4th Date Play

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This was going to be my fourth date out with Jared. This man was so amazing and polite. But enough was enough; I didn’t know how much more I could take from him. He was so sexy, his big blue eyes and that smile that made my heart skip a beat every time he used it on me. I knew that he had a wild side to him and I was going to bring it out tonight. So I decided I was going to wear something very sexy tonight. I stood looking at myself in my full length mirror. I was wearing my short jean skirt, a very flirty black lace shirt and my favorite pair of black high heal boots. Oh yeah I have this one in the bag. That man wasn’t going to turn me down tonight I was going to make sure our first time together was one to remember.
We started the night out at an expensive restaurant.
“You look so sexy tonight!” Jared said to me as they sat us at a table meant for four, but we choose to sit next to each other.
I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’m not wearing any panties.” He started grinning from ear to ear and about fell out of his chair from the shock of what I just said.
We both ordered a drink to loosen us up for the pleasure that awaited us tonight. I placed my hand on his leg and began to caress it. We were both extremely horny by this point, feeling and rubbing each other up. I leaned over and kissed his neck.
“Um aren’t we a naughty girl tonight?” He said as he placed his hand between my legs. I felt his finger slide into my freshly shaved pussy. And he began to finger fuck me. Just as we were both getting into it the waitress arrived with our food. He pulled his finger out of me and took them straight to his mouth to taste my pussy juices. We stopped our play, ate our meal and made small talk. But all I could think about was his naked body pressed against mine, with his hard shaft inside me thrusting.
As we got up to leave I noticed a couple of guys across the way checking us out and enjoying our show. So I spread my legs open to give them a clear shot of my pussy. They both smiled.
Once inside the car we began to make out heavily. He started rubbing my tits and pussy as I massaged his cock. My pussy was so drenched and continued to get wetter as he continued his play. I moaned as he moved his finger in and out, slowly, very slowly. He was waiting for me to beg, I could tell by the smirk on his face.
“Faster, please, I want more!” I pleaded. He continued his steady pace, sliding another finger in my soaked vagina. He began massaging my clit with his thumb. My moans grew louder and more frequent as he dipped his fingers in faster and deeper. I felt my pussy tighten around his fingers as I gave into the pleasure he was giving me and I let my juices flow. Once again he pulled his fingers from me and licked my juices from them.
“God, you taste so good. Now what should we do?” he asked.
“Your place sounds good, because I am so not finished with you yet.” I answered.
He started up the car and we pulled out of the parking lot. I leaned over and kissed his neck, making my way up to his ear with my tongue. I traced the outline of his ear, and then started to suck on his ear lobe. All the while I continued to massage his cock. Before I knew it the car was at a stop and he was shutting it off. I leaned into him and parted his lips with my tongue, then gently bit his lower lip. He grabbed the back of my head with his hand and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. I pulled away from him and made my way out of the car, and he did the same. Standing by the side of the car I made a come hither motion with my slim finger. He wasted no time in coming to me. Before I knew it he had me wrapped up in his arms and was carrying me inside his apartment. Once inside he placed me in a chair, and used his hands to spread my legs wide open.
“Now to really taste those sweet juices of yours.” he said as he lowered his head. I cried in relax as I felt Jared’s wet tongue slip slowly up my pussy lips. He continued lapping my lips in upward and downward strokes. He knew how to eat a girl’s snatch. He opened his mouth and pressed it on my slit in an attempt to suck in my clit. He licked my sensitive cunt, pressing his sucking mouth into it, harder than before. I moaned louder, grabbing the arm of the chair; my body twisting in waves of pleasure. He licked my slit in an upward stroke again, located my engorging clit, and began to suck it in again. He was eating my pussy like a pro. I bit my lip and cried out in pleasure as my orgasm rippled through my vagina and into Jared’s mouth.
He pulled me up, kissing me, and stripping me of my clothing, and then his own landed in a pile next to mine. I looked at him with a questionable smirk of the brow, and turned so my back was facing him. I bent down in a sluttish way, pulling my butt cheeks to reveal my tight asshole and very soaked pussy. I looked back at him as he pressed his penis between my pussy lips. I pushed back against him, moaning need fully. He gripped my shoulders and without warning, pushed his cock fully inside my eager pussy, and fucking me like mad. His dick was sliding in and out, deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster, and his balls were slapping my tight ass. He started to moan with pleasure and sped up the thrusts. I knew he had to be close so I pulled away from him. Pushing his back to the wall. I kneeled before him, gripping his shaft, pressing my lips against the head, and then opened my mouth slightly. Flashing my tongue out, swirling it around his shaft, I opened my mouth wider and took his cock all the way into my mouth. Feeling it hit the back of my throat. I continued moving his manhood in and out of my mouth. Jared began moving his hips forward, driving his shaft into my mouth more. I could hear his rapid deep breathing as he started throbbing inside my warm, wet mouth. I swallowed every last drop of his sweet cum.
“That was some date, can’t wait to see what you have in store for our next one. If there is a next one?” he said.
“Oh, there will be a next one!” I said as I winked at him.

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