A Wish Fulfilled

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A Wish Fulfilled

All my life, from the time I was a young woman until now a middle aged “mature” woman with children, I have always wanted sex. It is no secret to my husband and to most of our friends that I will gladly spread my legs for a new cock. My husband and I have sex two or three times a week and I masturbate almost daily.

I often go out in a skirt and blouse with no underwear in anticipation of a man looking up my skirt or perhaps more. I like to go to explicit sites on the Internet and look a porn pictures and stories. I really like looking at a man with a really big cock. I have never been with a man like that and I can’t wait to get my lips around one or have one stuffed into my cunt.

One evening we went out with friends to a new swingers party. After the usual introductions, everyone began to shed their clothes. I looked around and there it was, the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was huge and he had these enormous balls to go with it. Just the sight made me start to get wet. I said to my husband “will you look at that one. That’s what I’m going after.” He just said, “good luck.”

The man’s name was Derrick and when he went to the hot tub I followed him. I got myself situated next to him and it wasn’t long before his hand was rubbing my breast. I reached over and took his cock in my hand. It still wasn’t completely hard but I had trouble wrapping my fingers around it. As I slid my hand up and down he started to get more and more erect. I put my hand over his knob and drew my fingers up and down on his sensitive ring.

All this was really getting me worked up and as I slid my bottom forward on the seat I spread my legs so he could get his hand into my pussy. Derrick started by rubbing my clit and that made me spread my legs wider until he had his finger working into my ever waiting hole. Soon he had two fingers in there and his palm over my clit. Instinctively I raised my hips so he could go in deeper. When I did that Derrick quietly said “Shall we go inside and explore this a little more?” Without a word I stood up, took his hand and led him from the tub.

We dried off and all the time I was looking at that sensational cock. It was long, probably at least ten inches. It had a slight upward curve that I know would feel great. His cock was the thickest I had ever seen and I began to wonder if my pussy could take it. Nevertheless, I knew that I was going to try it no matter what.

We found an empty bedroom and as soon as we got near the bed, I pushed him down on it. He was sitting on the edge and I immediately dropped to my knees and dipped my head toward this monster. I had to open my mouth wide to take it and couldn’t use the usual techniques I did when sucking a dick. It was all I could do to get it in my mouth and it was at the back of my throat before even half of it was in my mouth. Then Derrick said “I know it’s hard to suck one so large. At time like this I wish it was smaller so I could be sucked like the other guys.” As I took my head away, I told him that I would make up for it with my pussy. Then he took hold of my shoulders, lifted me up and onto the bed. By this time we were both more than ready. His dick was dripping pre-cum and my pussy was wet all over. Derrick took hold of my ankles and spread my legs until he could gaze at my waiting pussy. He slowly moved over me and his dick touched my labia. As he moved his hips up and down, his cock worked itself between my lips and closer to my ever waiting hole. I took his cock and guided it into me. The tip started to penetrate and then he stopped. He slowly withdrew a little and then with a thrust got the head of his dick inside me. It hurt for only a moment. I was being stretched even more than my largest dildo did. Gently moving in and out he slowly pushed more and more into me. Further and deeper until he was banging up against the back wall of my cunt. I held my breath as he pushed into me slowly getting me used to his size and trying to expand my cunt to take more of him. I was amazed at how elastic my body was. Soon he had nearly all of it in me. That upward curve hit my most sensitive spots as it moved in and out. Now he was in and I began to get more and more excited. Derrick had been gentle with me but now his urges were taking over. He began to push harder and faster and each time my hips rose to take more of him inside me. His huge balls were slapping against my ass and that only made it better.

We fucked for what seemed to be a very long time. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feel of this huge cock inside me. When all of a sudden that overwhelming feeling came over me and although I tried to stop the sensation it only grew more and more until with a loud moan, I had the most exquisite climax you could ever imagine. Then, much to my surprise, here came another one. This one was even harder than the last and I could not suppress a scream when it overtook me. Then it was Derrick’s turn. He grabbed my ass and pulled it to him driving his cock deeper and deeper. He thrust so his cock was driving against the back of my cunt harder with each stroke. Then he threw his head up and with a guttural sound, start cumming into me. With each stroke, there was more and then more until it was running out and down my ass. Now I knew what those huge balls had inside them and it was all dumping inside me. I could feel each spurt as it forced itself against my cunt walls. Then it was over.

Derrick lay on top of me and kissed my breasts as his dick slowly deflated. Soon, when he moved it slipped out and all that delicious cum started running out of me. I just laid there, completely satiated unable to move.

When Derrick got up his cock was flaccid but still huge. He thanked me for a great ride and left the room. I got up and found a towel to help staunch the flow of his cum until I could get to a bathroom and clean up.

I got fucked three more times that evening but nothing like I had the first time. As we were getting ready to leave we all discussed whose house we would meet at the next time. I didn’t care because all I could think of was how I was going to get my ass hole ready for Derrick.

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