bathroom fantasies

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Steam rises from the tub as ready myself for a long hot bubble bath.
Candles lit and soft music is the only sound in the house. Finally a little peace and quiet! I take off my robe slowly letting it fall to the floor. I lower myself into the water totally enduling myself with every bubble. I laid there lathering myself up from head to toe. The bubbles felt so good as they caressed my ass and pussy.I couldn’t help myself so I gently begin stroking my clit. I moved my hands up squeezing and pinching my nipples. Quickly making my way back down to finger fuck myself. My fingers rapidly worked their way from my pussy to my ass. My ass was so tight ,my pussy trembling and just as I was going to cum….I was starled .There stood someone watching over as I performed my water show. I jumped up wiping the water from my eyes to see who this could be, but all I saw was the light from the candles reflecting off of something.And then in a low tone I hear “It really should be a crime you doing this all alone”.
I laughed ….finally figuring out who it was standing before me. “So aresst me I have been such a bad girl”I said. A slight smrick came across his face as he moved closer to me. Without even asking he began to wash my back.His hands moved slowly up my back and over my shoulders,gently making his way to my breasts. He laughed as he playfully splashed me with water. He stopped long enough to take off his uniform..then he joined me. He slowly lowered himself behind me making sure I felt his hard cock going down my neck and back. He began rubbing my shoulders and nibbling my neck. He gently but quickly worked his hands around my waist to my now screaming pussy. His strong fingers began pinching and pulling at my clit. My body ached for him to start penatrating my tight pussy with his fingers…..I begged for him to finger fuck me,but he smiled and said no!
I could feel his cock in the small of my back get harder the more I begged.
Then he pulled me back toward him by my hair and deeply kissed me.His hands worked their way all over my body.I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life…..I felt as though I would explode with pure excitement. He sat me up and commanded me to turn around.When I did I wrapped my legs around him and slowly began to tease his cock with my pussy.I slowly worked my pussy on and off his cock until I just couldn’t take it anymore,then I began riding him fast and hard. Water splashing with each stroke. Just as we were about to cum he stops me and tells me to get out. We get out both us dripping wet and he bends me over the tub. Leaving me there for a short while as he retreved my dildo.He places my toy to my mouth and tells me to began sucking on it as his fingers work their way from my pussy to my ass. He removes the toy from my mouth and places it in my hand and tells me to fuck myself with as I am bent over the tub.I began fucking my pussy slow and hard and I feel him grabing and licking my ass.Then suddenly with great force he begans pounding my ass. The harder he fucked my tight little hole the harder and faster I fucked myself with my huge toy.As I felt him exploded in my ass I began cumming uncontrolablitly.My body went limp from the orgasmic fun I just encountered and I rested on the edge of the tub.He stood over me glaring at me so I pulled him close to me and began licking his cock and balls clean.He tasted so good and I could stop myself.Before I knew it he was rock hard again….He takes me by the hair and begans power fucking my face and didn’t stop until I tatse every last drop of his sweet cum.
After that we shower off and get dressed and as he is leaving he reminds me that I really should keep my doors locked…..

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  1. forest lilly

    I loved your story and especially the last line that just makes it seem so real .. lets you sink into the pleasure of it. Very well done.. I congratulate you

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