Cheater Payback-Chapter One

Cathy and her friend Norma were talking to each other on the telephone.  Because they were both Philippinas, they were pretty close friends.  Norma was married,  but about once or twice a month she liked to go to a motel and have a little fuck session with some lucky man who was not her husband.  She told Cathy it was because sometimes she got bored with her husband and wanted to add a little fun and excitement to her life.  Her husband knew about it, but pretended he didn’t, so long as it helped to spice up their sex life and she came back home every time  and gave him a piece of  the pie too.  She was good stuff. Norma told Cathy that her husband was trying to cheat also, in fact a couple of times he had tried to hit on her, but she didn’t do that with her friends’ husbands.  Cathy said, “I sure get suspicious, because for one thing  he goes out of town for one or two nights a month for his car club functions.”   Norma told her she had also heard about that.  Then Norma told her she had a friend named Bill, and she was going to have him call and talk to her.   They hung up the phones and Cathy waited.  After only about an hour the phone rang, it was Norma.  Cathy told her, “Yes, Tony is still out.”  Minutes after she hung up, the phone rang again and it was Bill.

As it turned out she had already casually met Bill, and thought he was pretty hot.   They talked about twenty minutes, both of them knowing what to expect.  They were going to meet at a certain motel and had planned out all of the details of when, what time, the room number, etc…Bill would call Norma if there were going to be any changes, so she could let Cathy know.  Right after they finished talking, Cathy was so excited she went to the bedroom and masturbated,  in two days she and Bill would be at the motel banging their crotches into each other!

End of Chapter one.








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