AC Bathroom

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Tim and Alicia had known each other for years. They were both members of greek life at college together before graduating, and had playfully flirted as friends since then. Tim had been friends with many sorority girls, and it got him into trouble from time to time.

Tim and Alicia were both very close friends with another of Alicia’s sorority sisters, Stephanie. Stephanie and Tim had hooked up before, but surmised to stay friends. Although, there was obvious jealousy concerning the sexual activity that took place between Tim and Alicia. Stephanie secretly couldn’t stand it.

The ignorant love triangle had been partying hard in “The Quarter” at the Tropicana. They had been drunk for hours, but somehow made it to “Planet Rose” to sign up for karaoke.

“I signed us up for Meatloaf!”, Stephanie said as she returned from the DJ booth.

Tim and Alicia laughed as Alicia pressed her ass against Tim’s pelvis. Stephanie wasn’t dumb, she knew what was happening between all of the subtle body language. Tim could tell Stephanie wasn’t quite enjoying the show, but continued for two main reasons. One, he had chased Stephanie for years and came up with nothing. Two, Alicia had him hard as a rock. If he moved out from behind Alicia’s warm and eager ass, the giant bulge beneath his zipper line would be way too obvious in dress pants.

The treo waited for ten minutes to get up in front of everyone and drunkenly belt out “Paradise by the dashboard light”, but Stephanie had had enough of Tim and Alicia’s “secret” arousal work.

“I don’t feel well. I think I need to go back to the room and call it a night”, Stephanie said while faking a stomache ache. “I’m way too fucked up to be in here anymore.”

“Do you need me to come with you? Are you gonna be ok?”, Alicia asked Stephanie half-heartedly.

“Yea…i’ll be fine. You guys stay and sing…i’m gonna go take care of myself.”

Tim would have played up the act, but unfortunately alcohol plus a throbbing hard-on takes away Tim’s ability to communicate. Stephanie left the karaoke bar and Alicia felt free to lay herself on thick.

“You know, it’s a little distracting to have your dick sliding up and down between my cheeks when i’m trying to be a good friend”, says Alicia as she turns to face Tim and rubs her right palm down his obvious bulge.

“I’m sorry”, Tim says with an evil smirk. “Would you rather me think of something terrible and make it go away?”

“Well that would just be a waste of a good thing. Wouldn’t it?”

Alicia took a quick look around to make sure no one was looking directly at them, and pressed herself against Tim to say something in his ear. As she leaned in, she slowly pass her hand inside Tim’s belt line and grabbed his thick erection. Tim’s eyes shut and he leaned his head back against the wall behind him.

“So what are the odds that we’ll be able to fuck how we want to with Steph in the room?”, Alicia whispered in his ear while gently massaging his solid penis.

Tim returned from complete bliss for a second to push his hips forward inside Alicia’s hand and answer the question.

“Why do we care? We can fuck in the bathroom.” Tim said as he bit the area where Alicia’s neck meets her shoulder.

“Ready then?”

“Heh. Lead the way. The faster you get me to that bathroom, the faster I make you scream.”

Alicia jerked her hand out of Tim’s pants and grabbed his hand forcefully. She wasn;t playing games. As they were being called up to sing karaoke, Alicia was dragging Tim out of the bar to the elevator.

The couple made it to the elevator and happened upon a ride without any other guests. Alicia waited for the doors to shut and, in one motion, unzipped Tim’s pants.

“Whoa! What if the elevator stops at a floor before ours?”

“Who’s going up from another floor at 2 am?”, Alicia responded as she freed Tim’s cock from it’s restrictive prison.

Alicia loved sucking Tim’s dick. Tim was a big guy. About 6’4″ with a football player’s build. He wasn’t enormously long, but his penis had just enough gerth for it to really satisfy Alicia’s oral fixation. She squated in from of him and pull the shaft down as if Tim’s knob was the microphone she had just abandoned. Alicia always swallowed his cock with so much fervor.

She sucked and pumped in perfect time until she began to taste Tim’s precum. At that point she stopped. The floor was two dings away and she loved to tease.

“I know you want to cum down my throat, but I want it all over my ass. So, stay with me ok?”, she said to Tim as she kissed him between words and maintained his pulsing hard-on by jerking him off.

The elevator dinged at their floor and Alicia quickly pressed her back to Tim. She grabbed his arms and pulled them around her so they could walk to the room without having to put his cock away.

