Debbie Arrives With A Bang

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Last year I reunited with Debbie who has been my best friend and occasional lover for over 10 years. Debbie is such a sexual creature by nature, a self described nymphomaniac with an attitude and body to match. I have been with my share of women in my life and no one comes close to her in the pleasure department. When she called me up and told me she was finally through with her loser husband and had filed for divorce, I suggested that she come and visit me so we could spend some time together. That is exactly what she was hoping I would say. Two days later she flew in and on the way back to my place she gave me one of her patented blow jobs. We haven’t stopped relieving years of sexual frustration since.
About a month after Debbie arrived we went to the neighborhood pub one Saturday afternoon for a few drinks. She made a comment that she didn’t know where our relationship was headed but she enjoyed the sex saying, “If you don’t have that, you’re doomed for failure.” I had to agree with her which is why I had been through two divorces myself. The lack of sex always made me wander and take on different lovers. If Debbie and I had lived closer together like we used to when I met her, we would be fucking all the time and get caught by her jealous husband who would probably shoot us on the spot. I felt fortunate that we had kept in touch when we lived in different cities. We would tell each other of the extra-marital affairs we were having and the sexual situations we would get into. I particularly liked the fact that Debbie was bi-sexual. It always turned me on whenever she told me about seducing another woman. This usually led to some great phone sex and whenever I was in her area on business she would meet me in my hotel room. Now that we were actually together, we were getting to know each other in a non-sexual manner as well. We both liked the situation, we just had this way of taking care of each other. At the present time we were exploring things that we always wanted to do by using our extremely active imagination during sex. We would always come up with something new and we concluded that our relationship should be open because from experience we knew that neither one of us would be satisfied with just one lover. Just talking about this gave us both a sense of relief and I felt closer to her than anyone else. We began kissing at the little table we were sitting at in the pub and Debbie started to rub my crotch underneath the table. When she found that I already had a hard on she remarked, “I’ll take care of that when we get home!”
We ordered another drink and we watched the people in the bar, making comments if we would fuck them or not. Debbie noticed me observing a blonde with a drop-dead, knockout body standing at the bar and she said, “You’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you?” Debbie had that horny look and I replied, “You’d fuck her too.” She laughed out loud and agreed. When I looked a little closer at her face I recognized her. It was Melanie who used to work with my ex-wife. The first time that I saw Mel was at the beach and she was wearing a very skimpy bikini. When my ex starting talking to her, it was pretty obvious to Mel that I was constantly staring at her over-sized melons. She seemed proud of her body and flaunted it to me which made my ex a little pissed, especially when Mel told my wife that she had a very handsome husband. I remember when I fucked my ex that night I was fantasizing about Mel’s lovely, sexy body underneath of me. My ex had told me that Mel was very serious at work, but the times that I saw her in a social situation she liked to party. One time I tried to make a move on her. I could tell that she was interested but nothing ever came of it. The last time I saw her was over a year ago and she looked even better now. As I told this to Debbie I know it was turning her on. I called the waiter over and told him to buy the good looking blonde a drink and put it on my tab.
5 minutes later Mel was at our table and she seemed very pleased to see me again. Mel immediately asked who my new woman was and I introduced her to Debbie. Mel approvingly gave Debbie the once over and said, “You look very nice, I’m glad because Joe’s ex-wife is a super bitch and he deserves better.” Just as quickly she excused herself and said she would be right back. She went to the bar, talked to the people she was with for a few moments then grabbed her purse and walked back to our table. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and neither could Debbie. She is just one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. “I want to thank you for the drink. I was about to leave just to get away from that guy at the bar. He’s a real asshole.” Mel wanted to know how we met and Debbie jumped right in telling Mel pretty much everything about our past. Mel followed and told us that when she was married, it was the same thing with her and she got divorced because of the lack of sex in her relationship. She also mentioned that she just broke up with her boyfriend for pretty much the same reason. “He was a nice guy, well off, but I just didn’t feel the sparks with him.” For the next couple of hours we got a pretty good buzz while talking about sex and relationships, mostly sex. Debbie just has this way of bringing out other people’s sexuality and making them comfortable at the same time. It was pretty obvious that it was turning Mel on as much as it was exciting us. Her nipples were constantly hard and she did a lot of squirming in her chair, leaning forward and showing off her more than ample cleavage in her low cut blouse. Mel repeated that she thought we were a sexy couple and looked like we belonged together. Debbie assured Mel that she could have any man that she wanted and she should hold out for one that makes her happy. Around 6 o’clock I was supposed to meet a friend of mine to score some pot. Like most people, it makes Debbie and I really horny. Before I left, Debbie and Mel went to use the restroom while I paid the tab. When they got back, Mel said she wanted some pot also, so she gave me some money. Debbie said that Mel would drive her back to my place and I’d meet up with them there in a little while. I had no idea if Mel was sexually open, however Debbie sensed something in her and she’s usually correct. Before we left the bar she told me, “I can tell two things about Mel. By the way she looks at me I know she’s been with a woman before. And I can also tell that she’s very attracted to you.”
