big brother scott get sister aggie pregnant

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i came home from work oneday and my sister aggie live with me at the time she has nice tities areal nice round ass when i got home she was taking abath

when i went in to talk to her she was shaving her pussy my cock got hard as a rock i ask her if i could help her she say yea why don’t you get in we me

so i get naked and she see my hard cock she smlies at me and said it look like he need me i say you bet on it then i ask her if i can lick her pussy yea she said so i stand her up and bent her over i lick her from her asshole to the top of her sweet pussy then i lick her clit she moans loudly as she cums in my mouth

i then turn her around she get on her nees and deep throat my nine inch cock oh her mouth was hot as i fuck her face

then i spread her legs open wide as i push my big cock in her sweet red hot pussy i pound her cunt for a hour as im ready to cum she felt my cock swell up in her pussy as i fill her full of my love seeds she loves my cock as we get out and into my bed we fuck all day long i don’t know how meany times im cum in her but it was alot then a month later she said that she was pregnant i was happy so was she we still have sex evryday i love her pussy thanks sister for the good pussy you give me all the time

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