They waddled down the hall and made it to their room door. The trip had made Tim’s dick rub deep between Alicia’s ass cheeks and drove him wild. Before she could get the key out of her purse, Tim pulled up her dress and shoved her face first against the door.

“Tim! can’t you wait for two seconds?”

“Shut the fuck up”, Tim said as he grasped his cock and rubbed the tip against Alicia’s clit in the hallway.

Alcia’s body shuddered with pleasure and she began trying to time his motion to push back .

“Oh suddenly you’re not trying to wait either huh?”

Alicia stayed silent in wait for her moment. Tim continued teasing her, making her legs shake wildly when he ran the head of his cock against her orgasm button. Then, before he could react, she found an opening.

“Unghhh…oh my god yeah!”, Tim grunted.

Alicia let out a loud sigh. She had push back on the door at just the right time and sent Tim’s hard cock deep inside her. The shocking pleasure had left them both quivering so much, it seemed they were standing still. In reality, Tim had reached Alicia’s cervix…and neither of them wanted to leave.

“We have to do this inside…as fun as it is…eventually we WILL get caught here”, Tim said as Alicia scrambled to key the door open.

“Beep.” the door light turned green and they went rushing into the bathroom.

“Fuck me. Fuck me now…please”, Alicia whimpered frantically while jerking Tim off and kissing his neck.

Tim hadn’t forgotten how empowering their position on the door had felt. So, he spun Alicia around and threw her against the wall again.

She moaned and pushed her ass out for presentation.

“I told you to shut the fuck up, didn’t I?”, Tim said while he cupped one hand over Alicia’s mouth.

This time, Tim skipped the teasing and went straight for the finish line. He wrapped his other arm around Alicia’s waist and began to quickly rub her clit while fucking her deeper and deeper. Muffled whimpers followed every thrust, and Alicia started to raise up on her toes.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you?”

Alicia nodded her head and began to shiver.

“Well cum then slut. I want to feel your juice fill your pussy all over my dick.”

Alicia’s body responded to the request almost immediately. Her muscles tightened as she fought to extend the anticipation. Tim quickly repositioned himself lower and thrust faster so she couldn’t control herself.

“Mmmmmooooohhh fuck!”

Alicia’s cunt exploded with a flood. Her legs seizure and she struggled to continue standing as tim refused to stop fucking her.

“No. You’re gonna cum again. Come on Alicia, the second time is always better than the first.”

Alicia’s pussy dripped down Tim’s sack as his shaft kept pulsing inside and out of her. When she began to stop shaking, he reached down for her clit and rubbed it furiously. The sensitivity from cumming drove her isane.

“ noo….yes. Fuck! Just keep going!!”

Alicia’s body tightened faster this time and Tim did not stop fingering her clit. All at once her pussy released and her body jerked to drive Tim’s cock hard inside of her. Alicia was silent except for her hard gasps and pants escaping her open mouth. Her breaths were so hard and erratic, it was almost as if she was hyperventilating from having a second orgasm.

“Oh god yes Alicia…shit I think I’m going to cum..”

The notion of turning the tide snapped the dripping wet sex kitten to focus, and she slammed her ass against Tim’s pelvis to knock him out of her. Alicia turned to Tim and drove him down on the floor.

“Shut up and cum then”, Alicia said while mounting Tim’s throbbing cock.

She grabbed his dick and sat driving it deep within her. Then Alicia grabbed a hold of Tim’s hands for leverage, and wasted no time grinding for his cum.

“Oh god Alicia…slow down or I’m going to cum….unghh…inside you…”

“Shut the fuck up and cum you pussy”

Alicia could feel Tim’s abdomen tighten between her thighs. His back arched up off of the tile floor and lifted Alicia into the air on his cock. Changing the angle of thrust, the head of Tim’s erection pressed directly on Alicia’s g-spot. A surprised look came across her face and the two let out a massive gasp in unison. Tim exploded deep inside her cunt as she released a final aching orgasm on his erection. White and clear liquid poured down Tim’s hips. Alicia seizured and squeezed Tim with her thighs as he flattened out on the floor beneath her.

She slowly bent over and took Tim’s face in her hands. He was breathing heavily with his eyes shut, and was completely out of energy. Alicia gently kissed his bottom lip, his chin, his chest, and rested her head on him while still straddled. The couple passed out on the bathroom floor, Tim’s cock still inside Alicia, for an hour before finally making it to bed.

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