black man

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I going to tell about my fantacy,my fantacy it was to go to the bed with a black man only,I am a single man,never married ,but this is my favorite fantacy,some time I wacth a gay porno,I like a interracial, I am hispanic male,I am not black,I am not white, one year ago I was going at the A train in new york at 2:30 am,in the car i was going to, a black man was setting almost in front of me,he was looking at me sometime,but he did not talk to me at the moment,he was bald and a little athletic,nice chocolate skin ,he was wearing a security uniform,when he is getting off,he look at me, and I look at him,and I told him good night,then he told me come with me,and I went with him,at his studio,we talk a little and drink some beer,then he took a bath and then I took a bath too,then we go to bed,the description of his black cock is a little bend,small head,a little fat, and 6 1/2 inch ,but I will do a woman role only, I will begin,to kiss him lips,to suckle your nipple,to suckle your belly button and finally the best thing a very nice black cock,bend,fat,and suckle his balls I suckle his nice black cock for several minutes,I am very black cock sucker,at the firt I was a little nerve but only took a few minutes,that is the best black cock i ever fuck me, then with he lubricate black cock with a condom on, he penetrate my ass for good time, he put me in several position, but I liked another detail he had a big mirror and it was more exciting, when he was penetrating me in at doggy position he is smack my bottom every time he introduced his cock, and I told him I want a lot of milk and he told me I gonig to give a lot of milk and he told me you like my black dick and I told him you have the best black cock in the world I have never fuck a nice black cock like this,he fuck me for long time I don’t know how much, then when he is coming he take out his hard black dick and take out the condom and he continue jerk off his little bend and fat cock, then I lay on my back and he sat in my belly then the milk come out, a lot of milk I drank a little milk and then he smear the milk in my breasts, my nipples with your cock head,it was very exiting and we continue fucking for one year and two weeks, I hope you like my story.

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