Beach Vacation

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It was our summer vacation and Christy and I were heading down from Georgia to Florida to spend a little time at the beach. It had been a long drive but as we were crossing the bridge to get to the beach when Christy surprised me by grabbing a hold of my zipper and pulling out my cock. Christy started to suck on me despite the fact that we were coming up to the toll both.

As we rolled trough I rolled down the window to give the toll guy my dollar and I started laughing when he saw her sucking my cock. I saw his eyes all but bug out of his head and his jaw about hit his window. With a big grin on his face he just waved us through and told us to enjoy our stay. Christy just kept sucking me right up till we reached the hotel. We were both a little disappointed that I didn’t get to cum and we had to stuff my hard dick back in my shorts. As soon as we got to our room Christy dropped to her knees pulled out my cocked and sucked me till I shot a hot sticky load down her throat.

The next day we spent all afternoon at the beach and out shopping. It was great we kept checking out all the half naked chicks all day and I could tell Christy was getting as horny as I was. Christy has always wanted to try being with another girl and I was always there to encourage her on this. So after a fun day hanging out on the beach we went and grabbed some dinner. When dinner was done we decided to take a midnight stroll on the beach. We found a secluded spot and spread out the towels that we had brought. Laying down we started to make out and feel each other up. I rolled on top of her and pulled off her top to expose her small but cute breast.

Christy had her nipples pierced and loved it when I sucked on them and tugged on her little nipple rings. As I was sucking her beautiful little nips I ran my left hand down to her wet little pussy. She had her pussy shaved except for a little bush that she had trimmed in the shape of a heart and it was pointing straight at her love button. Christy bucked her hips when I ran my fingers over her clit and she started moaning in pure pleasure. I started to finger fuck her good and soon I had Christy cumming on my finger.

After she had cummed I pulled off her thong and started to lick her wet pussy. I was licking up all her cum and I would slide my tongue over her hard clit causing her to whimper a little. After some teasing I shoved two fingers in her soaked pussy and started to suck on her hard clit bring her to another orgasm.

Christy slowly recovered and pushed me onto my back. She undid my bathing suit and pulled them off springing my hard cock from its prison. My girl started to slowly stroke my hard dick while placing soft kiss on my balls. While still stroking me she started to suck on my balls, and then all of a sudden I feel her lick me from my balls all the way to the tip of my dick. In one swift move she sucked down my hard 7 inch dick and slowly started to deep throat me. Christy’s good at sucking cock. She uses her tongue and throat to massage your cock; she slowly pulls her lips to the tip of my dick and licks all around the head before swallowing it back down. All the while she’s sucking my dick she’s playing with my balls are teasing my asshole with a finger.

Christy brought me to the very edge of cumming twice before she pulled away her mouth. She moved up my chest placing little kisses up my chest till her tongue is thrust into my mouth and I feel her small hands grab a hold of my hard dick and stick in her wet pussy. She takes her time setting the pace of our fucking under the moon and stars. Christy finally picks up speed bucking her hips to the point where her clit is constantly rubbing against me and soon she’s about to cum and begs me to cum in her. As Christy’s orgasm starts her pussy begins to squeeze tighter on my hard dick and my cum begins to build and I shoot deep inside her. Christy pulls my now softening dick from her cum filled pussy and begins to suck our juices off.

We quickly got dressed and head back to our hotel room for the night.

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