After a gig

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My husband and I came home from a gig at the local club in the city we were staying at. He had been feeling me up all night and I got slightly wet as his hand moved over my body on the dance floor. I grinded my hips towards his crotch, feeling his bulge aching in his jeans.

We decided to head back to the hotel early, getting in a cab. We played and he fingered me resting his jacket over my legs in an attempt to be discreet. I rested my head on his shoulder, as he whispered to me over the cab radio and the driver rambling on about his day “are you coming? Well, don’t. The driver will hear you.. He’ll know what’s going on. He’ll know that you’re a dirty little slut letting me stick my fingers in your cunt in his car, hold it…”

This sent me over the edge, I squirmed and gasped a bit as I came hard, holding back my loud moans.

We got to our hotel room, removing our clothes bit by bit, feeling the fabric fall past our bodies. He kissed me softly on the neck, gently nibbling at my skin. I moan slightly, exposing my need for him.
I rested on the bed on my hands and knees. He knew instantly what I wanted. He got behind me, fingering my ass as he licked my pussy parting the lips reaching into my cunt. He stuck his tongue inside me, as my pussy leaked into his mouth. My ass pressed on his face. He enjoyed having my sex and my smell surround him, and I relished in this.

Making me orgasm twice with his tongue, he gave me soft kisses as he finished nibbling and sucking on my swollen clit.

He sat back in a chair staring at me with a look that could only be described as hungry. His dick now throbbing, dripping with precum. I walked over to him, licking and sucking on his dick. It tasted so good, he always tastes great.

I straddled him, facing him. I could feel the heat and fustration throbbing in his cock. I slowly slid myself onto his member, letting my pussy engolf him. I saw the look in his face, eyes rolled back, enjoying the initial feeling of entering my wet cunt. We had been married just under a year and fucked adamantly, but that initial feeling felt just as good as the first time… Wonderful, paraletic.

He was always such a passionate fuck. He didn’t take his eyes off me, staring intensely as I bounced and grinded riding on a wave of pleasure on his cock.

He drove deeper inside me hitting my g spot with incredible force.

My breasts bounced rhythmically as I screamed “Yes… Yes… OH fuck, YES!”

He held me close, feeling my nipples rub softly on his delicate chest hair. I felt his breath on my skin as he breathed heavily.

“You little slut… Scream louder.. Let the whole hotel hear you being fucked like the whore you are!”

He held off, I could feel him holding back what felt like a bucket load of cum as he stared at me waiting for the signs that told him I was ready to climax. I screamed gasping for him to fuck me senseless.

He stood up, as I wrapped my legs around him. He pushed me against a wall with my leg resting on a table besides us. He continued to call me a dirty slut, his dick stretched me out as he fucked me hard. He whispered in my ear the way he loved my tight pussy. I whimpered and moaned, screaming his name. I came so hard as he took me in hard long slow strokes. As I scratched his back he made one last push inside me, cumming with his dick tightly gripped by my pussy. He didn’t let go groaning into my ear, I held him tightly kissing him as his dick got softer inside me. He pulled out, bending to his knees he asked me to show him my pussy. I spread out the lips, opening up for him to see. He liked to see the traces of cum, the red swolleness of my pussy. Like an example of his work. He kissed and licked my pussy gently before carrying me to the bed, hugging me to sleep.

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  1. partaygrrl

    Great story…good detail and not too long!! LOVED IT

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