A photography Leason To Remember

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My ex of a few years and I just a falling out, and were now separated. Since I used to attend a rather small school everyone in our Photo-class was filled with goodbyes and sweet kisses farewells.

Since my ex ‘N’ was the increadably jealous type, who would never let any guy touch me at all and if they did he would give them the silent or threatening treatment.
When Todd hugged me I felt his strong arms embrace me. Todd jogged with me every Sunday morning and we were always very close. But we always kept a safe distance since Todd was ‘N’s best friend and all.

Todd pressed himself up against me slightly, his sent filled my nostrils & the feel of his throbbing hard member against me caused me to let a small gasp pass my damp lips, he heard and when we pulled apart he smiled at me. I had never seen another man look at me like that.

-the bell rang for the end of our last lesson -

I flicked off the white light and bent over to move the photographs into a rather large pile. I moved my hand down to the back of my skirt and pulled it down nervously, ‘N’ had baned me from wearing skirts since we started dating two years earlier. To my surprise the skirt had risen to just above my round ass, revealing my black lace panties. I pulled it down, to my surprise I was wet, extremely wet.

I looked around nervously, no one in sight, everyone had left the school even the teacher told me to lock up when I was done and wished me well at UNI. I had never done anything like it before in my entire life, but I found I just couldn’t stop. I had this sudden rush of honryness pulls through my vains. I bent over further and pulled my skirt up a tad, moving my damp panties to the side and moves one figure slowly between the shaved lips of my bare pussy, I couldn’t help but gasp at the feel of my own figure against my dampness. I pushed another figure inside the lips of my pussy and brassed myself against the bench by grasping onto the side with my free hand. I circled my figure around my wet clit and pushed one figure inside.

I couldn’t help but let out an surprisingly large moan. Suddenly a strong hand pushed down against my waist and moved his hand on my ass. I spun around so fast, pulling out the one figure that I could fit, that I nearly had whiplash.

It was Todd, his breath was short and fast, he smiled down at me as if to check it was ok that he was there. I smiled slightly still recovering from the shock of his presence.

“W-what are you doing here? I-I didn’t even hear you come in.” I heard the fear in my own voice.

“I heard you,” His voice rushed through me, “I always liked you.”

“B-” He cut me off short.

“You’re so beautiful, you have an amazingly tight slim finger, and I always noticed your amazing bust. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

Before he finished we were kissing, his tounge pressing against mine. He tasted so good, his touch sent shivers through me. He slammed me up against the wall and lifted me up onto the bench. His lips locked around mine, his hands on my ass brought me forward against him, he slid up my skirt and pushed aside my lace panties.

My breath racing, I could feel a soft sweat running over my flesh. I drew a deep breathe as I felt the head of his member against my wetness, I gripped onto his broad shoulders, braising myself the intense moan that was sure to leave my lips.

“I’ve wanted you since year seven, god I know you’ve thought about this.” He whispered into my ear just before he thrusted himself inside me. My back arched back and my mouth fell open, my eyes squinted shut. He moved his hand further back just under my ass massaging it while he pushed himself all the way inside.

I had never had that much before, I could feel myself grow wetter and wetter over him. He grunted while thrusting. He moved his hand over to the back of my head forcing it forward and locking my lips with his. His tounge searching my mouth, exploring it almost.

To be Continued…

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