Couple’s Cum Feeding Frenzy

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My wife and I have enjoyed cum sharing for some time now as part of foreplay. I know you must wonder what I mean by foreplay. I mean freezing a load of cum to be consumed later when we are hot and horny. The first time we did it I crushed a sweetart into powder and mixed before freezing but have found a better way since then. Now I add splenda (a sugar substitute) before freezing. We like this better because it does not alter the flavor, it just makes it sweet indeed. Also the color remains that beautiful opal white and the splenda easily dissolves.
Well enough about the how to and on with the story. We consume it in different ways to keep our sex life spicy. I have created a sexy cum chamber, so I call it, to store the sacred sex sacrament next to the bed and keep it frozen until we are ready for it. An insulated soup bowl with a screw on top decorated with erotic images.
So this last Saturday night we each in turn bathed and groomed ourselves for a wild night of sex. The bedroom was prepared with candle light as we lay down next to each other with my head down at the foot of the bed and hers at the head. I enjoyed gently rubbing her beautiful light brown asian legs and buttocks with fragrant lotion and applying light kisses to them. After a time she rolled over on her back and raised her knees with legs open as I continued my teasing little kisses working my way to her smoothly shaven pussy. She moaned with pleasure as I pecked away even to her bud down below. I have learned that sex is best when you take your time and build up the excitement.
After a few unhurried minutes of this I worked my way up to her breasts and she gasped as I sucked on them. Soon afterwards I went on up and met her lips with mine in a passionate kiss. Then I paused to retrieve our sweet treat. I unwrapped the cum from the foil and bit off a portion to use on her left breast as I suck her nipple with plans of melting the remaining on her right nipple. She protested, “I want some!” So I broke another portion and fed it to her and we joined our lips together savoring the sweet flavor darting our tongues in each others mouth. Our breathing was getting heavy.
In the meantime the remainder of the cum I had been holding atop her right nipple had melted and was oozing all over her breast. I broke off from the kiss to lap up a little from it as she moaned with excitement. I brought my throbbing cock to her slippery sweet breast and slid it all over it. It felt so wonderful to both of us. After a few moments she was staring at my cock with hunger as I knew she wanted it in her mouth. I obliged her and she took it deep in her mouth as she lovingly sucked all the sweet cum from it. It felt so good as it so easily slid in and out of her mouth well lubed with cum, the best lubricant there is. I had to stop her as I was beginning to feel the urge to explode down her throat and I was far from finished.
I went back down to her breast to lick, slurp and suck every last drop remaining as she gasped and moaned the whole time. When it was all gone I went back up for our lips to meet in a frantic kiss. At the same time I shoved my rock hard shaft deep into her pussy that was more than ready to be penetrated by now. It slid in with ease as she was so wet by this time.
Our tongues were darting into each others mouth and flicking against one another, savoring the sweet cum flavor as this had become a feeding frenzy. At the same time her hips were raising to meet my cock thrusts. I withdrew my cock once again before I reached the point of no return. I brought my mouth down to her sweet pussy and went to work fervently to bring her into an explosive orgasm. “Oh my God sweetheart, It’s so good!”, she proclaimed. I continued on for a while until she had another before returning my lips up to hers and re-inserting my cock into her saturated wet pussy. I slowed down to gentle thrusts as we once again kissed lovingly and whispered to one another how sweet the cum was and how good this had all been. We could still taste the sweetness in each others mouth.
I gradually picked up the pace until I was thrusting with urgency bringing us both to a final mind blowing orgasm that had us both screaming out with pleasure as I spurted out all my seed draining my balls dry. I slowed down my thrusting gradually until I finally come to a stop. Soon after her legs stretched out as we both collapsed to catch our breath and hold each other lovingly.
As you can imagine. We slept good that night as we were both satisfied and exhausted.

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