best sex ever

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hey iv never done this before so im sorry if its not that good but i hope you enjoy. thanx for reading.

it was about 4:30 in the arvo when we first started drinking. there was my cousin, her boyfriend, adam his best mate and me. my cousin and her bf hadnt started so it was just adam and me and we are both pretty cheep drunks…we had had about 7 cans of woodstock and a bit of whisky. im 17 and mostly always horny when i drink and apparently so is he. i was sitting on the lounge watching a movie with just my bra and shorts on so he came and sat next to me telling me to rest my legs on him…i was already a bit horny so it was kool. about half hour after that he started to comment on how sexy i was looking. well i was already a bit wet and my pussy was aching for a bit of dick so i grabed his hand and put it inbetween my legs. he looked at me and i nodded so he went to undo my shorts. i let him and by now it was dark and we were both to drunk to care what ppl thought.he stood me up and took down my shorts and started kissing up my legs…everyone was watching and i was so wet i could feel the warmth on my undies. he reached my breasts and took of my bra than got one of my nipples in his mouth and started sucking and nibbling on it while brabbing the other. i could feel his hard cock pushing into my pussy through our pants so i undid his and took them off.

i slowly bent down and grabed his 9″ cock in my hand and teased it with my tongue. i could hear him begin to moan so i deep throated it and started going up and down. “stop” he told me after a bit and i asked “why” he just looked at me and told me to stand up…it was his turn. he started rubbing my tits then moved down to my undies and slowly pulled them down. as he did he inserted one finger into my wet aching pussy which felt like heaven. i started rubbing my tits and moaning as he put another one in and began eating me out. it was feeling so good and i could hear him enjoying it. next i know im being pushed up against a wall face first with his fingers still in me…i was on the verge of argasim but he told me to hold it so i bit my lip. he was holding me up by his fingers in my pussy and his hand around me on my tits.

i was trying to hold him from behind me as i was saying to just shove it in as hard as you can. he did…it was great…he was thrashing me from behind. i couldnt help but let out a whimper. “you enjoying this you dirty little girl” he said. “fuck yes push in as deep as you can i want your cock all night” i replied. i could feel him getting faster and harder and we were both on the edge of orgasim. “can i cum inside you” “yes, fuck yes” he pushed in one last time and i could feel him tense up as my pussy tensed around his hard cock. we had both just cumm and i started to giggle as he withdrue and lay down on the lounge. i let all the cum run down my legs but i was still horny as ever and he was back hard again so i jumped on and started riding him thistime. i could feel his balls smashing into my ass and told him to play with my a hole. he did and it felt so fucking good “you like that you sexy animal” he asked “oh yes fuck me harder, fuck me in anyway you can” he pulled out and imediatly shoved it up my a hole. the pain was intense but so was the pleasure. he turned me around so i was on allfores and did me so hard i could hardly keep up. he came before me though i was only a few seconds behind.

that was his first and my best and we still do it like that everytime we see eachother.

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