Cousin Becky

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Becky is married to a preacher they have two kids, she is blonde 5foot 6 and weighs in at 120 #s with 38DD breasts and a super personality and very conservative in her ways and her dress. I am single and several years older than she is and have no trouble keeping my sex life very active but I have tried for several years to figure a way into her pants but couldn’t figure a way to get there without getting in trouble with the family. Then fate stepped in and I had an accident and broke both wrists and my right ankle which left me pretty much helpless, my insurance company gave me the choice of going to a nursing home or hiring in home help, and I opted for the in home help and Becky does in home care for a living and she worked for the company they hired, but they normally don’t place relatives with relatives but the third week they called and said they were short on help but Becky was available and wondered if it was ok and I said it was ok with me if she was ok with it so the next day here comes Becky she fixed breakfast and fed me then asked what I needed and I told her I needed to use the bathroom but there was a problem and she asked what it was and I told her it was hard to explain and embarrassing and that her being there was probably a mistake, and she got a tear in her eye and said she didn’t understand so I told her to uncover me and she would know why so she did and there I was with a 10 inch rock hard boner and in severe pain and couldn’t help myself and she asked if she caused that and I told her she did and every time I was around her I had the same problem but I could normally take care of it for myself. She just stood there for a minute and smiled and said it was her job to take care of me if I wanted her to and I quickly agreed, the next thing I knew she was jerking me off but I was very good at controlling myself and after about 5 minutes her arms were getting tired and I told her there was a better way to do it quicker but this time she didn’t smile so quickly and asked what I had in mind and I told her there was two ways and she could take her choice I would be ok with either way and she said she couldn’t believe I suggested that and I told her I had dreamed about it for a long time and no one would ever know but she said she was a virgin when she got married and had always been faithful to her husband. I told her that she would have to call one of the other aids then and be replaced but she said she might loose her job if she did that all of a sudden she started crying again and engulfed me in one swift move needles to say I was in heaven but only was able to hold on for a few strokes and filled her beautiful mouth with a full load and then used the bedpan and took a nap and the rest of the day was very quiet and I figured I wouldn’t see Becky for a long time but the next day there she was right on time and wearing a very tight fitting tee shirt and tight fitting jeans and I was instantly in pain again and I told her so and she said ok and uncovered be and left the room a couple minutes later she came back only in a skimpy bra and thong and I almost had a heart attack and had no clue as to what was next but in a heartbeat the thong was off and a condom was on and she was straddling me and riding away hard and fast with those 38DDs barely covered and just out of tongue reach but when I would try to lean up to get to those 38DDs she shoved me back down and kept bouncing up and down and just as I was starting to explode I felt her tense up and shake like a leaf and then fell back and rolled off and laid down on the floor and was panting like a dog and I asked her if she was ok and she said she was but that was the first time she had ever climaxed the same time as her partner because her hubby could only last a couple minutes, after she rested a few minutes I begged her to let me at those 38DDs and she smiled and said maybe tomorrow.

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