator. Debbie’s sweating body glistened in the light as she struggled but there was no escape for Debbie. Sissy called out ‘ it is over for you Debbie, we have tricked you ‘. After about ten more wild seconds Debbie suddenly arched upwards even higher, shuddered hard and fell back to the floor completely still. Debbie had been smothered out unconscious just as Sissy had wanted.

The women quickly removed the leather hood. Debbie groaned loudly, her chest lifting off the ground as she breathed hard inwards. They untied the vibrator. Sissy saw the white bikini had pulled right up into Debbie’s ass and pussy, her thick lips spread wide and bulging. Sissy also saw the large lump where her clit was and pulled the bikini to the side. Her clit was fully exposed, standing out almost half an inch. Sissy put the bikini back against her clit. The large lump still clearly defined.

Sissy called for the make shift stretcher. Debbie was still unconscious, they lay Debbie on her back, Sissy let one of Debbie’s legs hang over the side, she pulled Debbie’s other leg right back letting her heel rest on the stretcher. The bikini was still pulled in deep between Debbie’s pussy lips and ass. Sissy then pulled Debbie’s bikini top off, her nipples were so long, then she let Debbie’s arms hang over the side. Sandy would see her mom this way and know she had been tricked and lost her fight in this classic way. From the time Debbie had sat at the table to arm wrestle to her laying on the stretcher had only been five minutes.

The women carrying the stretcher passed the changing hut just as Sandy was coming out. Sandy looked down at her mom, she knew in an instant what had happened. There was no mistaking the soaking wet bikini pulled in so deep between her thick bulging pussy lips, the long hard nipples. Sissy said,

‘Your mom is so strong and such a fighter, don’t worry we will take care of her’.

Sandy heard her mom groan loudly as she saw Sissy squeeze and rub her moms large clit. Sissy held up a leather hood and began flicking her tongue super fast. Sissy said

‘she will sleep well tonight, I will be back to see your fight’.

Sandy walked to the fight hut knowing her mom had been tricked. She had seen huge powerful orgasms in these erotic smother fights and knew her mom must have had one. It was obvious her mom had been suffocated unconscious with the leather hood and she knew Sissy was going to use it on her mom again. She wondered how long her mom had been able to hold on for. Sandy knew her mom was very strong and must have put up a huge fight. Three minutes maybe four.


Sandy walked into the fight hut and was immediately set on by the group of women, she tried to pull away but was pulled to the ground. After ten minutes Sissy arrived. Sandy felt her arms pulled wide apart and tied to the stakes in the ground, the butterfly vibrator was secured and turned on. Sandy kicked and struggled furiously as the vibrator burst into life. Sissy heard Sandy’s muffled cries as the leather hood was pulled down over her head and tied at the bottom. It happened so fast and Sandy realized she was trapped with no escape.

Sandy struggled furiously, her legs kicking out in all directions. Sissy watched Sandy’s wild struggles, her body twisting and turning, arching up and down. Sandy’s head was pushed right back jerking from side to side. Sissy smiled when she saw the wetness spreading between Sandy’s legs, the vibrator was relentless, never tiring. These bitches always succumbed to the vibrator even as they were being suffocated under the leather hood. Sandy’s toes began curling and stretching, her hips making small jerking movements. Sissy pulled Sandy’s bikini top upwards and saw how long and hard her nipples were. Sissy knew Sandy was to far gone to escape from the raging orgasm and would also be suffocated unconscious, there was no escape.


Sissy wanted to play a last cruel trick on Sandy. Knowing the leather hood was secured so tight it would be impossible to pull it off, she untied Sandy’s hands. Sandy’s hands grabbed the leather hood, she pulled at it, straining, trying to get it off. Her body twisting and turning from side to side, her hips began to buck wildly. Sissy watched Sandy reach down with one hand to the vibrator, she pulled and pushed hard on it as if trying to pull it loose. Then she reached back to the leather hood, pulling violently at it before reaching back down to the vibrator and holding it tight. Sandy twisted and turned, writhing, as she grabbed between the vibrator and leather hood. Sissy knew Sandy couldn’t breath when she saw the leather hood clamp tight over her wide open mouth.

Sandy rolled over onto her stomach, legs wide apart, she pulled one leg half way up towards her tits. Sissy knew the end was close.

One hand pushed hard downwards holding onto the vibrator pulling it in tighter, her rock hard ass lifting upwards as she bucked her hips hard into her hand. Sandy pulled furiously at the leather hood with her other hand, her mind was in turmoil, she knew there was no escape. She had done everything to escape from the suffocating leather hood and vibrator. Now she knew she would give in to the ultimate humiliating moment. Everyone would see her, everyone would see her last shameful act as she fell unconscious.