It took me about an hour to drive to my friends place, pick up some pot and get back home. I took a couple of tokes through a hash pipe and my mind was racing at the possibilities of what would happen when I got there. I opened the door and went into the living room to find Debbie and Mel’s clothes scattered everywhere. I heard Debbie’s voice from the bedroom instruct me to get a drink and she’d be out there in a minute. Debbie had already nailed Mel and I was kind of jealous that I wasn’t there to see it happen. If I was horny before, I now felt like I was ready to jump out of my skin. I poured a drink and turned around to see Debbie totally naked and coming right at me with a huge smile on her face. “Fuck she is hot, hot, hot.” Debbie proclaimed. She kissed me then started to take off my pants. Falling to her knees, Debbie engulfed my hard-on and said, “God I love your cock. Mel wants to fuck you.” Debbie sucked on my cock another minute and said, “I want to watch you fuck her.” Debbie went back down on me and Mel entered the kitchen as naked as the day she was born. There are women who look very sexy with their clothes on, but when you take them off they’re not what you imagined. This was not the case with Mel. I have never seen a nicer pair of big tits in my life. She had all the right curves in all the right places and a devilish look on her face. She looked Debbie going down on me as she pranced gracefully towards us. She immediately started to unbutton my shirt and looking down at Debbie she said, “You were right Debbie, Joe does have a nice cock. I knew he would” She planted a very wet French kiss on me that was full of her tongue. I could actually smell and taste Debbie’s womanhood. I placed my open hand across one of Mel’s large round, pear shaped tits and they were as firm as they looked. My hand covered only half of it. Mel was getting pretty turned on when I played with her pink nipple and her fingers started to work on my little hard nipple as well. I let my other hand fall from the back of her head, down her shoulder and sides, and Mel spread her legs apart as I reached down between them. Christ she was wet. I slowly put a finger inside of her cunt and Mel let out a long guttural moan of excitement, whispering under breath, “Oh yeah.” One of Debbie’s hands was massaging my ass and her other hand was tugging on my sack and squeezing my balls as her head bobbed back and forth along the entire length of my cock. When she started concentrating on the purple, mushroom shaped head I went into sensory overload. Mel grabbed my cock and started to jack me off in Debbie’s mouth and how I kept from cumming at that moment was beyond any rational reasoning. I had not been in the door 5 minutes and I was nude, being caressed and sexed by two absolutely stunning women who were just as naked as me. I broke free from both of them and stepped back, saying, “Whoa, Jesus Christ! Hang on a minute because I don’t want to cum yet.” My cock was throbbing uncontrollably and I thought I might start spewing right then. But with some amount of will power I was able to hold it back and I let out a long gasp of air. I reached for my drink on the counter and the girls got on either side of me, hugging, kissing and feeling me all over. I gulped the glass down leaving only the ice cubes and we went into the bedroom.
