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I first met Marie when she came to work at the department store in which I worked. From the first time I saw her I was madly in lust with her. She was beautiful, with long blonde hair which was parted down the middle and hung straight down to the base of her back; firm,high breasts which I later discovered were 34Cs, and long shapely legs which she always displayed by wearing short mini skirts.
I would make any excuse possible to visit her department (baby wear) – thankfully as I was working in the window display department it was not hard to find some good reason to appear there!
About three weeks after Marie started work at the store, I finally plucked up the courage to ask her out. I have to point out that I had been a grammar school boy from the age of 11 to 16 and so had rarely, if ever, come into contact with a girl and had been painfully shy around the opposite sex. My only previous experience with girls had been with Jean, a girl I had met at my local bar, and we had seen each other for around three months, never going further than a quick breast fondle when we had been in a friend’s car one evening. Since then, all the experience I had had was with Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters, as I read and re-read sex magazines and learnt as much as I could so that when I finally did get to first base I would at least have some idea what i was doing!
Marie and I went out for a few weeks, during which I discovered that she was 17,two years younger than I, and had lost her virginity two years previously. Since then she had been fucked by another seven different lads. How I prayed that I would be number 9! We talked a lot about sex, although we were never able to do much about it as we both lived at home with our parents and they never seemed to go out and leave us alone in the house. Then one Friday night our luck changed – Marie’s cousin Anne was due to go out that evening but her babysitter cried off sick at the last moment. Marie was like lightning in offering our services as substitute sitters.
Anne and her husband went out around eight o’clock,leaving Marie and I to look after their daughters Josie,4, and Linda,2. The girls were tired by around 8.45 and off they went to bed with Marie tucking them in whilst I selected John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ album to listen to.
When Marie returned from seeing the girls to bed, she sat beside me on the settee and I put my arm around her shoulder before kissing her deeply, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths wetly as my hand stole down to her breast. I slid my hand beneath her blouse and dipped my fingers inside her brassiere to toy with her nipple, which hardened beneath my touch. I undid her blouse with my other hand as I continued to fondle her breast, then pushed her blouse off her shoulders and bent my head to kiss her exposed nipple as I lifted her tit from its protective cover.
Marie shrugged out of her blouse and reached behind her to undo her bra, slipping it off so that she was naked from the waist up. I sucked her tits in turn, my tongue lashing her nipples, which rose up hard and taut, encouraging me to nibble them between my teeth.
I dropped to my knees in front of the settee, my hands still playing with the firm tits which danced before me, their hard nipples wet with my saliva, and then dropped my hands to Marie’s thighs, which opened readily for me to look up her short skirt at her white-pantie covered crutch. I could see that see there was already a wet patch where her cunt was seeping juice to welcome me, and I ran my hand lightly but firmly over her panty-covered mound, causing her to moan excitedly and fling her legs wider to make her more receptive still to my probings.
I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them down, marvelling at the sight as her light brown pubic hair came into view and I gained my first peek of a real-life naked cunt which lay wet and slightly open before me. Remembering all the stories I had read, I moved my face closer and inhaled deeply, my senses immediately inflamed by the smell of Marie’s excited cunt – a smell which I have loved from that minute to this with a passion like no other!
Although it was my first experience of pussy, I was immediately engulfed by a great desire to lick this open fuck-hole, and I dived in to get my first taste of womanly juices. No sooner had my tongue made contact with her labia than Marie was writhing in ecstasy. I didn’t know it then, but I had found her clitoris with my probing tongue first time, and she was overtaken with lust, moaning in ecstasy as I ran my tongue over her wet flesh.
As I lapped at her cuntal folds, Marie writhed beneath my face and groaned loudly as an orgasm built up in her then erupted, soaking my face with her love juices. I quickly stripped off my tee-shirt, then undid my jeans and pushed them off before kneeling between Marie’s wide-spread legs, my cock straining skywards. Marie reached between her legs and peeled her cunt open, then took hold of my prick and guided it toward her. She rubbed the engorged head of my penis in her juices as they flowed from her, then urged breathlessly ‘Fuck Me’ as I slid my erection into her warmth.
We both moaned with beautiful agony as my cock slid up into her slippery wet cunt,then I began to move it in and out, twisting her nipples between my fingers as I did so. I fucked her steadily, remembering how the magazines I had read had all described ways of screwing – twisting your hips, varying the depth and strength of your thrusts, playing with her cunt lips, breasts and nipples, maybe even touching her arsehole with a finger-tip as you fuck her to heaven.
And then I felt the first tell-tale signs of my own orgasm, the glans of my cock becoming more and more sensitive as it slid against the walls of Marie’s cunt and I began to thrust harder and faster, lost now in my own pleasure as I felt my balls tighten and the spunk shoot up through my cock and fill the spasming cunt of this lovely naked girl beneath me.
I fell forward onto her, totally spent, then rolled to one side so that I wouldn’t crush her too much. Marie played with my cum-covered cock, then slid onto the floor so that her face was close to my fast-softening prick. She moved her face closer still then opened her mouth and slipped my spunky wet tool inside, sucking gently on it, her tongue running lightly over the tip to lap up the last few drops of sperm.
As she sucked me I felt a stirring in my balls as my prick began to re-harden, steadily filling her mouth as it rose proudly to its full hardness. Marie sucked eagerly, bobbing her head to fuck me with her mouth, and I noticed that she had one of her hands between her legs as she did so, fingering her recently-fucked quim as she sucked me off.
Her mouth was good,and I soon felt the familiar tingle growing again. I warned her that I was going to cum, expecting her to finish me by hand,but she began to suck me harder still, fucking me with her face until I couldn’t hold back any longer and my jism erupted in her mouth. She sucked it hungrily, drinking it down eagerly, then she raised her head and moved up to sit beside me again. I felt her warmth against me and kissed her deeply, our tongues meeting wetly as I realised that she had not swallowed all my spunk and had saved some to share with me. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the taste and the delicious dirtiness of it, and I knew that it would not be the last time that I tasted sperm from Marie’s mouth. Or, indeed, from her pussy, although that’s another story which will have to wait until another time…….

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