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I have always been into after shower, clean sex but I am starting to change a bit.

It started when I fucked a hot jogger.

I was at an outdoor cafe teasing the boys with my perfect feet when a beautiful man and his wife or girlfriend jogged past. I was reading a book in a sundress, driving men, who I had no interest in, absolutely crazy, when this sweaty guy caught my attention and we made eye contact.

A half an hour later, he doubled back, minus the girl, and sat at my table. Half an hour after that, he was pounding me in my apartment. He was very wet but I guess because he was such a stud, I came like a freight train.

Now I am looking to full fill a dirty fantasy. I want a football player. A 255lb linebacker who comes straight to my apartment without changing. He is filthy, sweaty, exausted and massive. He needs help taking his equipment and tape off because he is so sore. I take his shoes and socks off, peel off all of the tape and slip his undergarments off. He is too tired to shower so I gently wash his hulking frame with a wet towel while sometimes pleasuring him. When he is clean, and hard, I will gently slid my pussy up and down on his massive tool until he blows and falls asleep. Then, I want to masturbate for hours while gazing at his naked body while he sleeps.

So hot! Please make it happen.

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