a simple question started it all

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i meet jon one day at work he walked by and asked me a simple questions after i answerd him he walked off and i found my eyes following him down the walkway. After he walked a back toward my job he stopped too chat he left and walked back in too my suprise and asked for my phone number i hesitated and than gave him it. he called me later that night i asked him too pick me up that i was was ”bored” knowing damb well i was horny as hell! i honestly didnt think it was going to be fun hanging out with him well me not knowing him and all but it was we lauighed went for ice cream and than we went back to his place and he put a movie in i layed down on the bed back up cause i was so tired we watch a little of the movie as he kept inching over more and more so i finally let my gaurd down and let him put his arm around me he touched my arm and to my suprise it gave me the chills it felt so nice! he tickled me a little and i could feel my panties get moist! i tried to stop him but its just felt so good! so he leaned in for a kiss and we started touging each other down! he got on top of me hes so strong i let him take my shirt off and he sucked on my nipples i was so wet at this point the aroma was in the air i guess he smelt it and it made his dick hard! i could feel it through his basketball shorts! he took my bra and just kept sucking on my breast! than he made his way to my stomache and everntually made it down to my pussy! he went to town god it was so wet he started sticking his long touge in my wet pussy he ate me out for so long i was shaking i didnt climax than he took off his shorts and rubbed the tip of his dick on my clit he started moving it so fast i fianlly came all over his bed he felt that to be arrousing he kept touching my forhead calling me baby telling me to relax he asked if i was okay with this and i responded by shaking me head yes! he turned me around asked me to get on all fours and he rammed his dick in my soaked pussy! he seperated my ass cheeks to get deeper in my wet pussy!he just kept fucking me from behind holding my waist ramming his dick deeper and deeper than he took his finger and shoved it in my asshole i was soo horny i just yelled fuck me harder! he lived alone so he didnt care how loud i was he started playing with me clit while he was fucking me from behind i came alll over his dick he stopped to put on a condom cause he told me my wet pussy was making me feel so good and he didnt want to cum inside me! he put one one and asked me to stand up and grab my ankels so i did so he slid his huge wet dick inside my pussy! and went to town he fucked me so hard i almost feel over he pulled out and picked me up and put me on his dresser and seperated my legs and knelled down and ate out my pussy again till i came all over his face! he fingerd me than i licked my wetness off his fingers! he than placed my naked body on his bed face up and put my legs in the air and started fucking me untill i screamed his name! we were not where near finished! we went to the bathroom and got in the shower and he took his shower head and turned the jets on and placed it over my clit and he kissed me as i came again! i turned around and bent over assumed his postition and he fucked me so hard i could hear his pelvis slapping against my ass i told him i loved the sound of that and he asked if i t felt good i responed by telling him to fuck me harder! as he fucked my wet pussy every time he went in and out my pussy tighted around his huge dick! after we were both worn out we laid naked in his bed untill the late hours of the night i thought he was going to take me home but he held me untill we fell asleep we were both late for work in the morning and we have a date for tonight!

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