Bet gone too far

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After my first and only sexual experience with Zach, we both kept in touch but nothing ever happened again. I had a wife and I loved pussy and he had a girlfriend who would have flipped. We made a bet one night that I would regret for a long, long time but be so happy about for one night.
Zach and I made a bet on the super bowl and when I lost, he could come up with the craziest thing and I would have to do it. He said to me, “I want you to get breast implants.” When I laughed it off, I realized that he was serious. He told me that he would pay for it and actually give me $5,000 to do it but I would have to take part in a gangbang with him. When I told him no way, he threatened to tell my wife and ruin my life.
Well, my wife was going to Europe for a month and that gave him the chance. He set up everything with the plastic surgeon, including having them removed immediately after the party. I was worried about scarring and he said nothing would look bad at all.
I shaved my entire body for it and went under the knife. When I came out of it, I had gorgeous 38D tits, the nicest tits you’ve ever seen. They were supple, firm and milky white, just like the black men like them. I kept my body shaved and told my wife over the phone that I was training for a road race, in case the hair did not grow back. my body is pretty slim and the tits made me look very womanly, especially hairless.
I did not leave the house for three days until the party, when Zach came over to pick me up. He brought a sexy, sultry outfit: tight leather mini, thigh highs, cute low-cut, sleeveless top, pink bra and thong, pink stilletto heels. I got all made up with my wig and went out the back door unnoticed, with Zach checking me out. I must say that I looked really hot and I knew I was going to be in for a long night. We got to his party and he introduced me to his friends as shawna. I talked with a few of the guys and some women. All of the women were very complimentary of my body and how do i stay in such great shape. i flirted with two guys and danced with a couple more, hoping my cock would not pop up and getting more excited each minute. Zach pulled me aside and told me that two of his friends wanted a threesome with me and that i had to do it. I was not to let them at my cock but they were both so drunk and high that i just needed to keep on my thong and be fine. i was so nervous but i lost the bet and i was getting very horny.
i took the guys into his room and at first we took turns. they wanted me to strip and i told them no way, that i was having my period but i would blow and tittyfuck them. the first guy, ray, had an enormous cock and i worked him over. jimmy tried to get under my skirt but i kept him at bay by jerking his thick cock. i let ray cum on my tits and then i went to work on jimmy. i sucked his big, thick cock all up and down, deepthroating him and working the head so well. he grabbed my head and pulled me to his pelvis as he came in my mouth. his cum tasted so good that i started to get into it. i went back to ray and sucked him hard as jimmy lay on the bed. ray came in my mouth pretty quickly again and jimmy started playing with my ass and rubbing it. i wanted someone’s cock in my ass so badly but did not want to give away my own cock and identity. ray let out a scream when he came and zach came into the room, smiling the whole time. now was his turn and he was going to cash in.
i took jimmy into my mouth again as zach lifted my skirt, got me on all fours, and entered me. i forgot how good 10″ of black cock feels in my bare ass. i never let him cum in my ass before but tonight he was going to fill me. jimmy came in my mouth again, telling me i was the best white girl he ever had. zach kept going and we made love for an hour. he brought two other guys in when he was done and tied me down to the bed. i had both of them cum on my tits and face as they called me white whore and slutty bitch.
i slept in zach’s bed that night and he had a sexy teddy for me to wear. we made love again in the morning a couple of times and i left with a sore ass and sore tits but feeling very filled. i found out how good it can be to give a man with a big cock a long tittyfuck, especially when he cums on ur face. when i went back to the plastic surgeon the next day, he asked if i ever would make a bet with zach again and i told him absolutely.

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