Debbie grabbed both Mel and I and pulled us tightly against her as we stood next to the bed. Hugging, kissing and feeling all that feminine skin against me was as a delightful feeling as I ever had. Debbie gave each of us a kiss and said, “You two get started. I’ll be right back.” She pushed Mel and I face to face and headed to the bathroom. Mel put her arms around me, squeezed my buns and said, “I always did think you were a sexy man. Nice ass, solid hairy chest, tall and lean. And a really nice cock too. Debbie is pretty lucky.” I replied to her, “I was attracted to you the first time I laid eyes on you. God you have a great body and I love your big tits. I think I’m the lucky one right now.” Mel planted a big wet kiss on me the pushed me down so I was sitting on the bed. She fell to her knees and said, “Here, let me show you what I can do.” Mel grabbed the shaft of my cock in her fist and just stared at it for a while. I happened to glance up for a moment, and Debbie had left the bathroom door open. I could see her sitting on the toilet taking a pee as she watched us. She saw me looking at her and rubbed her twat. She stood up and rubbed her hands all over her body as Mel engulfed as much of my full 8″ hard on as she could. Debbie gave me a wink as she turned on the shower and stepped inside. I looked down at Mel as she bobbed on my cock and I pulled her up to me saying, “Jesus, I just want to eat your pussy. Let’s do a 69.” Mel enthusiastically straddled my face and we immediately devoured each other. I wrapped my arms around her torso and spread her pussy lips apart while she fucked my cock with her face. I zeroed in on her clit then grabbed a tit as it hung down from her side against my hip. When I manipulated her nipple between my fingers Mel squirmed on my face, rubbing into me harder and harder. It didn’t take long for her to achieve an orgasm which lasted for several minutes. The whole time she came, my cock never left her mouth. Even when she couldn’t take any more of me sucking, slurping, and licking her clit, Mel rolled over on her side still giving the head of my erection a mouth massage with her eyes closed. Finally she grabbed me by the hips and removed her mouth to say, “Fuck, where in the hell did you learn how to do that? It’s been years since I felt that, and now I felt it twice in the last hour. Wow, just fucking incredible.” As she lay flat on her back, I moved up her body and grabbed those luscious tits in my hands, squeezing them together and sucked on her nipples. She giggled at first and said, “It really turned me on when you were rubbing my nipples like that. That’s what really got me off.” I pushed her legs part with my knee and Mel spread them wide saying, “Now I need some cock. I really want you to fuck me good.” On my raised arms, I positioned myself above her and slowing entered one of the wettest pussies I had ever experienced. I slipped the head inside easily and Mel bucked her hips up to meet my thrust. I slammed all the way inside of her which caused Mel’s eye to open wide and say, “Oh God yeah.” At first I slowly went in and out of her. Her expression turning to pure pleasure, and she begged me to fuck her harder and faster. This strange pussy surrounding my cock felt so good. She raised her legs up in the air and held on to my hips telling me over and over to keep fucking her and don’t stop. She gazed up at me with the most wanton lustful look in her eyes and I told her to rub my nipples. She licked her fingertips and flicked at the delicate little buds on my chest which always drives me up a wall. As I watched her massive jugs shake all around her chest, I could tell that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. I told her I was going to cum and she pinched my nipples harder as she urged, “Oh yes Joe. Give it to me, I want your hot cum. Cum all over my big tits with that big cock. Do it baby, do it. ” Hearing her say that was all it took. I pulled out, got on my knees and started jacking my cock as she watched in anticipation. All of a sudden I heard Debbie in the back ground, she was in the doorway of the bathroom watching us, and she exclaimed, “Oh yeah, do it Joe. I want to see it. Here, let me help you get off.” Debbie quickly got on the bed beside me and sucked on one of my nipples while pinching the other. I grabbed on to her big tits and blew one of the largest loads of my life. Streak after streak of cum roped out across Mel’s chest, up her neck and all the way to her face and hair as Mel caressed her slit and rubbed her boobs all over to turn me on even more. Mel was rubbing my spunk into her skin saying how hot it made her feel while Debbie scooped up some white goo on her fingers and rubbed it into her clit. I leaned back on my arms trying to catch my breath and the three of us looked at each other in awe. All of sudden we all started laughing our asses off and I needed another drink. We ended up at the dining room table, sitting there naked, comfortable, and for the time being satisfied. As I stared at the two sexy women and the four beautiful tits I thought to myself that life just does not get better than this.
