A Wet Day In The Country – Part Two

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Marie slipped her dress on again, fastening just four of the buttons for decency’s sake as we hurried on towards our ‘fucking place’ as we called it. We were both eager for more excitement following our recent bit of watersports fun, and I for one was hoping to experiment further with this new addition to our sex life.

About three quarters of the way along the Sheep Track, we turned right off the main path and cut through a hole in the dry stone wall which bordered the old road. We brushed through the bracken which covered the ground, heading for another wall which we could see about four hundred yards from the road. We reached it fairly quickly and passed through a break in that wall, then walked left towards the place where another wall intersected with this one.

Just there, enclosed on two sides by dry stone walling, there was a slight depression in the ground, which we had found a few weeks ago when we had been feeling horny and had left the road in search of a suitable place to satisfy our lust. This position was perfect, as the grass in the dip was lush and soft and we were able to strip totally naked without fear of being seen from the main path.

I dropped the back-pack on the ground and removed the large rug which it held, laying it out so that it made a comfortable surface on which to lay (or on which to be laid, more to the point!) Marie threw off her dress and lay naked in the sun as I peeled off my ‘T’ shirt and slipped out of my jeans and briefs, my prick already hardening, then I lay beside her and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth.

Marie moaned excitedly as I sucked her nipple to a fully erect state, then kissed down across her stomach towards her bare pussy, stopping for a moment to push my tongue into her navel and tongue-fuck it slightly before licking my way down to where her wet cunt waited, eager for me to pleasure her with my mouth. I breathed in deeply, my nostrils filling with the smell of her recent cum, and of the piss she had released when we had stopped earlier.

I had always loved the smell of her cunt when Marie had only recently pissed, and I set to work with great enthusiasm, licking her slippery cunt folds and inserting my tongue into the opening of her moist vagina, drinking the juice eagerly, her smell filling my nostrils and exciting me even more.

Marie orgasmed quickly under my oral stimulation, and I climbed on top of her and slid my cock into her. I fucked her hard and fast, then turned her over and, after first licking and fingering her crinkled bum-hole for a while, I pushed my cock into her arse, anally fucking her until I could hold back no longer and I spurted my load into the dark warm recesses of her shitter.

I withdrew from her and took a can of lager from the back-pack and handed it to her. She took a long swig, and I asked her if she needed to take a piss again, at the same time taking a drink from a can of my own. Marie replied that she did, so I told her to stand to one side of the rug so she wouldn’t piss on that and to wait until I was kneeling in front of her, as I wanted her to piss on me this time.

Marie rose from the rug and stood with her legs parted whilst I knelt before her, in a position where her urine was guaranteed to hit me directly in the face! I looked closely at Marie’s pussy as she peeled her labia open, and could see, between her legs, my sperm leaking from her recently-fucked arse.

Nothing can ever truly describe my excitement as the first spurt of piss erupted from Marie and splashed onto my face. The warm liquid splashed off my cheek and ran down my chin, covering my chest, but I felt I wanted a little more than this…

I opened my mouth and a jet of piss shot straight into it. The taste was out of this world! Eagerly I drank it down, trying desparately hard to swallow whilst still keeping my mouth open, and Marie moved so that the stream from her pussy followed my open mouth. Sadly the flow stopped soon after, and after I had drunk it all down I set about licking her clean. Once her pussy was clean, I told her to turn around and licked my spunk from her arse until her whole sex area was spotless.

I told Marie that I now needed to piss, and she knelt before me as I took my prick and aimed my piss-flow at her tits and pussy. Suddenly she moved closer and opened her mouth so that my piss was gushing into her mouth, and I heard her gulp as she drank my offering down. As I finished, she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me clean, then stood and kissed me so that we could share each other’s pissy smell and taste.

We just had to fuck again, but first we got into a 69, and as I licked at Marie’s cunt she began to dribble piss on my face, sucking my cock at the same time. We both knew that sex was never going to be the same again…

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