Sandy’s legs pushed even wider apart. Her other hand pulled downwards, now both her hands were grasping the vibrator. Sandy began thrusting her hips harder, holding the vibrator with her two hands. Each time her ass lifting higher into the air. Sissy and the watching women cheered loudly again. They watched in awe as Sandy reached behind her with one hand. Her fingers began clawing up and down between her inner thighs and wide spread ass cheeks. Her ass lifting higher and higher. Sandy couldn’t stop herself. Her surrender was now total. Sissy called out to the women ‘ see, I told you there was something about these two American women, see ‘. Sandy’s hips thrust powerfully up and down for a few more seconds before slumping to the floor completely still. Her legs wide apart one hand still holding the vibrator, the other hand deep between her ass cheeks. She had lasted four minutes.

Sissy was pleased with her work. She had forced Sandy into total surrender just as she had done to Debbie in the hotel room.

Back at the hotel room she had secured the leather hood over Debbie’s head going straight down on her taking her long clit in her mouth and sucking and flicking it fast with her tongue. She had let Debbie’s hands go free. Of course her hands went straight to the suffocating leather hood trying to pull it free. Sissy would glance upwards watching Debbie’s hands working feverishly trying to get the knots on the leather hood untied. Then her hips started bucking. Slowly at first but getting faster and faster. Debbie suddenly arched upwards high into the air and fell back to the bed. Sissy felt Debbie’s hands grabbing the back of her head pulling it tightly into her.

Sissy was an expert with her tongue and knew that Debbie had surrendered. Debbie’s legs were slightly bent with her knees wide apart, she began bucking hard and fast. Sissy was thrashing Debbie’s clit with her tongue. She glanced upwards and saw Debbie’s head pushed right back jerking hard from side to side. Debbie bucked even harder lifting her hard ass off the bed and at the same time threw her arms out wide to the sides in total surrender. After five seconds or so she was unconscious. Still in a raging orgasm.

Back in the fight hut Sissy rolled the unconscious Sandy onto her back. She took the leather hood and vibrator off. Sissy pulled Sandy’s bikini to the side and saw her clit was also long and exposed, she decided to take no chances with Sandy, after all she was a fighter. Sissy tied Sandy’s hands behind her back and had her carried to the hotel room. Debbie was sitting on the sofa, still weak from her ordeal she would see everything.


Sissy put the still unconscious Sandy on the bed. Then she went down on her, sucking and flicking her clit the same way she did with Debbie. Sandy began moaning, Sissy looked upwards and saw Sandy’s eyes slowly open. Sissy’s assistant knew what to do. She pulled the leather hood tightly over Sandy’s head tying the knots tight. Then she untied Sandy’s hands. Sandy grabbed at the hood, trying to pull it off. Sissy wrapped her arms tightly around the top of Sandy’s thighs and began sucking her clit and thrashing it wildly with her tongue. Debbie watched her daughter frantically trying to get the leather hood off. Even as her daughter tried to escape, Debbie also noticed her daughters toes begin to curl and stretch, her legs pushing further apart. Debbie had always wanted to see her daughter smothered out, and now she had the chance.

Debbie walked behind the bed. She said

‘Sandy honey you cant escape. Shes got you the same way she got me’.

Debbie watched her daughters head jerking from side to side as she pulled wildly at the leather hood.

‘Its no use honey shes going to suffocate you and get you with her tongue’.

Debbie reached down and pulled her daughters bikini top upwards and took both of her nipples between her fingers and thumb. She squeezed them hard. They instantly grew much longer. Sandy’s hips began to buck faster even as she pulled harder at the leather hood. Debbie watched her daughters hips bucking harder, her legs writhing. Debbie talked again,

‘ there is no escape honey, shes got you, I want to see you surrender honey, give in completely’

Sandy suddenly reached down and grabbed Sissy’s head pulling it inwards, her hips thrusting in long hard powerful strokes. Debbie called out,

‘yes, that’s it, surrender,

Debbie squeezed her daughters nipples harder, forcing them to grow even longer. Her hips began bucking high off the bed. Debbie called out,

‘that’s it honey, its almost over’

Debbie squeezed and pulled Sandy’s nipples really hard, Sandy arched high into the air and let a long stream of her love juice out as she squirted. Then she fell back to the bed unconscious. Sissy got up and took the leather hood off Sandy’s head. Sandy groaned loudly. Sissy told Debbie she would be back later to check on them.

I smother fight other fit female athletes and models from other countries. We use g-spot vibrators, butterfly vibes, smother pads or pillows and ties or handcuffs. The loser is usually smothered unconscious while a g-spot or butterfly vibrator is attached. The loser is usually in a raging orgasm for about 30 seconds before falling unconscious. It seems bagging has become a hit now, due to new friends and casual encounters.

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