Soon it was dark and Debbie suggested we jump in the jacuzzi. We prance outside totally nude with a full drink and towels in our hands. We relaxed for a little bit then Debbie positioned her twat over the jets as the pulsated between her legs. Mel was sitting next to me, her hand already wrapped around my cock and me diddling her pussy while we just watched Debbie bring pleasure to herself. Mel and I looked at each other and we started making out, then Mel said, “Jesus you two make me hot. I just want to suck your cock right now.” I scooted my ass up on the edge of the spa and Mel gave me slow and serious head. Debbie looked over her shoulder at us and she had that look of wanting more sex. She joined Mel and both of them devoured my manhood, their hands groping and kissing each other and making me feel like the king of the world. Debbie asked Mel, “What do you want to do now?” Mel responded with a tone of authority, “I want to sit on this cock while you lick my clit.” Mel dragged me out of the hot tub and had me sit on one of the patio chairs. With her back to me, Debbie guided Mel by her hips as she inserted my hard on inside of her. As Mel squirmed around, she leaned back into me and Debbie dove in, sucking on her cunt and occasionally taking my balls in her mouth. I massaged Mel’s massive mammaries as she moaned in delight, grabbing Debbie by the back of the head. It didn’t take long for Mel to explode and when she did, her body literally shook as if she were freezing. Goosebumps formed all over her skin and her nipples were extremely hard. Mel slid off of me and took a chair across from me as Debbie gave me that look that said, “Give me your cock.” She came over and kissed me, I grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s go out on the lawn and fuck in the grass.” I must have said the right thing as Debbie grabbed a couple of towels, ran off the deck and ordered me to follow her. Debbie lay on the towels, rubbing her pussy with her legs spread wide and said, “Come on baby, give it to me and give it to me good.” I drilled her with everything I had. Debbie’s head shook from side to side while she rubbed her clit and pinched her nipples. She kept telling me over and over, “Yes, yes, fuck me, yes. Don’t stop. Harder, faster. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum again.” When she came I piled all the way inside of her as far as I could. When I felt the next tic approach, I pulled out a bit then rammed back inside of her with all the force I could. I must have done this 20 times as Debbie kept cumming. When she finally stopped bucking her hips I just held myself above her and we heard Mel in the background say, “Fuck, that was one powerful fuck. I’ve never seen anything like that in a porn movie.” Debbie opened her eyes and was smiling. I stated to slowly move and out of her again, then suddenly I picked up the speed and was ramming her all over again like I was possessed. At first Debbie shouted, “No, I can’t, I can’t.” Then after a couple of minutes her body fell completely limp as she stared at me with a gaze. Her legs started shaking and a low, long guttural moan came out of her mouth as she came again. I was at the point where I thought I could go on fucking her for hours, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I started spurting inside of her. It was intense, my cum blew out of me almost like I was taking a piss. Then another very long lasting shot inside of her. When that stopped, I had never felt so spent in my life and I collapsed in top of her as we both gasped of air, our hearts beating rapidly, neither one of us able to move a muscle. Debbie had to push me to move me off of her, and for a while we just lay side by side staring at the full moon and all of the stars. Mel came over and sat beside us and asked, “Are you guys ok?” I raised a finger in the air to tell her I still needed a minute to recover. I eventually sat up, then Debbie did the same and we just stared at each other. I said, “Whoa, that was intense.” And Debbie said, “Wow. I never felt that before. Fuck.” I shook my head to snap out of it and said, “Let’s go back inside.” My knees were wobbling, Debbie leaned on Mel, and eventually we made it back into the house.
“I wish we would’ve gotten that one on tape.” I said. Debbie, who usually likes to go all night long, said she was wasted. At that moment, I didn’t care if I got another hard on again in my life. We were back at the dining room table in a total daze and Mel kept going on about how she had never witnessed sex like that before. I had to excuse myself and went into the bedroom to lay down for a little bit. The next thing I was aware of was the sun shining through the bedroom window.
It was now Sunday morning and I had the most peaceful sleep I could remember. I had my usual early morning hard on and Debbie was sleeping next to me in the nude. I took one look at her tits splayed across her chest and grabbed my hard cock as the prior evening’s events raced through my brain. As I began sucking on Debbie’s nipples she smiled in her slumber, running her hands through my hair and pulling me closer. I rubbed her thighs and she spread her legs. Her pussy was wet so I took it upon myself to mount her. Debbie lay there enjoying my cock going in and out of her while moaning under her breath. I fucked her for about 10 minutes without either of us cumming, but the pleasure was still a wonderful thing to feel first thing in the morning. I got up to go in the kitchen to make some coffee telling Debbie to get some rest because she was going to need all of her strength in a little while. I looked down at my half hard cock glistening with Debbie’s juices in all of its glory. I left the bedroom and what I didn’t know was that Mel had stayed the night and she was sitting on the couch just as naked as the last moment I saw her the night before. “Good morning!” she said, “I heard you two in there and I was just about to go check up on you.” Just seeing her body took my breath away and she was staring at my dick. “Mmm, mmm. You are looking good this morning.” Mel exclaimed, and I replied, “You’re looking pretty tasty yourself. I was just