A Husband’s Revenge

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The following is a true story…only the names have been changed.

Carrie and I had been friends since college. She was a cute brunette with very large breasts. We were always just friends though. We managed to keep in touch after college and as time went on. She got married to a man named Tom and I got married to a beautiful woman name Lisa. Carrie and Tom had a son and a daughter and myself and Lisa had 3 daughters. Life was good for both our families.
Our families lived across the country from eachother. Carrie lived in Oregon with her family, while Lisa and I lived in Kentucky with our daughters. About every other year, we would get together and just Carrie, Lisa, Tom and myself would could out on the town and have a good time.
About a year ago, I was out of the state on business, and I was talking to Carrrie over yahoo messenger. She had always been a flirt and we had a somewhat provocative chat. I don’t exactly remember everything that was said, but one of the things I do remember is that we had “jokingly” talked about meeting up at a hotel and getting it on. I thought it was in jest. Apparantly it wasn’t though. Like an idiot, Carrie didn’t delete her history of the chat and Tom saw it about a week later and confronted her on it. And once again, like an idiot she actually cofessed that she had feelings for me. The entire thing blindsided me. In addition, during our chat, we had talked about how in college, my roommate, David, had given me oral sex when we were both in a drunken stooper. Something that Lisa, my church going wife, was not aware of.
Carrie called me and told me she was no longer aloud to talk to me and that Tom had totally freaked out. I wasn’t sure what to think about it. About a week after that, Tom sent me a nice email with an attached transript of our yahoo conversation. He said that if I ever talked to Carrie again, he would tell my wife about the conversation and in addition, he wanted to show Carrie what kind of man I really was.
His plan for this was nothing short of shocking to me. He knew I was coming to Oregon in two weeks and he said that if I didn’t come visit them at that time, and let him humiliate me, he would tell Lisa that Carrie and I were in the midst of having an affair and that I had a hidden craving for men. Both of which were totally untrue.
So naturally I stopped by their house when I was in Oregon in order to straighten things out. I told Tom that I was sorry and that it was a misunderstaning. Unfortunately for me, Carrie had gone into “self-preservation mode” and she was not going along with the “misunderstanding” story at all. She just sat there silent like a beaten dog. So Tom popped his great revenge plan on me.
He tells me that he had been humiliated by the whole ordeal and that he would spare Lisa from the same humiliation under two conditions. The first was that Carrie and I cut off all contact. That was something that I was all about at the time. The second condition was that he wanted to fuck me in the ass in front of Carrie in order to show her that I was just a “weak little faggot.”
I was in shock. I actually couldnt believe that Tom would even consider fucking another dude in the ass. He was a manly man so to speak. Heavy set with a beer gut. A football watching kind of guy. Apparantly he was more upset than I had imagined.
During this conversation, Carrie just sat on the couch, completely silent. I’m sure at one point in my life I found her to be quite attractive, but at that moment, she was absolutely hideous. Definately not worth losing my wife and kids over. I was actually pissed at her for puting me in this position. She was the one that started the online conversation. She should have been the one to tell Tom that it was only her that was the one planning on cheating. And now I had to deal with either getting fucked in the ass or having my wife find out that I wanna “fuck” Carrie and that I’m a closet fag. Some great choices there for sure.
I was left with no good choice. I just asked Tom where he wanted to do it. Since the kids were “conveniently” staying with their grandparents that weekend, he told me to take my clothes off and bend over the arm of the couch that Carrie was sitting on.
I had never felt so vulnerable in my life. I kicked my shoes off and pulled my pants and boxers off and walked to the side of the couch. My shirt was long and was covering the majority of my cock. That wasn’t what Tom wanted to see. He told to take my shirt and socks off as well. So I did, and I stood there completely naked in front of both of them. I was so nervous and nowhere near aroused. Carrie had obviously never seen me naked before and I know Tom knew that. “Why would you want a man with such a small cock baby,” he asked Carrie. She actually let it out laugh and rolled her eyes. I didn’t think she wanted to watch this unfold but she was still just sitting there like an obedient little servant. It was hard for me to remember that for the past 10 years we had been such good friends. “Betrayed,” was the only word I could think of.
Tom told me to bend over the arm of the couch so I did. I just wanted to get this nightmare over with. I remained in that position, looking at Carrie. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me though. I was definately not getting out of this one. I could feel Tom pushing up against me. Naturally, his plan wasn’t working out like he had planned. He couldnt get it up and he wasn’t smart enough to think about taking Viagra before I showed up.
So he told Carrie to get off the couch and come over to him. I didn’t even turn my head. I was just glad to finally see that bitch move out of my sight. I could hear her behind me sucking her husband and getting him hard. Finally he went to insert his dick in my ass. I could feel it start to penetrate and then it went soft. I was so frustrated. The prolonging of my punishment was almost too much. “I’m so sorry about this Tom,” I said. “Please let me just leave and I’ll never talk to your wife again.”
“There’s no way you’re getting off that easy,” was his replay. I could hear Carrie sucking on him while my unsuccessful plea went on. This time she helped insert his dick in my ass and somehow it stayed hard. I couldnt breath at all. I actually had to remind myself to breath. I can’t even describe what it felt like having his cock penetrate my virgin ass.
Then I started breathing heaving and letting out grunts of pain and discomfort. When Tom would thrust inward, I felt as if I was being impaled. And went he went out, I felt as if I was about to shit myself. “Listen to him whine,” Tom said to Carrie. “This is the man you wanted” “What do you think of him now baby?”
“He’s such a little bitch,” she responded. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. And then she actually started to sound like she was enjoying what she was seeing. At first I thought it was all scripted from her. Like maybe she just wanted to be done with it like I wanted. Tom must have done something I couldnt even imagine to her. We had been best friends for 1/3 of our lives.
“Fuck him harder baby.” “Make him beg for it to stop.” I was in such intense pain. I just wanted it to stop. I heard Tom ask me if I was his bitch and in a weak response and in between labored breaths I said “yes.”
I actually started crying. “Please stop Tom, please stop. I’m so sorry I flirted with your wife. Please just let me leave.”
I think Carrie actually did fell sorry for me. In restrospect I think she knew what had to happen and then once she felt it had gone on long enough, she stepped in. “You make me so hot baby. Stop fucking this loser’s ass and take that energy out on your wife. I want you so bad right now.”
Almost instantly Tom stopped. He pulled out of me and i just layed there bent over the arm of the couch, tears rolling off my face and trying to catch my breath. I wanted to tell Carrie thanks, but I knew that wouldnt help things and I still felt that she was responsible for this. She was like a politician playing whatever side benefited her the most.
“Just get the fuck out of our house and never come back you faggety assed bitch.” Carrie said. I was expecting that comment from Tom. Whatever tiny bit of friendship I still had left for Carrie had just vanished. I put my clothes back on and walked out the door to my car.
It’s been over a year and Tom has held up his end of the bargain. Lisa doesn’t know a thing. She still talks to Carrie and Tom, and it’s as if nothing ever happened. I come up with reasons to not visit them with my wife though. I could never look at Tom or Carrie in the eyes again.

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