an afternoon delight

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lets see lets set the sean ever sence my wife and i seperated and she strated seeing this other gay name jimmy she looks for ways for us to get togeather for some hot intamate sex well it happens that iwent by her house to check on my youngest son but he wasnt at home and she came to the door in just a towel but luck had it that i couldnt stick around at this time but she invited me back for some lunch and i accepted and im so glade i did because little did i know theresa had more on her mind then just lunch and when she asked me check something out in the bed roor i said ok little to say i had to call work and tell them i would be late coming bake and why my boss siad to take the rest of the afternoon off and he would take care of my time card i siad ok and man i could tell she really missed me because she fucked me more today then she has i awhile i guess jimmy just dont have what it takes because i still know what she likes and how she likes it and she is coming by my place after she gets off from work and ill tell you about it later stay tuned for the rest……

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