A wild party

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my friend was having an 21st birthday party and i went,there was 6 private rooms(my friend lives in an$68,000,00000 mansion)and i decided to stay in one for the night.
we all got drunk and a chick came up to me and started touching me,she took me up to my room and took all of her clothes off then she walked up to me and said you know what i rrealy want and then she took my clothes off ,then i finger fucked her and then she sucked my dick.then i licked her pussy and then i playedwith her titties and sucked her nipples then i fucked her from behind then i fucked her i front
while i played with her titsthen she saud to mei wanna sleep with you then another girl and guy walked on on us so then i fucked my girl while the other girls pussy was on me and i licked it while my girl sucked on the other guys cock ,then i fucked the other behind and the other guy fucked her in front and then while i fucked my girl the other girl then put her titties in my face and i kissed then then the other guy rubbed his cock all over the other girl
it was the best sex/group sex i had ever had!:)

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