Aunt Ruth's Surprise

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My cock has grown a bit sisnce I was 16. It is now 11 1/2 inches long when hard and about 6 1/2 inches long when limp. I know you are thinking that this is bullshit, but I swear that it’s true. Keeping this in mind, I went to my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Don’s house to spend a few days getting the yard ready for my cousin’s wedding that they were having there. The first day was busy and I was tired as hell after dinner. I took a shower and put on some pajama pants and a tee shirt. I wasn’t wearing underwear. I got hungry for a snack at about 10:00 so I went into the kitchen. Uncle Don was already in bed but Aunt Ruth was still up watching T.V. “Still hungry dear?” she said as she came into the kitchen. “Yeah, I’m just looking for a snack.” I told her. She is my mom’s older sister and looks kind of like her. She is in her late 50’s and has dark hair that is turning grey. Her face is pretty and not real wrinkled and she has a very nice figure for somebody that has had 5 kids. She is what you might call a little plump in all the right places. She has big tits and a nice round ass, but she does not have a big gut. ” Here, let me make you a sandwich,” she said and proceeded to make a roast beef sandwich and get me a glass of milk. She was wearing a nightgown and her big tits were swaying around as she moved. I never really thought about it but she was kind of hot for an older woman and watching her tits bounce around under her nightgown kind of aroused me and I got a semi hard-on in spite of myself. She handed me the sandwich and I noticed her nipples were poking out. I tried not to let her catch me looking at her titst as she sat with me while I chowed down. I got up to head to bed and her eyes got big as she noticed my half hard cock under my light cotton p.j.’s. She didn’t say anything but I know she saw. “Goodnight Brian,” She called down the hall as I sped toward the bedroom. “Godnight,” I answered. The next morning, we had breakfast and Uncle Don left to go to the office. He is an Insurance agent and makes a hell of a lot of money. As soon as he pulled out of the driveway, Aunt Ruth came up to me and said,” Brian, I don’t know how to say this so I am just going to blurt it out. Last night I saw your erection in your pants and I must say I was a little, um, flustered. I was wondering if it was me that had that effect on you or is it just natural for young boys to go around getting erections?” I was totally blown away and shocked. You half to understand, my Aunt Ruth is the last person you would think would even have a sexual thought. She and my Uncle Don are very religious people and go to church and she is the first one to tell people to tone it down at family gatherings if somebody starts telling off color jokes or something. ” Uhm well, I guess it’s natural,” I stammered. I was looking at the ground to avoid eye contact. “Are you sure you weren’t looking at my boobs, Brian?” she asked. “No, I wasn’t looking at your boobs. I mean there nice and everything, but your my aunt and I don’t think about you like that.” I told her. I could feel my cock growing as I talked. It was all I could do to keep from getting a full blown erection.” Well your my nephew honey and I never thought about you like that until I saw your big bulge and now it’s all I can think of. I’ll tell you something, dear. Your Uncle Don is a dud in bed. He has a very small penis and what’s worse, he doesn’t know how to use it. Weve been married for 35 years and I have NEVER had an orgasm. In fact, we haven’t even had sex for two years! Divorce is out of the question and I wouldn’t dream of adultery so I have been sexually frustrated for pretty much my whole adult life!” She was still wearing the same nightie from last night and her nipples were really sticking ouy now. I could tell that they were a dark brown rather than pink and staring at them made my cock get stiff as a board. “Brain, your looking at my boobs again!” she said. “Here, this will give you a better look.” She took the nightie off and dropped it to the floor, exposing her big ole titties and a huge pussy that had a forrest of grey pubic hair surrounding it. I stood up and she pulled my pajama bottoms down and my 11 1/2 inch cock sprung out. “MY GOODNESS!!” she said, It’s even bigger than I thought.Hurry up sweetie, let’s go into the bedroom so we can have some fun!” She took off towards their room and I followed. She laid on the bed and I started sucking and licking her big nipples as I slipped a couple of fingers into her wet snatch. “Oh Brian, that feels so good!” She said aas I licked my way down her stomch and spread her pussy open and started to eat her out. “Uncle Don never does that!” she squealed as I found her clit and lightly and rapidly flicked my tongue on it. “OH DEAR THAT FEELS WONDERFUL!!” she screamed as she came. “I’ve never felt anything like that sweetie!” She said as she caught her breath.”Now, let me return the favor!” She slid down between my legs and started sucking and licking my balls.”Wow Brian, your testicles are huge!MMMMM” she sucked my cock and stroked my shaft at the same time.”OH YEAH AUNT RUTH I’M GONNA CUM!” it didn’t take more than a minute for me to blow my load.” Shoot it in my mouth honey!” she told me.”AAHHHH” I shot my cum in her mouth and she gagged and pulled my cock out. The next 6 or 7 spurts hit her in the face and hair. Cum was dripping all down her front. “Sorry, Aunt Ruth I couldn’t help it. You said to shoot it in your mouth!” “Don’t be sorry sweetie, that was amazing! Your semen tastes awfully sweet!” she was wiping my cum with her fingers and licking it off.” Now, put that penis where it belongs!” She spread her legs and I shoved my cock in her gaping pussy. It slid all of the way in with no trouble. “Oh yes darling that feels so good. Your penis is so big!!” I started fucking her like mad and she started to laugh.”Holy moly Brian, I can actually feel your testical bouncing on my bottom!” she said. Like I told you before, she was very conservative and didn’t like swear words.” Oh sweetie, Slam that penis in my vagina!” OH my gosh Brian……. I’m having another orgasm!” I felt a huge gush of pussy juice spill out of her twat as she came. “Oh my!!! That has never happened before. I thought that first one was something but that was so much more intense honey I….. AAAAHHH” another gush of hot juice rained out of her pussy. “Oh Brian, that feels soooooooooo” she came again.” Brian this is incredible I’ve never heard of thhiiiiiiiiss!” she came again. “Haaaaaapppppennninng!” she came again and told me to stop because the bed was soaked. I pulled my cock out and she sasid, “I just can’t get over how big you are!” ” Thanks Aunt Ruth!” I said. “No, thank you honey, that was so good I don’t know how to put it in words! Your Uncle Don puts it in and a couple of strokes later he’s done! You’ve been making love to me for over an hour! Hey Brian, just one more thing. I want you yo put it in my behind. Your uncle never wanted to do that, he always said it was too dirty but I want to feel it!” She bent over the bed and I put my cock about 3 inches up her ass. I stroked her ass with the 3 inches and then tried to feed her a couple of more inches. “Ouch, Brian thats too much!” she said. “Sorry,” I said. “That’s okay sweetie, you can’t help it with that big ding dong. Just keep doing what you were doing before and when you get ready to ejaculate, put it in my vagina so you dont make another mess.” I fucked her ass with 3 inches of cock and when I started to feel my orgasm building I took it out of her ass and shoved it up her pussy and slammed it a couple of times. She gasped when my cock rammed in her cunt and we came at the same time.”My goodness honey, I felt you ejaculate in my vagina! This has certainly been an exciting morning! Now, lets take a quick nap so we can get some work done around here before you know who gets home. We fell asleep and when Uncle Don got there, Aunt Ruth was her old pleasant self. I hope he never finds out!

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