Daddy's Home

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So we decided that I would meet you up in Kentucky when you got back from your deployment. I figured it would be easier for me to just drive up and meet you the day that you returned home. It was warm enough outside to dress just the way I wanted to for you, I put on a short skin tight black skirt, short enough that if I bent over everything underneath was for show. A white see through sleeveless top and a pair of black laced up stilettos. I decided to call you when I was about 5 min from your house, just so I would know where to go, when I pulled up I could see you sitting up front waiting for me. As I stepped out I could see your whole face light up, your Jaw dropping in amazement as you looked at my body up and down. I ran over to you, embracing you and then kissing you in a passionate kiss like we’ve never kissed before, your hands running through my hair, kissing me all over, down my neck. The day started out beautiful at the start of the drive, but when I got there you could look up at the sky and see it was getting dark and it was about to rain. The wind started to pick up and I could feel you pull me closer to you, your hands running down my back, reaching up under my shirt, just the feel of your touch making my heart race. As we started to feel rain come down on our heads, we continued to kiss in the rain. Moving me against the front of my car, the rain started pouring down, my white shirt drenched as you could see everything underneath my supple nipples peaking through. I could feel your hands as they moved between my thighs, my pussy waiting for your touch. You bent down and lifted me up onto the top of my car, spreading my legs apart to see my pink pussy lips moist from the excitement of your touch. “I want you so bad, Baby Fuck Me Right Here.” You looked at me and smiled, I knew I was in for it! Your hands started up my legs moving to my inner thighs, as you started kissing my inner thighs moving further up. I could feel as you used your fingers to tease my clit, gently at first waiting for my reaction, my body shaking as I start biting on my lip, you start kissing up my thighs, teasing me with your tongue, moving your tongue to my clit, tasting my sweet tight pussy, wet and warm. Your tongue roaming all over my pussy in and out, as I could feel your tongue plunge into me, licking up every last drop of juice from my pussy. My legs on top of your shoulders, both of your hands underneath my ass pulling me in closer to you as your face moves deeper in my pussy. Moaning uncontrollably, “Oh Daddy Oh God…..Fuck…Oh GOD OH DADDY IM ABOUT TO CUM,” the rain still pouring down on the both of us, you lift your head with a smile and tell me to cum for you, I was getting closer and closer to orgasm your tongue playing with my clit. My legs tightening around you, my whole body arching on top of the car, “OH GOD IM CUMING DADDY OH YEAH FUCK OH DADDY!” my moans getting louder and louder as my whole body shakes out of control from the orgasm. As you come up slowly kissing my inner thighs, your hands still playing with my pussy, you come up for a kiss so that I could taste myself, your face covered in the juices of my pussy. Taking your tongue into my mouth and massaging my tongue with yours. “Baby I want you to fuck me Right now.” My Pussy still sensitive from your touch my whole body shaking from your touch, the rain still coming down cold and yet so refreshing. You help me down from the hood of the car and tell me to turn around. I turn around as I feel your body against mine, your dick aroused and hard behind me. Taking your dick and slapping it on my ass as to tease me, my ass moving backwards longing for your dick to be inside of me. I bend forward a little more, leaning on the car, you pull my skirt all the way up, taking your dick and teasing the lips of my pussy rubbing your dick in between them, and as I lean my ass into your body you slide your dick into me, thrusting into me slow at first as to tease me, Your hands reaching around to my nipples, both hard aching, you squeeze on my tits as you thrust into me harder “OH YEAH OH FUCK YEAH OH DADDY MMMMMM GOD YES ITS FEELS SO GOOD” harder and harder you thrust into me watching as my ass slams into your body. “IM ABOUT TO CUM ALREADY, DADDY OH DADDY OH FUCK” as you thrust into me again harder, I started to cum. I could feel the cum dripping down my leg, I was so wet. You take your dick out of me slowly leaving the head in, moving in and out slowly just enough to tease. I wanted so much more but you told me that we needed to go inside, as soon as I asked why I looked around to see most of the neighbors sitting outside on their front porch, ducking from the rain… All of them smiling or staring in amazement.

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