Dad's bowling team the next chapter

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After the pool party I began to make plans for installing my spy cams for dad’s next monthly meeting but wasn’t positive where they had them so since I was pretty chummy with the manager of the Dealership where I worked most of the time so I struck up a conversation about how someday I would probably be taking over when dad retired, she said dad had told all the managers the same thing so none of them would set their sites on the job and that he planned to retire when he was 60 which is less than 5 years away, I had no idea he planned to quit that soon but he had been giving me a lot more responsibility all the time. I told her I probably couldn’t even run one of the monthly meetings for the managers and she said you will do fine, I said I didn’t even know where they had the meetings, she laughed and said right here in my office so I surveyed and figured 2 cameras would do it so at lunch time I went to the electronics store and bought everything I needed and told dad I was going to stay and detail my truck before I came home so by midnight I was done and waiting for the next meeting the next evening I thought I would record for a few hours to make sure everything was working because I knew the janitor would be cleaning her office, everything went well including Tammy the manager giving the janitor a quick blow job before she left, so I was ready for the next meeting. The night finally came and I loaded a new tape in both machines and settled in at my computer to see if anything would happen about 8:15 Tammy came in then a couple minutes later dad came in and gave Tammy a peck on the cheek, well I thought to myself I wasted a lot of money if a peck on the cheek was it, then Linda came in, another peck, how sad they were just setting around chatting when Lucy and Tracy came in again pecks on the cheek’s now I was really upset. The ladies all set on the huge sofa across from dad’s desk and dad sat at his desk and they started the meeting, Dad first asked if they had any personal problems to discuss and Tracy said she had let one mechanic go for 3rd offense smoking in the shop but she had already replaced him, no one else had any problems. Then dad asked each one their total sales for the month compared to the same month last year, then the same question about their used car departments, then their service departments. Tammy had the best overall percentage, Lucy next, Tracy next and Linda was last. Dad went over the add’s and promotions for the following month and told them it was time for each of them to pick out their new demonstrators. Dad told them the meeting was over and to have a nice evening, boy was I pissed now, all that time & money to only see Tammy give one blow job. Tammy walked over to a large cabinet in the corner, opened it to reveal a medium sized fridge full of imported beer and wine. Everyone had a couple beers then dad sat back pulled a gavel out hit the desk and said courts in order, the announced that being found guilty of the lowest sales the he would no pass sentence on Linda, it includes one blow job and three pussy eating’s, sentence to be carried out starting immediately then he stood and dropped his pants and told everyone to strip and prepare for the sentence to be carried out. Tammy pulled out a timer and dad said 5 minutes each and sat down, Linda got on her knees and started to give head to dad and I must say she appeared to be very good at it, then when the timer went off she switched to Tammy who was already laying on a large quilt ready for action, dad announced that since Linda once again failed to accomplish her goal she would be punished while she carried out the sentence and he got behind Linda who had that nice ass in the air smeared some vaseline on his dick and rammed it in her asshole and started pounding away when the timer went off Tammy squirmed out from under Linda and Lucy slid under with dad still stroking away the timer was reset and Linda went to work on Lucy, the timer once again went off and dad was still going, Lucy slid out and Tracy replaced her just as the timer was running down Tammy eased under dad and started to lick his balls and he unloaded a major load and collapsed, I was so proud, my dad may not be hung like a porn star, about 6 inches but he performed like one. A few days later as I was working on my next move when fate took over and I backed one of our service trucks into a barrier post and scratched the painted step bumper, not really a big deal and most wouldn’t have even reported it and the service manager said not to say anything but I had a plan because any damage done got you an automatic trip to the manager after the work day was over a few minutes before closing time Tammy came and told me I needed to report to her office after we closed and I told her I would be there, it was my job to make sure the building was locked after closing and after I did I went to Tammy’s office where she was finishing some paper work and said she would be right with me just as soon as she finished. When she finished she said she looked at the truck and didn’t know why it was reported at all, I told her it was policy and I being the owners son needed to follow the rules so she filled out the forms and had me sign them, I mad a point of making sure she noticed I was staring at her very ample boobs I’m guessing 34 C from the video, she asked, are you staring at my boobs I said yes I certainly am I’m just thinking of all the fun I am going to have licking and sucking them, she turned red in the face and asked what the hell I was talking about, I said I knew about the her and the janitor and that I figured dad wouldn’t take it very well if he found out she was cheating on him, she said what the hell is wrong with you I said my main problem right now is the fact that my dick was straining to get out of my jeans so she could take care of it now or did she want to wait till the next monthly meeting since I planned to come with dad and start learning all about the business and helping dad with everything and I mean everything. I stood up and lowered my jeans and boxers to the floor and let my raging hard on come to attention, Tammy just set there with a glazed look on her face and then began to smile and said well how about now and later too, lord your huge compared to my hubby she came around and got on her knees and started licking my balls and I got even harder then she started taking me in, deeper and deeper till I was all in boy this lady had talent she would go about 3 times real quick then as she was coming back out she would scrape me with her teeth after a couple minutes she came up for air and told me not to dare pull out when I was going to come and blow my load on her clothes so I told her she better just go ahead and take them off because I was going to fuck her later anyway, she said no I wasn’t because she didn’t have her birth control in and a baby just wasn’t in her plans but she would take her clothes off anyway so I could have access her tits and asked how long I could usually last and I told her not near as long as dad but I didn’t think I would disappoint her so she went back to work, I lasted about 5 minutes and blew a pretty good load down her talented throat. I asked her how I did and she said 5 stars I helped her up and licked a circle around each nipple and she started breathing a little harder and I started to lightly suck and nibble teasing her while rubbing her pussy and easing a finger in every now and then, she asked if I happened to have any condoms because she needed fucked real bad I told her I didn’t and she leaned over the arm of the sofa and said fuck me but don’t you dare cum in me by now I was rock hard again so I mounted up and went at it, slow at first but she kept screaming harder, harder oh lord fuck me hard I lasted almost 5 minutes when she seemed to sense I was about to unload and said pull out pull out finish me in the ass if you need to don’t you dare cum in me but I wanted to fill her hot pussy so I held her tight as I filled her with my second load, boy was she pissed. When I got home I told dad I thought it would
be a
real good idea if I worked at least one day a month at each of his dealerships si I could get used to all the employees and managers since he planned for me to take over when he retired and he agreed and said he was proud I was showing so much interest I told him I would like to start attending the monthly meetings too, he said they were pretty boring but he would think about it, I told him I just wanted to help relieve some of the pressure on him. Now I must figure out what I will do to be called to Linda’s office I think she should be next, she is the oldest by several year but lord she is well endowed I’m guessing 36DD on a 5ft8 frame and not an ounce of fat anywhere.

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