going to make a pot of coffee.” I went into the kitchen and a few moments later Mel followed me in and hugged from behind. “I really need a cup of coffee this morning,” she said and she reached around my waist to play with my cock. I became hard pretty quick as I felt her big tits pressed against my back and once I set the coffee up I turned around. Mel was all over me, kissing me, rubbing my cock and pressing me up against the counter. “I’d like something else this morning too!” and she went to her knees. Mel hungrily worked on my prick then pulled me down on the floor. She climbed on top of me and instantly started riding me like a wild cowgirl. She came really fast so I got her underneath of me and fucked her long and slow until I felt my balls being sucked up into my body. I watched her tits and she squeezed them together, her hands dwarfed by the sheer size. I picked up the pace and when she started to suck on her own nipples I lost it. I pulled out and gave her my morning load all over her tits and her mouth, and Mel greedily lapped up as much as she could. It was a quickie, and the coffee was done when I stood back up. “Want some coffee with your cream?” I joked. Mel laughed and we sat at the table drinking our java, we were both somewhat mesmerized by the whole experience. Debbie showed up and she took one look at us and could tell we just fucked each other and she smiled in approval. Debbie said she was getting hungry and suggested that we jump in the shower then head out for a Sunday brunch. One thing that I really liked when I bought my place was the oversized shower in the master bath. All three of us fit inside easily. Two of us took turns showering the other person, making sure some parts of their body were really clean. First, Debbie and I cleaned up Mel which seemed to take a long time. Then the girls bathed me all over and I got such a rush when Debbie cleaned my ass and Mel lathered up my cock over and over. Then Debbie moved her ass around and shoved her pussy down on my cock and said, “Clean my pussy you mother fucker. Clean it real good.” Debbie was forcefully slamming on my rod with her hands pressed against the shower wall. I reached under her to massage her tits and Mel began rubbing her clit which made Debbie scream with delight. Debbie got her rocks off and I almost came again. We ended up getting dressed and made our way out to see what the rest of the world was up to.
It was right at 1 in the afternoon when we got back and the next 5 hours was filled with more sex. We did a lot of fucking and sucking and coming up with new and original ways to do it with three people. At the end we were sitting on the living room floor just looking at each other when Debbie started playing with her pussy. It turned me on so I started jacking off. Mel’s eyes went from me to Debbie and back several times and we all ended up masturbating together. Mel was mesmerized by Debbie, Debbie was getting really wild and it was almost like she was giving Mel lessons. Mel began to imitate Debbie by sucking on her own nipples and furiously frigging her clit. Mel exploded and Debbie soon did the same. My fist was going so fast on my cock that I spurt out my cum high into the air and it landed on my chest and stomach. Then as we caught our breath we were all silent smiling until Mel said, “What a freaking way to end the weekend!” She soon left saying she needed to recover before going to work the next day. Debbie and I fucked twice more that evening as we recalled the last two days events. It still makes us horny when we talk about it.
As an epilog to this story, Debbie soon got a job after that. She wanted to get her own apartment and for us to have an open relationship. I was fucking Mel and Debbie. Sometimes we would repeat the threesome and it was always just as good. The next 6 months was pretty wild, I fucked more women in that time than in the previous 10 years put together. In the winter, Debbie and I took a vacation to Mexico. We had an exclusive hotel with only a total of 10 rooms. The first afternoon we were there lounging at the pool, which was shielded from view by 10 foot walls all around, and we were all alone. We had a drink and smoked a joint, then a very sexy South American woman with tits as big as Mel’s came through the gate. Of course Debbie and I both commented to each other how sexy she looked. She looked at us slyly as she went to a lounge chair and set down her towel and bag. Then she stripped off her tiny bikini and jumped in the pool, evidently to cool off. Her big boobs were floating on the water and Debbie’s hand ended up in my lap. She got out of the pool and went back to her seat where she promptly sat down and started playing with her pussy as if we weren’t there. Debbie and I had our hands in each other’s pants until the woman took out a small vibrator and started using it on herself. Debbie didn’t waste any more time, she was on her knees next to me, pulling out my cock and sucking on it for all she was worth, while finger fucking herself. I swiftly took off Debbie’s top and in a flash we were just as naked as our new found friend. It didn’t take me long to explode inside Debbie’s mouth to which she seemed to take pride. She stood up and looked down at me, still rubbing her pussy, then she just stared at the beautiful woman on the other side of the pool. Debbie licked her lips and sexily walked around as the other woman watched every step she took. Debbie kneeled beside her and started rubbing her body, and soon they were kissing. Debbie massaged her massive tits, then took the vibrator out of her hands and finished her off. The three of us ended up in her room for 3 hours of non-stop, relentless sex. She didn’t speak English at all, but we did communicate in the universal language. We went back to our room and took a nap and upon waking up, we really went at each other in a way that can only happen by ourselves. We never saw that woman again, but after that vacation Debbie moved back in with me and we’ve been together ever since. And of course we still fuck Mel, among others, but that is more stories to write.

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