Cousin Becky Part 2

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The next day when Becky arrived to work she wasn’t alone her supervisor was with her to check and see how thing were going and if I was satisfied with everything and all the ladies and I told her we were getting there and that all was ok and I asked her why she was doing this since the first 3 weeks she hadn’t been there to check up on things and she said it was because we were related and sometimes that caused trouble and I told her we had worked our way through the a little at a time and she smiled and said she heard there was nothing little about the trouble and that it was quite large and a hard problem to relieve. I couldn’t believe that Becky would have told her what had happened but she must have. Then Becky smiled and said this is not my boss but my best friend Tonya and we tell each other everything, so now I was really wondering what was going on and so I asked and Tonya said she didn’t believe Becky was cheating on her hubby because she had seen her have plenty of chances and wouldn’t even think about it. I told her I wasn’t one to kiss and tell and Tonya said she didn’t hear anything about any kissing and Becky spoke up and said there wasn’t any and I said it was only a figure of speech. All the same time I was looking Tonya over and discovered that other than dark hair and darker complection their bodies were very much alike and I told Becky I was hungry and asked her to fix my breakfast so they headed for the kitchen and Becky told her she could stay and get to know me better so I asked her if she was married and she said she had been for 5 wonderful years I told her that was nice but that I was a little disappointed since she was very attractive and she laughed and asked if Becky wasn’t enough for me and I told her I had never had enough and she laughed and came over and gave me a deep kiss then uncovered me and gave me maybe the best blow job I have ever had and just as I filled her mouth Becky came back with my food and I was afraid she would be mad and I told her I was sorry and she just giggled and said that was ok so I ate and wondered what was next but didn’t see Tonya then all of a sudden she came back only in a skimpy bra and thong and I commented that I thought her boobs might be almost as big as Becky’s and she said she thought they were a little bigger and I told them I would be glad to judge them and in a heartbeat Becky took her tee shirt off and there before me were 4 of the nicest boobs I had ever seen but I told them to be sure the bras had to go and Tonya took hers right off but Becky took a little persuading but finally did and I told Becky she need to take her jeans off too and she did then Tonya too her thong off followed by Becky, man I was in heaven, Becky’s were a little bigger but Tonya’s looked much firmer and I told them it was pretty much a tie and why and Tonya said she wanted to win and leaned over and put a nipple right up to my mouth and I went to work and Becky went to the other side and I finally got to put a lip lock on those boobs and while I was working out on Becky’s boobs Tonya climbed onto the bed and mounted me and began to ride away this was a first for me two women at the same time then Becky told Tonya to hurry it was her turn and I told Becky to climb up and set on my chest and I would take good care of her and she said she had never had oral sex on her and I knew then she was mine for as long as I wanted and when she did she started to squirm and squeal like a wild woman just then Tonya exploded but kept up her pace then Becky flooded my face and rolled off and Tonya asked if I would do her too because she had never had oral sex done on her either so away we went again and then Becky mounted me again and I as I exploded So did Becky and shortly after so did Tonya. I am looking froward to healing and taking care of these two with a healthy body since I’m sure they have neither had anal sex.

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