At It Again

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I was taking a long hot shower. I lathered a generous amount of shaving cream all over my pubic area, balls, and tight pouty butt-hole. I glided the clean edge of the razor over the smooth mound above my semi-erect cock. Stroke after stroke with the razor smoothed me over to a glorious baldness. I lifted my dick by the head, pausing to squeeze, and probe at its swollen and tight little hole. The hole of my ass involuntarily pumped in and out at the feeling of my probing fingers on my dick head. My cock started to swell even more, and I gazed at the thick vein running along the underside of my prick.
I eased the razor carefully at the base of my cock, and all over my balls as I shaved the area clean. I rinsed, and took in the beauty of my completely hairless cock and balls. I pumped for a minute at the shaft of my dick. It thickened, and started to swell even more, as I felt the familiar tingle riding and churning deep in my cock, and gloriously smooth balls. I knew the thick, and gooey prize of my cum was boiling deep inside of me, and I shuddered in the anticipation of its explosive release.
I lathered my hole with cream, stood in the shower with my legs wide open. I carefully removed every trace of hair from the inside of my thighs, and my tight little ass. I rinsed myself, and turned off the shower. My hands wandered all over my freshly shaved nether regions. My dick pulsed to an impressive thickness, as I spread open my butt. For some reason, I am deeply in tune to my ass, and butthole, and I longed for the probing of a fat tongue, lapping and rimming me. I jammed two fingers into my hole and fingered myself briefly as my dick boiled to a fat erection. I rarely touch or play with my dick while I finger my butt. I love the plugging sensation, as my hole grips at my fingers, and my cock engorges to its most thickest and delirious hardness.
I pulled my fingers from my butt, and sucked on my fingers. The musky taste of my freshly cleaned ass made my heart pound. I could hardly wait any longer for the blast of cum from my little dick hole. I knew that soon, I would be furiously beating off my cock, as I fingered and fucked my butt. I knew that the tight hole of my ass would soon be a gaping, and saliva laden gooey delight, fresh from the punishing of my dildos. I grabbed a towel and toweled myself dry, and applied a generous amount of lotion all over my body. Of course, paying close attention to my freshly shaved sex areas.
I made my way to the bedroom, and pulled out my cock ring. (A leather ring with pointed silver studs.) I snapped it on and took in the look of my balls and hard cock being forced to jut out from the imprisonment of the ring. Something about my fat, and turgid boner jutting out from my body really boils my cum. I spit into my hand, and gave myself a few gratuitous stokes. The ring sealed the blood in my erection, and my cock was huge. It would have been impossible for my dick to go flaccid.
I pulled out a pair of seamless black pantyhose. I really get off on the feeling of pantyhose gripping my legs, cock, and ass. I effortlessly pulled on the hose, and snapped the thick, laced waistband just underneath my navel. My hard dick, bulged and pushed at the nylon. And I let my hands roam around the smooth encasement of hose on my ass. To say I was ready to work myself over would be an understatement.
I reached into the drawer and pulled out two of my favorite dildos. Very realistic, and complete with a thick suction cup on the bottom of each one. The look very much like real dicks. One is about 9 inches long, and 1 and ½ inches around. The other has an uncircumcised head, and is about 6 inches long. Both have a very real set of balls.
I lay on my bed, and started sucking off the longer of the two dildos. I jammed it furiously in and out of mouth, getting off on the grunting sounds coming from deep in my throat. As I pushed it as deep into my throat as I could, I gagged and opened my mouth wider and wider to deeply suck as much of the dildo as I could. In and out I pumped that dildo, each time getting my lips closer and closer to the base, and right up to the balls. As I pulled it out of my mouth, thick and gooey rivulets of saliva poured and drenched my face, lips, chin and chest . The more I sucked the thicker and wetter my saliva got. Bubbles of spit soiled my body more and more. My eyes teared up as I deep throated the dildo. My pantyhosed ass ground into the mattress, as my legs moved around involuntarily. I couldn’t stop sucking that thing off. I gasped, gagged and coughed all over myself. Strings of spit drowning me. My dick swelled to mammoth proportions, and I played with it through the pantyhose. Pulling at myself. Pulling at myself. Pulling at myself.
I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer. I pulled the sopping wet dildo from my mouth and set it on my chest. I moved to the underneath of my balls, and pulled at the pantyhose, until I ripped a hole big enough to get at my butt, and cock. My dick bobbed and bounced around, glad to be free of the nylon. I grabbed the smaller of the two dildos, and shoved it into mouth and sucked and chewed on it. I rubbed my hand in all the drool on my body, and pulled at yanked at my dick. With each gooey stroke I got harder and harder. I reached for the big dildo and rubbed it all over my butthole. Muffled grunts from my mouthful of dildo filled the room, as I plunged the other dildo deep into my butt. Sucking with my mouth, gripping with my fist, and plunging my butt, my toes curled as I could feel the boiling of cum deep in my balls. My bed was a sea of ass juice, saliva and tiny bits of pre-cum.
I pulled the dildo out of my butt after a vigorous self fucking, and reached down with my finger and felt its gape. My once little butthole was now a wide open chasm of freshly fucked delight. I pulled the dildo out of my mouth and plunged it into my butt. I fucked myself for what seemed hours, all the while tugging at my dick. I knew I was about to cum.
Keeping the dildo deep in my ass, I flipped my legs over my head, and directed my cock right at my face. Holding the dildo deep inside me with my palm, I pulled and jerked at myself until I felt the cum rise in my shaft. Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I shot load after load of sweet sticky cum into my mouth. It plastered my face, and hair. Long strings of the thick goo bathing my face, lips and throat in salty ecstacy.
It’s great having a dick sometimes….

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