A trip at the Urology clinic, nice surprise Part 1

I was lead to an exam room by the pleasingly plump young lady that checked me in and took my completed paperwork.
She said someone will be with you in just a little while.
I knew this was the main clinic that most guys went to when they wanted viagra or something to make their dick stay hard longer. I noticed there were adult magazines mixed in with the others in the rack on the wall. I picked up one called Velvet. It had some very revealing photos inside.
Magazines, photos and movies don’t do that much for me. I wore that out when I was much younger. I was not stimulated at all by looking in the book.
I haven’t had a real, hard steel full blown hard-on since Stacie, my 16 year old daugter’s best friend found a younger boyfriend and stopped coming around. She was the ultimate turn-on and a very hard act to follow. We had been getting it on for a long time. Other women just didn’t do much for me anymore.
As I was thumbing through the magazine, I heard a knock-knock on the door and it opened up.
She said Hello Mr. Statham, how are you today. I was kind of surprised to see the nurse or whatever she was in her late twenties rather than the male doctor that I expected.
She was maybe 5’6, weighed maybe 115, had blue eyes and very thick blonde hair cut just above her shoulders in a very chic style, kinda longer on the sides than the back and pushed over from one side to the other. Her skin was very tan as if she had been spending time in a tanning bed. She was wearing bright red lipstick and smelled very nice with her expensive perfume. She was in a white lab coat, buttoned most of the way. I could see through the lab coat that she had some pretty good size tits and the lab coat just above her knees showed some of the nicest, well tanned legs I’ve seen in awhile. She was wearing black pumps with pretty high heels that made her calf muscles show nicely as she walked in.
I was a little embarassed by her presence. I finally replied to her question that I was doing pretty well.
She was looking at my chart intently and I was checking her out while her attention was diverted. She had on small black reading glasses.
She looked up and took off her glasses. I see you’ve been having some problems she said. I told her I was. She turned and opened an upper cabinet standing on her toes a bit to reach into the cabinet. I saw she had some very fine calf muscles and her ass was very well defined even through the lab coat.
She turned around and handed me a paper gown and said please get undressed and put this on. The opening could go in the front or in the back, it doesn’t matter. The doctor will be in soon she said, and left the room.
I quickly undressed and put the gown on tied in the front.
In a few minutes the knock-knock on the door came again and the door opened and she came in again. I notices her name tag said Jill.
She said the doctor is a little behind. We’re going to have to have a look at you in order to determine whats going on. I said, so you’re going to do the examination? She said, yes, if thats okay. I said it would be a little embarassing but its alright.
She said I don’t see many men as young as you in here. They usually quite a bit older when they’re having the problem you’re descibing. Do you mind if I have a look?
No, thats fine I replied. She asked me to please sit on the examination table and walked over to the drawer and opened it. I heard a snap, snap, as she put on thin rubber gloves and turned around to face me.
She sat on the little stool that they have that spins around. When she sat down I notice her lab coat was open enough to reveal a gorgeous thigh showing through the wrap around black skirt she was wearing.
She slid herself closer and her feet were on the side of the stool behind her as she pushed over toward me.
To be continued, very soon.

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