carol 3

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carrol rang dumbo, where are you dumbo your late, i,m sorry madam carol i over sleeped, you wimp your ears will be so sore, hurry up my ass needs licking i have just had a shit, then she cut the phone off, dumbo knocked the door, tammy answered it what time do you call this and she spat in his face and grabbed an ear and pulled him in, strip now you wimp i want to laugh at your little dick,then tammy said right on all fours i want to ride you in to see my friends and madam carrol. tammy held dumbos ears and kicked with her boots, when they were in the room all the women started laughing, lynsay spat in dumbos face, carrol said right dumbo have you thanked steven for fucking suzanne, no madam carrol, right you can now, with steven walked in carrol got his massive cock out and started playing with it, it is so big dumbo say thank you to steven , dumbo said thank you for fucking my girlfriend, they all laugh, lynsay said little dick i think you should suck stevens cock, carrol said good i deal carrol held his ears tight and lynsay held stevens cock, tammy said time to make you a little dick big eared cock sucker, with that steven forced his cock into dumbos mouth, carrol was pulling dumbo back and foward faster and faster, lynsay said steve when you cum shoot it in his face and hair

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